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Grupos de Google BIOGRAFIA:Alan Wilson Watts 6 de enero de 1915 – 16 de noviembre de 1973Filósofo británico. Editor, sacerdote anglicano, locutor, decano, escritor, conferenciante y experto en religión. Se le conoce sobre todo por su labor como intérprete y popularizador de las filosofías asiáticas para la audiencia occidental. Escribió más de veinticinco libros y numerosos artículos sobre temas como la identidad personal, la verdadera naturaleza de la realidad, la elevación de la conciencia y la búsqueda de la felicidad, relacionando su experiencia con el conocimiento científico y con la enseñanza de las religiones y filosofías orientales y occidentales (budismo Zen, taoísmo, cristianismo, hinduismo, etc.) Alan Watts fue un conocido autodidacta. Alan-Watts-Conviértete-En-Lo-Que-Eres.pdf Alan-Watts-El-Camino-De-La-Liberación.pdf AlanWatts-El-Camino-Del-Tao.pdf Alan-Watts-El-Camino-Del-Zen.pdf Alan-Watts - Budismo.pdf Alan-Watts-El-Libro-Del-Tabu.pdf Alan-Watts-La-Vida-Como-Juego.pdf

The Yoga Gurus | Empty Mind Films Now you have no excuses – you now have the chance to meet some of the world’s most enlightened yoga masters! What do you want to know? What would you ask them? The Yoga Gurus is your chance to hear from them! Filmed on location in India from the lap of the northern Himalayas in Rishikesh to the south in Mysore, you will meet the top yoga teachers from both east and west. Go beyond the physical asanas of yoga and deep into the mind and inner being of a yoga guru. This realization of what is true yoga will give you the keys to open a door that will leave behind the external pressures we live with each day and a life unfulfilled with material things. Take your yoga practice to a higher level and enrich your life foreve.

The Multispectral Sun Your eyes tell you that the Sun obviously delivers energy to Earth in the form of visible light. If you think about it a bit, especially in terms of the choices you make about UV-A and UV-B protection when you shop for sunscreen or sunglasses, you'll also realize that you know that the Sun also bathes our planet in ultraviolet "light" or radiation. The Sun, in fact, emits radiation across most of the electromagnetic spectrum... from high-energy X-rays to ultra-long wavelength radio waves. Review: The Electromagnetic Spectrum Before we look at the multispectral Sun, let's review some key ideas about the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. Visible light is the most familiar form of a type of energy called electromagnetic radiation. Light comes in different colors, spread across the rainbow of hues we call the visible spectrum. Visible light is not, however, the whole story by any means. Of course, IR and UV and visible light are not the whole story either. The Multispectral Sun Cool It!

Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview (movie) *Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview* is a documentary exploring the depths of the current human condition and the emergence of a worldview that is recreating our world from the inside out. Weaving together insights and findings from biology, psychology, network science, systems science, business, culture and media, the film reveals the inner workings of the human experience in the 21st century, urging viewers to step out of the box and challenge their own assumptions about who we really are, and why we do what we do. *Crossroads* places evolutionary context to today’s escalating social unrest, natural disasters, and economic failures. It illuminates the footsteps of an integrated worldview, penetrating its way through the power of social networks to the forefront of our personal and collective awareness. A refreshing reality check for all viewers and a clarion call for those who carry the seeds of the emerging worldview. Crossroads Official Site:

Must Watch Documentaries | Watch Free Documentaries | - Spread the Word The Belief in Authority is a Superstition "In truth, the belief in "government" is a religion, made up of a set of dogmatic teachings, irrational doctrines which fly in the face of both evidence and logic, and which are methodically memorized and repeated by the faithful. Like other religions, the gospel of "government" describes a superhuman, supernatural entity, above mere mortals, which issues commandments to the peasantry, for whom unquestioning obedience is a moral imperative." Social Media is Full of Fake Comments Reddit is being gamed by professional shills every day. Point investigates how widespread the problem of fake comments and fake votes is in their Reddit For Sale follow-up video. PR firms Create Propaganda for US Government Real Scientific Evidence of Controlled Implosion "The preconceived notion of NIST is that there's no evidence for explosives, as in there is no point in looking. Open-Sourced Blueprints for Civilization Inspiring Spoken Word On Freedom "This is my voice. T.

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds (movie) Part one of the film Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds. Akasha is the unmanifested, the “nothing” or emptiness which fills the vacuum of space. As Einstein realized, empty space is not really empty. Saints, sages and yogis who have looked within themselves have also realized that within the emptiness is unfathomable power, a web of information or energy which connects all things. This matrix or web has been called the Logos, the Higgs Field, the Primordial OM and a thousand other names throughout history. The Pythagorian philosopher Plato hinted enigmatically that there was a golden key that unified all of the mysteries of the universe. The primordial spiral is the manifested world, while Akasha is the unmanifested, or emptiness itself. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All 4 parts of the film can be found at Image Credit

The Global Brain | Watch Documentaries Online | Promote Documentary Film Reached to : 1002 Citizens Shared: 8 Favorited: Tweets: Express below for the consciousness effected by this story/film... Contact This Story.Teller/Film.Producer Contribute Directly to this story/cause HOST Community Screening of This Film/Story The Global Brain : Director:Peter Russell | Producer:Peter Russell Genre:Documentary | Produced In:1992 | Story Teller's Country:United States Synopsis: It explores the theory that the earth is a self-regulating living organism, and asks what function humanity might have for this planetary being. Request DVD: You may purchase the DVD of this film directly from this StoryTeller/Producer. Embed this story : This Film cannot be embedded. Thank you for your presence and engagement with humanity - with our world! Share this story : NOTE: Please Share with Your Known Contacts only. Explore Information, Ideas, subjects related to this story : Your Suggestions: Enter Links, Books, Research that you feel is relevant to this story you just watched.

Video Library — The Positive Path - Because there is nothing more powerful than an open mind Secret Spells of the English Language This is amazing, Laura Lairica shows us how the “spell-ing” of the English language has a profound effect on our daily lives. Watch Video The Pleiadian Message For The Family Of Light The Pleiadians are a collective of extraterrestrials from the star system Pleiades. … The Pleiadians reside on the planet Erra, which is almost as large as Earth, Pleiadians. Watch Video Jesus, the Divine Feminine and Pistis Sophia From the original coptic Alan Steinfeld discusses the Pista Sophia (holy wisdom) w/ JJ Hurtaks from a new translation he did with his wife Desirea Hurtak’s from the Coptic of Jesus’s teaching of Sophia, the Divine Feminine Watch Video Santos Bonacci – Astrotheology Part One A seminar by Santos Bonacci entitled ‘The Ancient Theology, Astrotheology ‘ (Part 1) For questions on the content of this seminar, please contact Mr. Watch Video Solution Summit Documentary Watch Video Gnosis – Secrets of Alchemy Documentary Watch Video Watch Video Watch Video

3 Astronauts Who Had Spiritual Experiences ‘Up There’ Several astronauts who have seen Earth from space have had profoundly awakening spiritual experiences. Here’s three of them. Seeing earth from space will cause you to lose your shit. In Plato’s Phaedo, Socrates said that if you could see the Earth from space, you would recognize “that is the real heaven and the real light and the real earth.” Your eyes, no longer bound to the horizon, see the Earth both from space and in space. This view of Earth has only been in popular awareness since 1968, when the first color photographs were taken on the Apollo missions. Only around 500 astronauts have ever witnessed this view first hand. Mitchell seems to be the most vocal about his experience of seeing Earth from above. On his experience of seeing Earth from space, Mitchell has said: “That’s a powerful experience, to see Earth rise over the surface [of the Moon]. Schweickart flew on the Apollo 9 mission. (Via The Overview Effect) Ockel was the first Dutch citizen in space.