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About Us - Mobius Foundation, NGO Environmental Sustainability The Mobius Foundation is a non-profit organisation promoting environmental sustainability through sustainable, relevant solutions that enable communities to break longstanding practices which are detrimental to human existence on Earth. It spearheads various educational programs in India, which include setting up a residential green school in Karnataka and a day school in Uttar Pradesh. It also promotes population stabilization and ecological conservation through Project Aakar and Project Sanjeevani. Other projects by Mobius Foundation include mobile health camps, school support programs, installation of solar street lights , toilet construction, and training and awareness programs on food safety and natural farming practices. Additionally, the foundation is proud to be associated with Universal Trustees Private Limited, a Professional Estate Planning, Trusteeship and Executor Services Company offering its services in India to resident and non-resident families, corporates and charities.

Whitening Cream For Intimate Parts – Uses and Benefits - knowledge Hub Most people feel embarrassed while showing off their intimate parts to anyone. This might be due to the shy nature but in most cases, it is due to the dark lines and marks. For women, areas like bikini lines and armpits can be dark. Well, it can be due to several reasons and if you want to even out the dark areas then you need to use the whitening cream. Jignesh shah: the man who rose like a phoneix From being a rookie engineer to a billionaire even before he hit the age of 40 years, tech innovator, Mr Jignesh Shah, has been a great motivation to a number of youth in India and outside. Somebody who began with his own company in 1995, setting up as many as 9 world class exchanges all over the world, was nothing short of spectacular for his contemporaries.However, seeing his rapid rise, certain vested interests worked around the corner to bring him down using illegal, unjust and unfair means. This nexus of politicians and bureaucrats went beyond harming him and his exchange empire of the 63 moons group.His flagship company, 63 moons technologies limited, then known as FTIL was dragged into an artificially created Rs 5,600 crore payment default crisis at one of its subsidiaries, the National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL). Share

Rocky Point Mexico Resorts Vacation has been amongst the most cherished and memorable experience for people all over the globe. Tourists and travelers believe that Mexico is amongst the finest vacation spots to spend quality time of their life, meeting people, socializing and enjoying time away from busy routines. States have witnessed this area to be joyful and peaceful for others. It offers the best natural sights and fun sports for tourists to explore. Its location near the beachside offers quality water sports and other activities to enjoy. Tourists are seen strolling around indulging in long walks enhancing their stay.

Top 5 popular Indian writers to read. - Kunal Oml - Medium India always stands out when in the world for its literature. It’s the land of amazing writers and poets who have done miracles from their pens. The readers from across the globe love to explore the literature world from the pen of an Indian writer. Here we have compiled a list of five Indian writers whose work has given a whole new identity to Indian Literature. Ruskin BondRuskin bond is the brightest star of Indian literature industry. Ideas On How To Choose The Best Product- Bleaching Cream September 15, 2019 When you go for bleaching your skin it is necessary to be careful before applying. Make sure that the product you use will cause any side effects or not. Dark skin will have a high content of melanoma which is a pigment present at the outside layer of skin. Whereas in white skin the melanin pigment will be low in which they cannot tolerate the heat of sunlight.

Jignesh shah- the man behind ‘made in india’ exchanges A young entrepreneur, Jignesh Shah, established 63 moons technologies limited, earlier known as Financial Technologies, with his innovative zeal and entrepreneurial aggression. With firm passion and zeal, he turned the company into one of the finest examples of ‘Make in India’ ‘. In no time, Jignesh Shah created ten states of the art exchanges across the globe in a range of asset classes. Lake Dora Canal Nature Tour Posted by arron755 in Travel on May 15th, 2020 Daily hustle routines make everybody lethargic and our mind and body become tired. In that case you look for a place where you can find peace in your weekends and holidays. Travelling is a passion and enthusiastic thing for everyone. When we talk about nature tours it seems catchy because a nature visit is something where you can feel fresh and more energetic.

Ativan is the brand version of the popular generic drug Lorazepam. It can treat seizure disorders, such as epilepsy. It can also be used before surgery and medical procedures to relieve anxiety. Buy Ativan online at low price in the USA. Explore their website to know more details. by emilywilliams2793 Feb 19