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Houston Web Design, Houston Web Development - Nuesion Design professionals and marketers alike are always looking for the best way to engage readers and get clear messages across. The birth of the infographic spelled one of the most exciting new trends to come out over the last year or so. We strive to entertain the eyes while people read. We break things down and take purveyors on a journey, where data is much easier to assimilate and relationships are better seen fleshed-out, rather than confined to the world of black & white Times New Roman 12 pt. font. Pearson Kitchen App on Behance Working in collaboration with FutureDeluxe to create a simple-to-use interface for a new cooking app on the Windows Phone 7 platform. In a new br… Read More Working in collaboration with FutureDeluxe to create a simple-to-use interface for a new cooking app on the Windows Phone 7 platform. In a new breed of cooking apps where users use their voice as well as fingers to engage with content, we discovered simplicity is key. We followed the Windows Metro GUI system of tiles, panoramas and typography but blended it with texture and colour to create a design more at home with household cook books.

Movies mit Google Earth erstellen - Earth-Hilfe Remarque : Les fonctionnalités de création de vidéos sont accessibles aux utilisateurs des applications Google Earth Pro et Google Earth EC. En savoir plus. Vous pouvez utiliser la fonction Movie Maker de Google Earth pour enregistrer les images de la visionneuse 3D et stocker l'enregistrement dans un fichier vidéo. Vous pouvez configurer l'enregistreur de façon à ce qu'il enregistre en temps réel vos opérations dans la visionneuse 3D, ou bien lancer une visite et l'enregistrer sans interruption. Une fois l'enregistrement vidéo terminé et le fichier enregistré, vous pouvez mettre ce fichier à disposition des autres utilisateurs sur un site Web, l'utiliser dans une présentation ou l'envoyer par e-mail. Par exemple, vous pouvez créer une vidéo de votre propriété de façon à la présenter à des clients ou dans le cadre de salons professionnels, au cours desquels les visiteurs pourront voir des images satellite de votre propriété sans utiliser Google Earth.

Cook A Dream on Behance Started in 2009, Cook a Dream is on a mission to generate original, creative productions for stage, television and other media for international audiences of all ages. Various conversions with them resulted in an analysis and brand audit that were then applied to set Cook a Dream’s brand platform. This led to the development of various concepts from which one final, highly creative and brand specific concept developed. The core ingredients of the concept are a crafted fantasy world made from paper and set in a theatrical world inhabited by a crew of unique characters that were given names and have highly developed personalities.

The Design Blog MusaWorkLab | MusaWorkLab is a multidisciplinary design and communication consultancy studio founded located in Lisboa, Portugal. Our focus is to be unconventional, to innovate, to go beyond traditional studio work by integrating an international creative professionals network with diverse backgrounds and talent. Every project is treated uniquely based on the special needs of our client – one solution does not fit all. We strive to give our clients successful brand communication strategies and state of the arT graphic concepts providing relevant and creative solutions.

The Design Blog Ben Geier | "Ongoing side project where I redesign all the logos of my favorite record labels in a retro style. Taking lots of Inspiration from the Batman Animated Series." I’ve always a had deep interest in the arts. I grew up writing music in rock bands and creating record artwork for those bands and friends as well. I enrolled in a design program at Columbia College Chicago and also started working as an animator in Chicago at Design Kitchen, which led me into the digital design world.

The Design Blog Home About Sections Resources Submit Advertising Contact FAQ Advertisement Designer of the Week Quote of the Week Featured Video The Design Blog Bravo Company | "Meet Lucha Loco, Singapore’s first Mexican taqueria which meets two critical needs in your life - gourmet Mexican street food and crazy Mexican wrestling. We set out to design the brand by not designing much.

Benevolent Society on Behance Being Australia's first charity Benevolent Society's purpose is to achieve lasting social change in society through building strong families and healthy communities. The basic brand idea is that when people come together change happens. In the wordmark letters are linked like a chain and their overlaying parts portray these moments of effective change. Hoots Multigrain Snack Range on Packaging of the World Designed by Rubber Cheese, United Kingdom. Rubber Cheese creates branding for ‘Hoots’ multigrain snack rangeThe creative team at Rubber Cheese worked with Market Fresh to deliver a new multigrain snack product. The challenge Rubber Cheese were faced with was to create a brand that would stand out in the over saturated snack market and to promote a healthier option. Hoots are a snack with a difference, bite sized wholegrain nibbles made from wheat rather than potatoes.The brand needed to sit comfortably next to other crisp brands, even though in some eyes it would have been viewed as a bread based item and therefore categorised with croutons or bruschetta’s.