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BBC Learning English - Lingohack

BBC Learning English - Lingohack

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5 TED-Ed Lessons for book lovers When did novels stop being novel? Do comic books belong in school? How do you make a pop-up book, anyway? If you love books, then this playlist is for you. Watch the 5 TED-Ed Lessons below: 7 Ways Learners Can Improve Their English with Technology “Language is not a genetic gift, it is a social gift. Learning a new language is becoming a member of the club -the community of speakers of that language.” – Frank Smith Learning a language takes practice, practice, practice! Our students become more fluent the more they speak, listen, read and write in English outside our classes.

How to Learn English Through the News Here’s a tip for learning English. Have a balanced diet. Learn English with music, movies, and TV shows… Primary school where the children are made to run a mile every day has NO overweight pupils - and their behaviour is better too A primary school where children are made to run a mile every day has proved so successful in tackling obesity it could soon be introduced nationwide. Teachers at St Ninians school in Stirling have sent pupils out for the daily run for the last four years and claim it has improved their behaviour as well as their fitness. Given the popularity of the scheme, a campaign has now been launched to persuade all primary schools across the UK to copy the model. Scroll down for video Children at St Ninians school in Stirling run for a mile every day - the scheme could soon be introduced across all primary schools in the United Kingdom Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale joined the pupils for their daily run, which teachers say has improved their fitness and their behaviour

Oxford City Council praised for introducing gender neutral 'MX' title on paperwork One of the country’s biggest councils has been praised for introducing gender neutral titles on forms. Oxford City Council told The Independent it has approved plans to include ‘Mx’ as an option on paperwork, alongside traditional terms such as Miss, Ms, Mrs and Mr. The change was made following recommendations from the council’s Equality and Diversity Group as a means of making the council more trans-inclusive; including non-binary people who can prefer the ‘Mx’ title as it does not denote a gender.

Why teachers should not bother correcting errors in their students’ writing (not the traditional way at least) Metacognitive enhancement and error correction: a discussion of the shortcomings of traditional error treatment and of the potential benefits of learner training in self-monitoring strategies Dr Gianfranco Conti Garden International School (Kuala Lumpur) Dr Yoko Sato Hosei University (Tokyo) Many Americans Believe Fake News Is Sowing Confusion In the wake of the 2016 election, everyone from President Obama to Pope Francis has raised concerns about fake news and the potential impact on both political life and innocent individuals. Some fake news has been widely shared, and so-called “pizzagate” stories led a North Carolina man to bring a gun into a popular Washington, D.C. pizza restaurant under the impression that it was hiding a child prostitution ring. According to a new survey by Pew Research Center, most Americans suspect that made-up news is having an impact. About two-in-three U.S. adults (64%) say fabricated news stories cause a great deal of confusion about the basic facts of current issues and events.

Welcome to English, step 3-4 (Spring 2015) Listening Listening is considered to be the most difficult skill by language learners because we not only have to understand the grammar of the language, but also the speed, pronunciation, intonation and choice of words that the speaker uses. All these factors combined make listening very hard. Luckily, there are some tips and help for you and here I will talk about some strategies to help you become a better listener. Strategies Pre-listening Pre-listening activities are an important part of becoming a better listener.

Murder in the Classroom - Murder Mystery Game - Education of 21 Share Murder in the Classroom - Murder Mystery Game Description Why asking our students to self-correct the errors in their essays is a waste of time… In this very concise article I will argue that involving our learners in Indirect Error Correction on its own is an absolute waste of valuable teacher and learner time. By Indirect Error Correction (henceforth IEC), I mean highlighting or underlining the errors in our students’ written pieces (with or without error coding), pass the essay back to our students who will make the corrections and pass it back to us for any necessary amendments to be made. In addition, some of us will ask the students to rewrite the whole essay incorporating the corrections. It sounds like a very time-consuming activity! The pedagogic rationale behind this approach seems pretty clear: the students get cognitively involved in the correction process.