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Accro de la Mode Par Isabelle Oziol de Pignol le jeudi, février 26 2015, 12:39 - LIVRES SUR LA MODE Journaliste de mode prise en flagrant délit de lecture du "défilé des vanités". Pull et étole de fourrure MARNI -Top forme cape VALENTINO - Chevalière CHARLOTTE STONE. Comme préambule à la semaine des défilés de prêt-à-porter parisiens qui débutera la semaine prochaine, je reviens vers ce blog que j'avais hélas délaissé pour cause de rendus de dessins divers et variés.

: Richard Chicago Housetour Name: RichardLocation: Downtown, Toronto, CanadaSize: 790 square feet | 1 bedroom loftYears lived in: owned for 6, though rented it while living abroad for 3 years Richard knows what he likes which is a great trait when designing a home. He focuses almost exclusively on "curiosities" and 1960's office interiors. He is slow, methodical, and patient when it comes to acquiring. Honestly WTF It’s no wonder Munich based photographer Nick Frank favors shooting urban architecture. He does it so well. His perspective on the facade of Mira, a local shopping center, has enhanced the colors and geometric structure so beautifully and brilliantly.

: HopeAlexanderHouseTour Name: Hope Alexander, Craig Jerris, and their daughter HannaLocation: Venice, CA Size:1728 sq ft main house, 128 sq ft office, 650 sq ft studio/guest houseYears lived in: 13 years — own Hope shares this two story, spacious, art-filled modern home with her husband, daughter and their two dogs. As an architect, she has the great advantage of working from home as she remodels her guest house into a new office/studio. TLS│The Blab par Labériane Ponton The Blab déménage ! Vous pouvez désormais me retrouvez à cette adresse,, tout simplement. À très vite ! The Blab is moving ! You can now find me to this address See you soon on The (new) Blab !

Sleeping loft Fifteen years ago I slept next to a drum kit under very different circumstances, and this time around was much more pleasant. For starters, it sparkled silently in the corner. We went to bed laaaate, after several rounds of nightcaps, and I awoke to this bottle of water that Tara left on the table next to the cozy sofa she'd covered with Frette linens. Angelic host! The high end of the ceiling faces the driveway, but all that's visible are treetops.

Andrea's kitchen, and mowing the lawn in Louboutin This is the view of the lawn from cousin Andrea's kitchen. Not so long ago she was living in New York and taking me for drinks with her banker buddies at Smith & Wollensky, where her frequent patronage and utter devotion is celebrated with a plaque in her honor. Now she comes home from the office at lunch and mows a few of her six riverfront acres in Louboutin boots.

Let's Get Personal in Malaysia with Irene Hoofs from Bloesem... Tuesday, 13 March 2012 by Irene Hoofs Let's Get Personal with me, Irene, in my old house in Kuala Lumpur D:: Dutch is ... not easy to de-scribe, many things are going through my mind ... but most important: reliable. Learning in school to think outside the box and allowed to ask questions! E:: entrance, when entering my home you will notice... you have to take of your shoes. Let's Get Personal in the Netherlands with Miranda from Puur Anders Tuesday, 13 September 2011 by Irene Hoofs Let's Get Personal with Miranda van Dijk from Puur Anders D:: Dutch is... Polders, dikes with sheep and cows, bicycles and always adverse wind when you ride a bike. U:: utterly important in my life is...