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Join Discussions with the Trivedi Effect on DISQUS

The Science Behind the Trivedi Effect A Scientifically Proven Phenomenon That is Changing the World “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein In the realm of spiritual enlightenment and self-improvement, there are countless practices, techniques and programs that offer pathways to a better life. But only one is scientifically proven – the Trivedi Effect. The Trivedi Effect represents a major breakthrough in the emerging frontier of Biofield Energy Science. It has the power to transform living organisms (including plants, trees, fungi, animals, bacteria, viruses, cancer cells and human cells) and non-living materials (including metals, ceramics, polymers and chemicals), permanently altering cellular and atomic structures to evolve them into a state of optimal existence.

Trivedi Effect for iOS Pros In this app the latest information and online video can be seen. Cons Like the app as Trivedi Effect is something amazing for which i got curious to know and downloaded from Google Playstore Reply to this review Was this review helpful? Through this Trivedi Effect App, i was able to connect through Mahendra Trivedi and join his upgraded program. Since upgrading to the Daily Transmission Program, there is such a difference in growth in consciousness. The online webcast related to Trivedi Effect can be watched. The description on Google play store is about the Trivedi Effect. Good one, Easily get the latest information about The Trivedi Effect and all the online webcast can be watched. what benefits the user can take through this app should be described. Summary This Application is good but need to improve the design and some additional offers should be given. Was this review helpful? Need to roll out improvements in look. This app is really amazing. Easily downloaded through Google play store

The Trivedi Effect | A New Approach to Science | Trivedi Science Mahendra Kumar Trivedi Interview on SEDONA TALK RADIO Featured Interview with your Host Patty Kelley Mahendra Kumar Trivedi - Miracles Do Happen Listen in to Patty’s enlightening interview with Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, also known as Guruji. He is a man of miracles-thousands of them. Guruji has a unique ability to transform living and nonliving matter through his thoughts. The mission is to integrate science, divinity and consciousness. More About Guruji Mahendra Kumar Trivedi (affectionately known as 'Guruji') was born in 1963 in a small town in central India. After graduating from college, Trivedi worked for many years as a well-respected mechanical engineer. The Trivedi Effect™ is a technique of mental energy transmission that, according to more than 4,000 well-documented scientific studies, has the ability to profoundly affect matter and unlimited potential to impact human wellness. Listen to the interview and then get in touch with The Trivedi Foundation to find out more. Audio Files below

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi Work for the Benefit of Humanity The Trivedi Story In the year 1963, a Divine energy descended upon a small village in central India when an ordinary human – with extraordinary gifts – was born. As a child, Mahendra Trivedi could not have fathomed that he would go on to change the world, but those around him knew at an early age that there was something special about this unassuming boy. He displayed advanced levels of intelligence and perception, as well as a photographic memory. Then one night in 1995, Mahendra Trivedi laid down to rest and suddenly entered a state of superconsciousness. His ability to harness the universal energy of creation – and transmit it – was now to be shared with the world. Wanting to learn about the capabilities and limitations of this energy, Guruji Mahendra Trivedi has successfully completed more than 4000 rigorous, laboratory controlled experiments. Today, Guruji Mahendra Trivedi is at the recognized forefront of Biofield Energy Healing Sciences.

Influence of Biofield Energy Treatment in Aniline Derivatives Abstract The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of biofield energy treatment on the isotopic abundance of 13C/12C or 2H/1H or 15N/14N ≡ (PM+1)/PM in aniline; and (PM+1)/PM and 81Br/79Br ≡ (PM+2)/PM in 4-bromoaniline using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS). Aniline and 4-bromoaniline samples were divided into two parts: control and treated. The control part remained as untreated, while the treated part was subjected to Mr. Keywords: Biofield energy treatment; Aniline; Gas chromatography-Mass spectrometry; 4-Bromoaniline; Isotopic abundance Abbreviations PM: Primary Molecule; PM+1: Isotopic Molecule either for 13C/12C or 2H/1H or 15N/14N; PM+2: Isotopic molecule for 81Br/79Br Introduction The stability issue associated with the structural properties of aromatic amine derivatives can be addressed by an alternative mean. Experimental Materials Aniline and 4-bromoaniline were procured from Qualigens, India and S. Biofield energy treatment modalities GC-Mass spectrometry 1.

Trivedi Effect The Trivedi Effect® | Difficult to Believe, Impossible to Deny