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Engage - The interactive research resource for bioscience undergraduates ! This web site has been designed to help science undergraduate students with advice and assistance on the most important aspects of scientific research you'll be involved in. Whether you're interested in research in general and want more information, or you're struggling with statistical analyses, you'll find the information here. Use the main entries in the menu on the left hand side to guide you through the process of research. A brief note about navigation While you're working within the site itself your browser's Back button will take you back to the page you visited just before the one you're on, whereas the on-page Previous button will take you the previous page in the section's content list (not necessarily the last page you viewed) if there is one and the Next button will take you to the next logical page in the section, again if there is one. Downloadable pdf files A number of links on the site refer to documents in 'pdf' format.

musicalchairs - Classical Music Jobs, Courses & Competitions Careers After Biological Sciences | Examples of jobs that can follow a bioscience degree Supporting theatre | Arts Council England Top left to bottom right: 1. Steven Elliot in Educating Rita at Oldham Coliseum Theatre. Photo © Joel C Fildes / Oldham Coliseum Theatre. 2. The Revenge of Mr Trout! by TongueTied Theatre.

STEM Graduates Women in STEM Promoting opportunities, employers and events to female students and graduates Background It is widely acknowledged that STEM careers are male dominated. Just 15% of Engineering graduates are female. The figures are 19% for Computer Studies and 38% for Maths. Whilst we are unable to influence the subjects selected by students, we can focus our attention on ensuring that females who have opted to study a STEM degree are made aware of our services. We are keen to highlight female specific events to the STEM Graduates community and to ensure that female visitors to our site are introduced to role-models. To find out more, please see our sister site STEM Women Resources Organisations The WISE Campaign - A campaign to inspire girls and women to study and pursue careers within STEM fields. Blogs STEM Women - A blog which aims to promote careers for women in STEM whilst highlighting issues of gender inequality. Programs Video Content Articles Is there something we've missed? STEMtv

Non Athletes Guide to Careers in Sports These professionals plan and implement individual and group fitness activities in a wide range of settings, including fitness facilities, hotels, and corporations. Fitness Directors also develop and teach health education programs. The following graph presents Fitness Director job titles and the education, salary and work condition for each position. Fitness Program Coordinator Academic Requirements Bachelor’s Degree(Fitness Management. Fitness Director Academic Requirements Bachelor’s Degree (Fitness Management. Therapeutic Recreation Director Academic Requirements Bachelor’s Degree (Fitness Management. Sports and Fitness Coordinator Academic Requirements Bachelor’s Degree (Fitness Management. Wellness Manager Academic Requirements Bachelor’s Degree (Fitness Management. Coaches There are coaching positions in every level of sports, from high school to professional sports. High school coaches usually divide their time between teaching for the school district and coaching one or more teams.

Learned Societies – a party worth joining – BioScience Careers Comments such as these from reports of winners of the latest round of SEB travel grants made me wonder how many researchers and PhD students are aware of these types of benefits, widely available to them in the early stages of their careers. Many academic learned societies own journals, which earn quite substantial subscription income and, as charities, they return much of this money to their members and relevant disciplinary communities. Some of the biggest beneficiaries of these returns are early career researchers and students, who can apply for all sorts of awards and receive considerable discounts on conferences.

The Tech Partnership - careers in IT Learned societies – BioScience Careers Learned societies are academic ‘clubs’ which specialise in a particular discipline, with a membership made up of people who share an interest in that subject. Members can include academics, university researchers, people working in industry, postgraduate and undergraduate students, teachers and even school students and members of the public. Each learned society has its own set of rules on its membership reach, fees and benefits. There are dozens of bioscience learned societies in the world each with their own specialism. For example, the Society for Experimental Biology offers membership to animal, plant and cell biologists and limits its reach to academics, researchers and postgraduate students. Many learned societies own journals from which they earn substantial revenue in the form of university library subscriptions, which they use to fund their activities. Benefits offered by learned societies include: Society for Experimental Biology Biochemical Society British Ecological Society

BioScience Careers Biology degree career options There are plenty of careers available to biology students, but since there isn’t a single obvious path, sometimes it can be problematic deciding what to do after graduating. This guide should help you think about the skills you have, the jobs they can be applied to, and the options available. Specific skills you will have gained include: time and self-management data management, analysis and interpretation concise and accurate writing and communication skills research skills organisational skills presentation skills ability to identify and predict trends and patterns ability to interpret and evaluate events, information, and ideas computer literacy Other options include: agriculture banking and finance environmental consultancy hospitals human resources medical writing patents pharmaceuticals research & development regulatory affairs sales and marketing science journalism teaching water and environmental control. Having a biology degree doesn’t even need to restrict you to these careers.

How To Become A Barber | LHAA Apprenticeship wages As an apprentice you learn on the job and you are an employee. As an employee, you are entitled to a wage, which means you earn whilst you learn, plus you won’t be accruing any student debts. As an apprentice you are entitled to the National Minimum Wage (NMW) for apprentices which is currently £3.70 per hour (as of 1st April 2018) if you are aged under 19 or 19 and in the first year of your apprenticeship. In the second year of an apprenticeship those aged 19 or over are entitled to the national minimum wage rate. You are entitled to the full minimum wage rate if you are aged 19 or over. Example: An apprentice aged 22 in the first year of their apprenticeship is entitled to a minimum hourly rate of £3.50Example: An apprentice aged 22 who has completed the first year of their apprenticeship is entitled to a minimum hourly rate of £7.05 If you choose to start a new apprenticeship framework you may remain on the NMW for apprentices. What is the National Minimum Wage?

Student FAQs — Faculty of Physician Associates What Does the Training Involve? Physician Associates undergo two years full-time postgraduate training based on the Competence and Curriculum Framework for Physician Associates (DoH 2012). Training consists of intensive theoretical learning in medical sciences, pharmacology and clinical reasoning as well as over 1400 hours of clinical placement experience in community and acute care settings. Newly graduated Physician Associates complete a third internship year with a Doctor to solidify and deepen their skills. As a result of their training, Physician Associates are flexible and adaptable healthcare professionals with a strong medical foundation. Will I have time for another job? All courses are full-time for two years. How much will it cost? Please contact universities directly for information regarding fees. It should be noted that currently an NHS bursary is not available to study on any of the Physician Associate courses in the UK. What are the job prospects like? GP surgery