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Free Simulation and Modeling in Your Browser

Free Simulation and Modeling in Your Browser
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Print Free Graph Paper The Blog » This blog is about software for mindmapping and organising information. This blog will keep you bang up to date on developments in the world of visual networks and all types of business maps. Mind maps Mindmapinspiration’s Gallery Mindmapinspiration has a Gallery and, as usual with Paul Foreman’s inspiring work, it’s great. Libraries of Mind Maps (updated) Have you noticed the growth of sites featuring libraries of mind maps on the web? Interesting hand made mind maps My focus at is on software-made mind maps – well obviously, I do claim this as “the master list of mind mapping and information management software”, after all. Knowledge management Visual note taking From Japan, but working in English, iroha Note takes a textual approach to visualization – or a visual approach to text notes (take your pick). Its free version feels rather like clustering with Post-it notes, but adds the capability to freely associate notes using visible but subtle linking lines. The paid-for version, iroha Note+, adds the capability to freely associate notes using visible Continue reading… A visual eye on education Organisation charts with backing – OrgPlus

Demonstrations — Simantics Demonstration videos of applications on Simantics platform. Simantics in Action Below are some software application and technology demonstrations about how Simantics platform can be applied for modelling and simulation. Click the image to see the video. Use the controls below the video to enlarge the picture. Apros® on the Simantics platform Apros is a process modelling and simulation environment that is scalable to even the largest plant design tasks. Balas® on the Simantics platform BALAS is a steady state simulation package for chemical processes with emphasis on pulp and paper. Modelica® on the Simantics platform Modelica is an object-oriented language for modelling and simulation. The first video demonstrates the general Modelica features and the second one is an early phase demonstration of the work done in OpenPROD EU project for system dynamics modelling and simulation. 3D Geometry and MBS Modelling on the Simantics platform Flowbat on the Simantics platform

Matematicas Visuales | Home In MatematicasVisuales you will find visual expositions of mathematical concepts. MatematicasVisuales intends to complement the work initiated by artiludios, a site with games, puzzles and mathematical curiosities. Reading Miguel de Guzmán I found a demonstration of the line of Simpson and the Steiner Deltoid. It serves as an introduction to the geometry section. The concept of function and its graphical representation are a key concept and we dedicate special attention to it in the analysis section. Geometric representation of the complex numbers facilitates its visualization. Thinking in who have to start learning probability we have this section about this subject. In the history section we approach mathematics through its history. Miguel Cardil made the design of The contents of MatematicasVisuales has been developed by Roberto Cardil.

InfoRapid KnowledgeBase Builder - Mind Maps as Knowledge Storage Sphinx SD Tools | Free Science & Engineering software downloads Project MATHEMATICS! Tools to make visual process models Here’s a collection of process modeling tools that haven’t appeared on Mind-Mapping.Org before. As well as helping you make process diagrams, most offer simulation or analysis of processes, and some can make flowcharts and organization charts as well. They range in price from free (a very capable simulation tool supported by the National Science Foundation and Google) to nearly US$2,000. All Clear All Clear produces functional diagrams from text instead of the user manipulating the diagram directly. Although billed as flowchart software, it can also make organization charts and process maps and includes a process analyzer. Its price is US$349. Bizag Process Modeler Bizag Process Modeler is a component of the heavy-duty Bizagi BPM Suite but is available free as a stand-alone unit. click for full-size image The BPM Suite is an enterprise product that supports business rules, forms designer, workflow, work portal, and analytics. Insight Maker iThink Its price is US$1,899. Synthis Process Modeler

Making Math and Science Connections Dendroscope — Algorithms in Bioinformatics Software for visualizing phylogenetic trees and rooted networks. Download Dendroscope 3 here.See our book on phylogenetic trees and networks...Over 20,000 registered users...This program is open source, the source is available here. Dendroscope 3 - An interactive viewer for rooted phylogenetic trees and networks Researchers studying phylogenetic relationships need software that is able to visualize rooted phylogenetic trees and networks efficiently, increasingly of large datasets involving hundreds of thousands of taxa. The program should be user friendly (easy to run on all popular operating systems), facilitate interactive browsing and editing the trees and allow one to export the result in multiple file formats in publication quality. We have developed the platform independent tree and rooted network viewer Dendroscope that addresses these issues. Feature List: Download Download an installer for linux, MacOS X or Windows for version 3 here. (Version two is still available here). References