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Pockie Ninja Game- A Showdown between Naruto and Bleach!

Pockie Ninja Game- A Showdown between Naruto and Bleach!
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le jeu de cartes à collectionner massivement multijoueur Macross SP: Mobage Gets Great-Looking 3D Social Shooting Game [Social Games] Finally: BNDeNA, the joint venture announced by DeNA and Namco Bandai during the Tokyo Game Show last year (more here), has its first game ready. And it looks pretty nice, at least on pictures (more on that in a minute). “Macross SP Cross Deculture” is, thank god, not the ten millionth social card battle game from Japan but a social shooting game. It has become available as a native app on Mobage for Android yesterday (an iOS version is in the works).

Valkyries In The Twilight: DeNA’s 1st-Party Next-Gen Social Game Gets Trailer [Social Games] Valkyries In The Twilight – that’s the name of a new first-party game DeNA is currently developing in Japan (and from the looks of it, it’s clearly geared towards the domestic market). The social RPG takes place in Tokyo in 2020. Players have to lead a group of female high-school students through the real and a “parallel” world where they turn into valkyries to complete missions and kill monsters in various parts of Tokyo. Users can choose one character out of the group at the beginning of the game and later team up with other Mobage players. DeNA is marketing Valkyries In The Twilight as one of their “next-generation” social games (I would count Macross SP as one of those, too). The title is scheduled to launch on Mobage in Japan sometime this summer.

HowTownyWorks - towny - How Towny works, mechanics, concepts. - Towny plugin for use on bukkit with Minecraft Towny Homepage. Use this page to learn how Towny works, how various settings affect the gameplay, what you can do to customize Towny to your liking. Nomads Macross FB 7 'Hybrid Rock Anime' Project Outlined Macross FB 7: Ore no Uta o Kike!, the newest work in the science-fiction romance anime franchise Macross, will start playing in 17 theaters throughout Japan on October 20. The 90-minute title takes remastered and re-edited footage from the Macross 7 television series and combines it with brand-new Macross Frontier footage to create a "completely new form of entertainment." The "hybrid rock anime" is billed as a "miraculous duet" between the two parts of the Macross franchise. The story is set in 2059, five decades after the Space War I conflict seen in the first Macross story. Macross Frontier, the 25th New Macross Class super-long-distance colonization fleet, is journeying through the galaxy to a new paradise to call home.

Humanity Has Declined Episodes 1-6 Streaming - Review AIC's nearly unclassifiable post-apocalyptic comedy/fairy-tale is a brilliant but ultimately uneven animal, a work of towering imagination whose wacky unpredictability sometimes leads it into dead-end stories. When it works it's a comedy unlike any on the market; when it doesn't it's a self-indulgent bore. The brilliant outweighs the uneven, but at times it's a real battle. The first of the series' largely independent short stories introduces us to the show's gentle take on the end times, in which humanity finishes its run not with the flash of nuclear war or the dead rising from their graves but with a slow fading into ruin. While the ruins that tower around them attest to the heights humanity once achieved, Watashi's people live lives of quiet deprivation, subsisting as villagers in medieval Europe might have: on what they grow in their gardens and find in the woods. It's a feast of comic invention unseen since the very best episodes of Mitsudomoe and Is This a Zombie?

Rockman/Mega Man Returns in iOS Social RPG Rockman Xover has players taking on combined forces of Dr. Wily, Sigma, others CAPCOM announced on Thursday that it will release Rockman Xover, the latest Rockman (Megaman) game, as an iOS app this fall. The franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year with this social role-playing game. The game is set in Xover (pronounced "Crossover"), a world that combines the different Rockman story worlds together. Digimon Crusaders Card RPG for iPhone Unveiled Namco Bandai Games launched a 15th anniversary website for its Digimon games on Tuesday and revealed that a Digimon Crusaders card role-playing game will arrive on the iPhone this Fall. With the app's simple touch controls, the player can select cards for battles. Three cards of the same color will enable a Digimon of that color to attack enemies. Three cards of the same type can also unleash a chain attack for massive damage. The story is set on the familiar grounds of File Island. The player becomes a Crusader — a "chosen warrior" — led by Angewomon in a Digimon World fraught with conflict.

Localization for North America of Japanese dating sim for women Not only men but also women play dating sim in Japan. Voltage is a developer Dating sim for women of Japanese representative. They release dating sim application for smartphones for the North America market. 'Plants vs. Zombies' Updated with New Content and iPad Retina Support PopCap’s beloved take on tower defense Plants vs. Zombies [$0.99] and its iPad counterpart Plants vs. Zombies HD [$0.99 (HD)] have both received updates today. A “Last Stand” game pack offers up 5 brand new levels as well as an endless level, and there are 3 new achievements to unlock as well.

Survival Server! Minecraft Server One of the highlights/main points of the server is the overwhelming sense of community, in comparison to other public servers that myself and others have played on. How will you fit into the dedicated community? Most likely, quite well. Trouble makers are weeded out and removed from the server as soon and as quickly as possible. Macross FB 7 movie announcement and the reaction from a Ranka lover « Reki's blog The website of the new Macross FB 7 movie has gone live today ( and details of the new movie are surfacing and as a Ranka fan I am excited and hopeful of this new movie…a little. You can read the details of the movie at Anime News Network ( but the part I am of course most interested in is the news Ranka will have some kind of a role in the upcoming film. I also find the movie concept rather interesting and a good way to give us more of what we love without pandering TOO much (admit it though it is a pander). Now I’m not getting my hopes up to high here because for starters they are already stating they are reusing footage from Macross 7 so they may just reused footage of Ranka and Sheryl as well. For a movie that is announced only a couple of months from when its going to be released I can’t image they will have that much new footage which is why I think this. Like this:

3.2] Rider Swords Mod (v.01) I have some suggestions for the other Rider Swords Kuuga: Titan Sword crafted from Amadam(Obtained by finding/smelting Amadam Ore, which is as rare as diamond), a stick, and possibly some iron. The Rising Titan Sword crafted from the Titan Sword, Nether Star, and Gold Ingots. Agito: Shining Calibur, Blades crafted from Nether Star, Nether Quartz, and Nether Brick, handle crafted from sticks and iron. Hibiki: Armed Saber......Noteblock, Iron Sword, Oni Metal Ingot(Found and smelted from Oni Metal Ore, rarity between gold and iron) Some enchantments and abilities suggestions.