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Vocabulaire codicologique

Vocabulaire codicologique

Facsimile Editions Islamische Handschriften online nnähernd vollständig dürfte die folgende Linkliste zu komplett im Netz digital einsehbaren islamischen Handschriften keinesfalls sein. Schon allein Sprachbarrieren sind dafür verantwortlich. Aber ich habe keine andere Linkliste gefunden, die annähernd so umfangreich ist wie die hier Präsentierte (weitergehende Links zu islamischen Handschriften allgemein bietet etwa die kanadische McGill-University, einige Link zu Museen mit islamischer Kunst hier). Man trifft meist nur die "üblichen Verdächtigen", nämlich bekannte und seit Jahren im Netz befindliche Angebote an. Es mag ja sein, dass ich für Islamwissenschaftler Eulen nach Athen trage, aber dann sollen sie doch gefälligst eine Linkliste ins Netz stellen und sei es nur in delicious. Ergänzungen sind also willkommen. Viele der digitalisierten Handschriften bieten sehenswerte Kalligraphie oder Illustrationen, die man genießen kann, auch wenn man keine Silbe Arabisch versteht (wie ich)! UB Heidelberg Cod. Cod. arab. 616: Syrien ca. 1310

Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts: About Us The Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts (2006-2013). In 2013 active development on the CDMMSS ceased, and in 2015 the site was retired. This site was designed to enable users to find fully digitized manuscripts currently available on the web. As electronic resources continue to permeate scholarship, the challenge of keeping abreast with new developments becomes ever more pressing. The Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts offers a simple and straightforward means to discover medieval manuscripts available on the web. The Catalogue first began to take form in Christopher Baswell’s talk at the MLA conference in December, 2005.

Repertorium utriusque iuris << Palaeographia Ce répertoire vise exclusivement à faciliter l'interprétation et l'identification des références juridiques qui figurent sous forme abrégée dans les manuscrits et imprimés anciens. Il fournit l'index exhaustif des éléments dont se composent les corpus traditionnels du droit civil et du droit canonique, identifiés par leur incipit (premiers mots). Pour accélérer les recherches, tous les éléments d'un même niveau (titres, puis chapitres, canons ou lois d'un titre donné) sont classés par ordre alphabétique. Il reste impossible de fournir la solution de toutes les abréviations qui peuvent être rencontrées. – Les références renvoient fréquemment à un passage particulier (paragraphe) de la loi ou du canon concerné. Compilé et mis en ligne par D. << Palaeographia

Le manuscrit médiéval Chester Beatty Library - Seals Welcome to the Chester Beatty Library Seals Project, an online, interactive database of seal impressions found in Islamic manuscripts. Seal impressions provide valuable information on the history of a manuscript and this database is intended as a convenient means by which to find or share that information. We hope the database will serve as a useful resource for anyone working on Islamic manuscripts. Overview of the Project Seals are usually inscribed with the name of an individual, often in conjunction with a pious phrase, and are used in manuscripts to denote ownership. Knowing who the individual named is and when and where that person lived can help one to trace the history of a manuscript, which may in turn shed light on notes and commentaries added or other alterations made to the manuscript since it was first produced. Scope of the Project The initial phase of the project has been generously funded by The Islamic Manuscript Association.

Paléographie médiévale Virtual medieval manuscripts The British Library You can • perform a quick search (this searches for a word or number in all sections of each catalogue entry, including images); • perform a simple search using keywords and dates; • look for information about a particular manuscript if you know its collection name and manuscript number; • perform an advanced search using different types or combinations of information; • explore the virtual exhibitions of various aspects of the British Library's western illuminated manuscript holdings; and • check the illustrated glossaries of terms. • download digital images for further reuse such as in educational contexts, placing on your blog or sharing with others. Please see guidance notes on Access and Reuse. Updated 23 March 2018. Please note that only selected manuscripts in the Additional collection and no manuscripts in the Cotton collection are included in the Catalogue. Full digital coverage of selected manuscripts are also available on Digitised Manuscripts.