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Ghostery Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau Why Competitor Price Monitoring Is Vital In Ecommerce Proxy 4 Free - Public Proxy Servers, Anonymous Proxy, Proxy List - Protect Your Online Privacy! Competitor Price Monitoring | Tracking Competitor Prices | Data Scraping USA Monitoring your competitior Competitor Price Monitoring has become an indispensable service for taking strategic decisions in today's highly competitive e-commerce market and is especially useful for businesses in travel & transport, consumer products and automotive supply chain. Beat competitors pricing by tracking Continuous tracking and analysis of your competitor's website not only allows you to stay competitive by adjusting your pricing for competitive advantage, it also provides valuable insights into their marketing strategies. Get Up and Running Quickly No complex coding or hiring of expensive developers needed. Customized & Accurate Customized to meet the client requirements. 100% accuracy of data (as available on target website). Hosted & Anonymous No leasing expensive servers, bandwidth and IPs. Near-Instant & Timely Most up-to-date data and per your crucial business pricing strategies schedule. Bespoke reports Powerful, specially customized and easy to use reports for data analysis.

How to Hide Data in Image, Audio & Video Files: Steganography Ever wondered to know how to hide secret data in image, audio and video files? Well, in this post I will take you through a concept called steganography using which, it is possible to hide your secret information in image files, songs or any other file of your choice. At the end of this post, you can also download free stegnographic tools and start hiding your data. What is Steganography? Steganography is a means of obscuring data where secret messages are hidden inside computer files such as images, sound files, videos and even executable files so that, no one except the sender and the receiver will suspect the existence of stealth information in it. The main advantage of steganography over other methods such as cryptography is that, it will not arose suspicion even if the files fall in the hands of a third party. What are the Applications of Steganography? Steganography is mainly used to obscure confidential information/data during storage or transmission. How to Use Stego Magic?

About AWDEP The Australian Government has provided grant funding to establish Digital Enterprise Programs in 69 communities across Australia. Thanks to a successful application for funding by Albury City and City of Wodonga, AlburyWodonga is one of the communities that will benefit from the program. The Digital Enterprise Program was established to contribute to the government's vision for Australia as a leading global digital economy by 2020. To take advantage of this program, browse the events calendar and register to attend one of the available group workshops. Resources: "Nonprofit" vs. "Not-for-profit" — does it make a difference? Since both terms are in everyday use, it makes sense to ask what is the difference between a nonprofit and a not-for-profit. In a technical sense, it's probably correct to say there is no significant difference between the two terms. State "nonprofit" or "not-for-profit" corporation statutes sometimes use both terms side by side to suggest they are synonymous. The IRS does make one distinction though. In some publications, the IRS explains that for them "not-for-profit" refers to an activity, for example, a hobby (like fishing). For example, a "nonprofit" organization can be an association of people who engage in the hobby of fishing – in other words, do it "not-for-profit." More generally, though, the fact that there are two terms in use does not cause problems since everyone involved knows what everyone else means. There are lots of other terms that get used to refer to the broad realm of activities that happen voluntarily – without government edicts or demands to turn a profit.

How to submit a form using PHP There are situations when you want to send data using POST to a URL, either local or remote. Why would you want to do this? Probably you want to submit data to an opt-in form, but without taking a valuable visitor away from your site. Or maybe you want to send data to several applications for various purposes, which would be impossible to do in the usual manner. So how can we deal with this problem? Simulate submitting a form using cURL So what is cURL anyway? What we are going to use is, cURL HTTP. cURL supports POST and GET methods, file uploads, cookies, user/password authentications, even using proxy servers for connecting. It can literally be used to programmatically simulate browsing behavior. So how do I use cURL to post data? Begin by creating a new connection. A new connection is created using curl_init() function, which takes the target URL as parameter (The URL where we want to post our data). Now let’s set some options for our connection. What options do we set here?

Web-scraping with VB's XML support - Lucian's VBlog Module Helpers ''' <summary> ''' GetAttr: x.GetAttr("attr") is equivalent to x.@attr. It's here to work around a MONO bug: MONO ''' will throw an exception on x. ''' also doesn't throw. ''' </summary> <System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Extension()> Function GetAttr(ByVal e As XElement, ByVal attr As String) As String If e Is Nothing Then Return "" For Each a In e.Attributes If String.Compare(attr, a.Name.LocalName, True) = 0 Then Return a.Value Next Return "" End Function ''' Fetch: this function fetches the given Url and saves it into a cache in a temporary directory. ''' It returns the filename. ''' "tidy.exe" (from to turn the html into valid XHTML such as can ''' be read with XElement.Load. ''' e.g. ''' previously, and the previous download was no more than "CacheAtLeastDays" old and hadn't ''' been deleted, then the previous download is used. ''' web-services, and we don't want to be too cruel on them, so even if they didn't specify caching ''' characters. End If End Sub

Using PHP CURL Library To Scrape The Internet Have you ever though how much information is there in DMOZ? Your entire life won't be enough to collect and sort it. Taking the Web into our own hands, one computer at a time Well, we had to do part of that. At the beginning The first thing you need to know when you have to scrape the net is to know how to do it :-) There are various technologies, but the most important is to know the basis of the process: - screen scrape - parse the input - sort and fulfill the output - save the results Screen scrape This is a process in which you get the content of any website thru a script. We created a simple grabber class which has a constructor doing to the scraping job and few methods for parsing the result: function Grabber($url) { $this->content=""; $ch = curl_init (); curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1); curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url); curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_TIMEOUT, 60); $this->content = curl_exec ($ch); curl_close ($ch); } Parse the input Thus we have the core. foreach($rows as $row) {

rdlowrey/Artax Web Scraping | Anonymous Web Scraping | Anonymous Web Data Scraping The term Web scraping refers to the process or technique of extracting information from various websites using specially coded software programs. This software program stimulates the human exploration of the Web through various methods that include embedding Web browsers like the Mozilla and the Internet Explorer browsers or implementing HyperText Transfer Protocol (or more popularly known as HTTP). Web scraping focuses on extracting data such as product prices, weather data, public records (Unclaimed Money, Sex Offenders, Criminal records, Court records), stock price movements etc. in a local database for further use. General techniques used for web scraping Although the method of web scraping is still a developing process, it favors more practical solutions that are based on already-existing applications and technologies as opposed to its more ambitious counterparts that require more complicated breakthroughs and knowledge to work. Copy-pasting. Our web scraping process

Improve Your Business Using Web Data Extraction services. If you own a business, you need to monitor your competitors’ move so as to remain ahead of the game. However, you need to do a market research so as to gather useful information that will help you determine your position in the online business. The easiest and convenient way to gather data is through web data extraction. This can be done manually or by using data extraction software. Most businesses employ manual methods by browsing the web in order to gather useful information. Today, data mining firms have developed web harvesting software which you could buy and install in your computers or you can outsource the services from a qualified company. There are different reasons why you should seek web data extraction services. Due to the fast growth in the eCommerce market, business trends keep on changing so you need to check what your competitors are doing in order to remain relevant in business.