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OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen
Projects (selection) 144 ‘Pilootprojecten wonen’. Research of new living typologies in Flanders, 2013-... 140 Elementary school, Asse, BE, competition, 2013 137 ‘Keizer Karel’, apartment complex, Ghent, BE, invited competition, 2012 133 ‘Pearl Route’, urban visiting route in Bahrain, competition, 1st prize, under development, 2012-...

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Pierre Liebaert With 2015 nearly upon us, Mons is changing fast. With huge renovation projects, new museums and cultural and public facilities, and efforts to regenerate districts, architecture is at the heart of the European Capital of Culture and will be one of its most enduring legacies. In 2012, eager to maintain a powerful record of these changes, the Mons 2015 Foundation and the City of Mons commissioned three photographers and a film-maker, Maud Faivre, Pierre Liebaert, Rino Noviello and Zoé Van der Haegen, under the supervision of the architect Marc Mawet, to report on the urban, landscape and architectural changes in the city. In/Out offers a look at the artistic dimension of these three years of work through a selection of images whose compelling nature reflects the artists’ engagement. Stripped of any reference to the sites they depict, the photographs come together and set up a mutual dialogue to assert a strong, independent and common narrative.

SVESMI The village of Nikola Lenivec is well known today, first as a staging ground for Archstoyanie festival, but also due to the installations of well-known artists such as Nikolay Polisskiy and Alexander Brodskiy, among others. Villages, thickets, and glens strewn throughout the landscape contain dozens of works of art. While at first these objects were placed outside of a central narrative, a need has arisen to properly organize this space in order to carry out the festival, and also to create an art-encampment, where artists could work and create - inspired by their natural setting. Archpolis project became the first stage of conceptualizing the future development, as well as re-imagining the spaces of Archstoyanie, and assuming architectural and landscaping strategies on a full scale.

Hilary Cottam / Designer of the Year 2005 From radically rethinking the design of the UK's schools, the prison system and health service, to her work as director of the Design Council’s experimental RED team, HILARY COTTAM (1965-) is championing a more inspiring and efficient approach to design in the public sector. Design affects every area of our lives – whether or not we are aware of it. One area where the quality of design affects us most is in the public sector: in the design of our schools, hospitals, housing and the prison and transport systems.

51n4e 51N4E and Peter Swinnen announced today that Peter Swinnen will be leaving the firm as a partner in order to fully focus on the completion of his State Architect Atelier, the development of a PhD trajectory as well as the establishment of his own architectural platform CRIT . As a founding partner Peter Swinnen has contributed in a profound manner to the work and legacy of 51N4E, which in 15 years’ time has established itself as an office voluntarily linking the impact of design intelligence and governance intelligence. Johan Anrys and Freek Persyn will continue to head 51N4E as leading senior partners. The firm's evolving engagement in Europe has recently expanded to Switzerland and Turkey with new projects ranging from strategy to implementation. Peter Swinnen, Freek Persyn and Johan Anrys are looking forward to exchange knowledge and share critical insights as professional independent peers.

research     City boids – Caracas, Venezuela City Boids looks at various phenomena of informal urbanism throughoutCaracassuch as vendors in traffic jams, street vendors, squatter settlements and illegal extensions of newly built condominiums. It describes these actors and practices as ‘urban molecules’, i.e. small elements that arise from similar necessities, which infiltrate and colonize the gaps and failures, the voids in space and time, produced and left over by the ‘formal’ city. Traditional representational systems are unable to register these intangible practices. City Boids, therefore, develops an intuitive notational system of diagrams in order to represent the specific logics of the self-organized and time-based spatialization processes at hand.

Philippe Van Snick Mexican Dream Cabin, 2015 & Sun Umbrella, 2015, installation view: Casa Modernista, Sao Paulo (BR) 2015 Diep/Deep (Lumière), 2014-2015, vinyl & acrylic on canvas, 72 x 56 cm, unique, photography: Diep/Deep (Diep/Deep), 2014-15, vinyl & acrylic on canvas, 72 x 56 cm, unique, photography: The Archive Revisited: Bull, 1980/2012, acrylic on digital black-and-white print, based on an analogue negative, 65 x 95 cm, framed, unique, photography: Kristien Daem Architecture, Urbanism & Related Thinking Client: Confidential Floor Area: 370.000 m² Program: residential, retail, community functions, primary school, two kindergardens, supporting uses Team: MLA+ Stefan Thorsteinsson Stefan Thorsteinsson Gloria Identity for the small art house cinema Gloria in Copenhagen. With Kaspar Sivertsen and Andreas Johansen

l'escaut projects: Ecoles Ixelles ART2WORK Belle-Vue Conservatory of Nantes CONTACT CEBRA Vesterbro Torv 1-3, 2nd floor 8000 Aarhus C Phone: +45 87 30 34 39 E-mail: CEBRA INT Abu Dhabi Branch Masdar City Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Phone: +971 (0) 56 974 7762 E-mail: PRESS For enquiries regarding press material please contact Anne Strange Stelzner at +45 8730 3439 or COMPETITIONS For enquiries regarding competitions and acquisition please contact Lars Schäfer at +45 8730 3439 or JOBS AND INTERNSHIPS At CEBRA we are always looking for talented and committed candidates to be a part of our team.

The Best Architectural Websites 2015 The Best Architectural Websites in the World … or as I call them, my “current favorite websites”, but let’s not split hairs. After exhaustive research (a.k.a. my internet explorer history) and peer feedback (I sent some emails, reviewed suggestions in the comment area, and asked the people in my office) I have created the definitive listing of the Best Architectural Websites in the World for 2015. I will admit that this list is completely biased because what I like might not be what you like (even though it should be, let’s be honest). I don’t read as many websites as I once did so this list is getting harder and harder to assemble. While I am encouraged by the volume of possible websites available to us these days, most of them either flame out in a hurry (once the owners realize just how much work goes into maintaining a website), or they simply aren’t interesting enough to convince me to visit more than once or twice.

While every attempt of making architecture seems to drift off in rhetorics of programmatic organization and ironic provocation, form and space as such have become a rare good. In our projects we try to counter this by making direct and precise spatial proposals, formal compositions without rhetoric. This literal architecture aims for a phenomenological experience, perhaps despite of its program. by ourpearltrees Dec 30

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