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Digital Arts

Digital Arts
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55 Inspiring Examples of Gradients in Web Design Gradients are a great way to add interest, color, and even depth to a web design. You can use the same color in many shades, many shades of many colors or several other combinations you may think of. You can go linear or radial. The point is that gradients are beautiful and can give your website a very unique style. You can use a cool gradient for the whole website design, or only in the header, footer or just in a couple elements of it, but I’m pretty sure about one thing: combining the right colors and shades will make you a gradient lover! You will start using gradients all over, maybe even at your dinning room wall. So here is our inspirational selection for this week: beautiful gradients in web design. Holdfire onehub foehn ectomachine socialsnack Charlie Gentle lionite adworks reinvigorate four24 newism icebrrg MediaLoot Envato Bluedots Design Beehive App Satisfaction Remote Glitch

David Airey, graphic designer An Architect’s Toolbox and Quality Management System Bio Russell Curtis is the founder and director of London-based architectural practice RCKa, a finalist for 2011 Young Architect of the Year. His firm employs Evernote as its main content management and collaboration tool. I use Evernote, Everywhere WindowsiPadAndroid I use Evernote for managing content and collaborating with colleagues at my architectural firm I started using Evernote about four years ago, but in the last twelve months, it’s become a core tool at my firm. Evernote as a central database Besides being a tool that everyone at the firm uses for various projects, Evernote is the universal database for our practice. Working together on the go Evernote is hugely helpful for storing all information related to a building project because we can carry all of this documentation with us everywhere. Evernote has fundamentally changed the way we do business. Whether we’re at the office or on the go, we are constantly adding information to our Shared Notebooks. More ways to use Evernote

Smashing Magazine Digital Art Guild - The Page Turning FlipBook by Dorothy Simpson Kraus (...) I am a painter by training and collage-maker by nature who began my experimental printmaking with reprographic machines. Since being introduced to computers in the late 1960’s when working on my doctorate at Penn State, I have combined traditional and digital media. My work includes large-scale mixed media pieces, artist books and book-like objects that bridge between these two forms. It embeds archetypal symbols and fragments of image and text in multiple layers of texture and meaning. It combines the humblest of materials, plaster, tar, wax and pigment, with the latest in technology to evoke the past and herald the future. In the past ten years books have become increasingly important to me. However a couple of years ago, I discovered the online gallery of the British Library, “Turning the Pages ." They have digitized the pages from 15 books, ranging from a sketchbook of Leonardo to Lewis Carroll’s original Alice.

Designing Style Guidelines For Brands And Websites - Smashing Magazine Advertisement A website is never done. Everyone has worked on a project that changed so much after it launched that they no longer wanted it in their portfolio. Edward Tufte once said: “Great design is not democratic; it comes from great designers. Why Create A Style Guide? You’ll have an easy guide to refer to when handing over the project.Makes you look professional. Branding Guidelines: What To Include? Strategic Brand Overview This should be short and sweet. 1See Kew’s branding guidelines2. Kew uses strong photography in its “brand essence” message, with a few paragraphs that both inspire and define the brand. Logos For print and Web, most brands revolve around the logo. 3See Cunard’s branding guidelines4. Cunard provides many variations on its minimum sizes. 5See Think Brick’s branding guidelines6. Provide logos with different colors, and specify which colours are allowed. Show Examples of What and What Not to Do You’re a professional, and you know better than to mess around with logos.

Cruzine Animation Trends 2012: Discover the hottest new forms and styles - Feature There’s a buzz around animation at the moment – and not simply because the most recent UK budget contained a government promise that the animation industry would be granted the same tax breaks as film companies already enjoy. Accompanying this is a widespread sense that what is possible within animation is entering ever more exciting territory. If there is one overarching theme, it is that the artificial boundaries between the different genres – CG, motion graphics, handcrafted, stop motion – are being torn down. Creatives are increasingly working in whatever animation medium suits their project, rather than confining themselves to one. From such explorations, unique styles are being born. “It’s not super-new, but there definitely seems to be a trend in mixed-media animation,” says California-based animator Gabe Askew. Brazilian animator Guilherme Marcondes, who is based in New York, agrees. Another thread is that creative tools are becoming even more powerful and accessible. Intro

Thomas Herbrich 81 of the best logo design resources I’ve searched my bookmarks and gathered your top tips, culminating in this selection of sites, books, articles and designers. Resource topics Click a topic to jump to that section. Type foundries // Back to resource topics Books Catch a few more recommended reads here: A few good books. Logo history History of popular logo designs, categorised in alphabetical order with a search feature, tooThe Evolution of Tech Company Logos, how famous logos came to be, from NeatoramaThe Evolution of Car Logos, more historical insights over on NeatoramaBranding Firefox, a short insight into the history of the Firefox browser Trends “Logo trends” is a bit of an oxymoron. Articles Design agencies Independent identity designers Awards Blogs Identity Designed, case studies from around the worldIdentityworks, by Tony SpaethBrand New, Armin Vit focuses on corporate and brand identity workSpeak Up on Identity, from the now defunct Speak Up Showcases Style guides and manuals Further resources

The Design Cubicle 3D Printing and the legal system; if you think Napster was tough - Global Toy News 3D printing has arrived. How can you tell; because a consumer products company has filed a lawsuit against a user? What is going to happen next is a bit like what happened to the music and video industries except this one is going to involve the toy industry and anyone else who is in the consumer products business. Jean-Christian Jung, a co-owner of Globe Trotoys (the make of “Deglingos) and soemone who follows 3D printing closely, sent me an article from Wired Magazine entitled “Clive Thompson on 3-D Printing’s Legal Morass.” Here is how Clive Thompson puts it: When I first heard about 3-D printers, I figured the trend wouldn’t go mainstream for decades, if ever. This has all the makings of an epic and surreal legal battle. Thompson goes on to say, however, that in this case, the law is more favorable to the copiers then were the laws regarding music and video. What is going to happen next? As I have been writing for several years now, 3D printing is a disruptive technology that could

Schewe Photo - Workshop PDF's The following PDF downloads are made available for students and workshop attendees for their own personal educational use only. The general public is welcome to download and read the PDF's, however, no permission is granted to link to the PDF's. Additionally, educators should please contact me for permission to print additional copies for class use since these PDF's are optimized for screen viewing only. The Text and Images in the PDF's are Copyrighted by Jeff Schewe - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The Color Perfect Print Slideshow PDF (4.12MBS) The Perfect B&W Print Slideshow PDF (6.12MBS) B&W Actions (3KB zipped .atn file for Photoshop CS and above) Real World Camera Raw Slideshow PDF (4.08MBS) Digital Photo Pro Article - Art of Digital B&W (1.83MB PDF) Digital Photo Pro Article - Color Management Sidebar (246KB PDF) Raw in the Real World March of the Yellow Penguins (11.17MB PDF) Color Managed Raw Workflow by Bruce Fraser & Jeff Schewe (5.34MB PDF) Highlight Recover in Camera Raw (3.30MB PDF)

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