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[nytlabs] Project Cascade

[nytlabs] Project Cascade

SAP Infographic Series | SAP wanted their research findings they had commissioned to be engaged by their marketplace. The answer – an infographic series! The following infographic series tells an engaging narrative on financial forecasting, IT services innovation and all things mobility. Scroll down so you can see all three!

Data Visualization : Infographics : User Interface Design : DC MD VA Infographics The Ford Foundation works with visionaries across the globe to strengthen democracy, reduce poverty and injustice, promote international cooperation, and advance human knowledge, creativity, and ... 2009 Budget Poster - Infographic Portfolio - Infographic Design by InfoNewt, LLC A bubble map can be used to show large amounts of quantitative data broken down in different ways. Budgets, sales figures, inventories, shipments, time spent, website statistics and more. This poster serves as an example of visualizing a complete budget using proportionally sized circles. Understandably, the companies I have done this type of design for consider this their information highly confidential, which makes sharing the final designs impractical. The left side shows all of the sources of income, and the right side details all of the expenses. This style of visualization design can break down information about sales & profit by product lines, company departments, customers, office locations and more.

Infographic Design Company - Infographic Design by InfoNewt, LLC