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Iktomi Iktomi depicted sitting by the fire. In Lakota mythology, Iktomi is a spider-trickster spirit, and a culture hero for the Lakota people. Alternate names for Iktomi include Ikto, Ictinike, Inktomi, Unktome, and Unktomi. 23 Car Care Principles that will Save You Thousands I have been around vehicles a lot. My father built a multi-million dollar business and has to deliver his products by cars and trucks. I have been driving to different states, hauling stuff for my dad’s company, since I was sixteen years old. With all of my travels, I have learned a lot about vehicles. I have also learned about vehicles through the advice of others, especially my husband. My husband grew up working on cars and trucks with his father.

20 Awesome Global Websites to Bookmark We live in a great big world. Whether you want to travel the globe or only dream of it, or whether you are just a curious person who is intrigued by the distant and different, the internet offers a treasure chest of informative and fun destinations. Here are 20 awesome international sites that you will want to go to again and again. 1) INTERNET WORLD STATS - We all know that internet usage is growing every day. This site gives you the statistics of who is using the internet by population around the world. It also has links to world internet traffic and a lot of other interesting facts. Goulding's Lodge: Campground We’re sorry but the link above is under construction. Please use the link below Reserve your campsite, RV site, or cabin online! Goulding’s Campground offers clean, modern campsites with a view of Monument Valley.

Las Vegas Coupons, Deals & Discounts - Totally FREE! 1/2 Off Show Tickets Aussie Hunks / V Theater 50% Off Show Tickets Australian Bee Gees / Excalibur $20 Off or Buffet Pkg Discount Australia's Thunder From Down Under / Excalibur Free Poster with Ticket Milky Way Galaxy - Warhammer 40K Wiki - Space Marines, Chaos, planets, and more "In its hubris, mankind claims dominion over the galaxy. However, their realm is naught but a few flickering candles in a vast and hungry darkness." —A Treatise on the End of the Imperium, denounced and burned in 800.M41 The Milky Way Galaxy, commonly referred to as just the Milky Way, or sometimes simply as "the galaxy," is the galaxy that Mankind calls home and in which the Imperium of Man and all of the other starfaring intelligent species known to humanity are located. The Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy that is part of the Local Group of galaxies.

PaperBackSwap: An Effective Way To Save Money On Books In the past, I’ve discussed a lot of methods for saving money on books, including maximizing your local library, book “swapping” using eBay, and leveraging the Borders Rewards program. Lately, though, I’ve been picking up a lot of books using PaperBackSwap for just a buck or two. Even better, I’m getting rid of a lot of the books I don’t read any more – and I’m doing it all without leaving the house. What is PaperBackSwap? PaperBackSwap is a free online book exchange service. You sign up there and list nine books that you’re willing to send out in the mail to anyone (just list nine books you have that you probably won’t read again and you’d probably end up taking to a used book store or something eventually).

Jessica Swift - Treasure Chest Downloads As a thank you and a welcome, I offer you this archive of free printables I've included in past email newsletters I've sent. You're new here, and I don't want you to miss out on one colorful + uplifting thing! {just click on each image below to get a high-res, printable version...} (Above: the original version was for the month of April -- click on the image on the right for a blank version where you can fill in your own month!)

California Family and Cultural Attractions savings deals American Whitewater Expeditions - Coloma Aquarium of the Bay - San Francisco California Museum - Sacramento California’s Great America - Santa Clara Chabot Space & Science Center - Oakland Quotes of Wisdom from the T.V. show " Kung Fu " ~Diogenes These are a few wise quotes from throughout the old television series " Kung Fu " ( and a few from " Kung Fu: The Legend Continues " ), starring David Carridine as a Shaolin Monk, wandering the old West of America. Though fiction, much of it's philosophy is based on Zen, and contain many truths to them. Enjoy. :) ******************************************************** ******************************************************** On Love: "Deal with evil from strength, but affirm the good in man through trust.

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