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Trezentas Coisas Gratuitas e Sensacionais para Empreendedores e Startups — Medium Brasil

Trezentas Coisas Gratuitas e Sensacionais para Empreendedores e Startups — Medium Brasil

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50 Free Resources for Web Designers from April 2015 The tremendous thing about the design community is that we all love to share. We really do. Whether we share our thoughts and ideas via an in-depth article or by giving advice/feedback on a forum, or even by freely offering high-quality resources. Core77 / Fiskars "Gears" Up to Launch PowerGear2 Line of Cutting Tools Last year I stood in a snow-dusted field in Finland, about 100 kilometers west of Helsinki, handling a variety of bladed tools. There at Fiskars' proving grounds, a bunch of us visitors took turns chopping, cutting and slicing wood with a series of ingeniously-designed gardening tools that surprised me with their ease-of-use. Enter a caption (optional) Case in point, I was handed a pair of loppers (the ones you see below) and provided with a branch—a sapling, really—that I did not think loppers were appropriate for; at roughly two inches in diameter it seemed to call for a saw. But as I brought the handles together there was little resistance, the blades felt like they were cutting through a thick noodle, and the branch separated cleanly.

Studio for Rapid Web Application Development and Visual Web Reporting; DemoCharge Screen Recorder Features Visual IDE and Code Generator Rapidly build web applications by generating robust, scalable programming code in ASP.NET (C#), ASP, PHP, Java Servlets, JSP, ColdFusion and Perl. Database-to-Web Converter Convert any database into a Web application in just a few minutes. 25 Free Online Language Learning Tools These days there are lots of online resources to help you learn English at home for free. Although the best resource is always a good teacher, you might only see your teacher a few hours a week. That leaves a lot of time for you to practice at home. Check out some of the tools below and let me know if there are any others I should add to the list. Vocabulary

Migrating from Amazon AWS to Openstack Companies large and small are utilizing the agility and ease of use found in the public cloud. However for large enterprises the public cloud is expensive at scale and availability is not guaranteed For smaller SME's experiencing rapid growth, every day is one step closer to a call from the CFO regarding another rapid growth... cost. In my presentation I will go over two use cases, one will feature a very large Fortune 100 company experiencing an increasing internal customer base moving to Amazon AWS for rapid provisioning of new infrastructure and how we used OpenStack to provide feature parity, ease of use and self-provisioning to move those customers back into an on-premise private cloud. My second use case will cover a rapidly growing and large consumer of Amazon AWS who was feeling the pain/costs associated with running entirely in the public cloud and found economies of scale in an OpenStack based private cloud.

12 design secrets spilled by Jony Ive Jony Ive made a rare public appearance at the Design Museum in London yesterday, where he discussed a range of topics with museum director Deyan Sudjic. Everything from the future of design, to Jony’s work at Apple popped up in the conversation, but the most intriguing parts where the insights into Jony’s design process. Sir Jonathan told hopeful designers that great design requires you to reject reason and comes with an enormous amount of failure, but he also shared some insights on how he’s become so successful as Apple’s Senior VP of Design. Here are 12 secrets for designers Jony spilled last night: You are what you make “What we make testifies who we are.

Ma Yihe Chinese Release New Images Of 3D Printed Houses China’s Shanghai WinSun Decoration Design Engineering company has released new images and further details on its 3D printed houses. The ten houses were built entirely out of recycled materials, in less than 24 hours. The monstrous 3D printer measures 32-meters long, by 10-meters wide, by 6.6-meters high and is fully capable of printing the 200 square meter houses, in Shanghai’s Qingpu district. It uses a mixture of construction and industrial waste to produce each house. 20 Examples of Minimalistic Responsive Web Designs Your customers and clients are visiting your website from many different devices, from smart phones, tablets, netbooks and more. Growing day by day, this has tested the traditional forms of developing a web design and helped craft a new way to meet your users’ needs. This is called responsive design. A brief explanation

The Best Web Tools For English Language Learners (In Other Words, The Ones My Students Regularly Use) I received a comment from reader Mark, who says he loves all “The Best…” lists, but would like to hear my top recommendations sometimes. Of course, I have posted The Best Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced English Language Learner Sites, but even that is a pretty lengthy one. So, I thought I’d begin a running list here of posts where I have described (and future additions will describe) the Web 2.0 tools that I regularly use with my English Language Learners. In addition, I’ve also included direct links to a few other great tools that my students regularly use for direct language-learning. I thought this list might “narrow” things down a bit for readers.

Object Caching - .NET 4 As a developer, we need to use all the tools at our disposal to develop faster and more robust applications. One of the ways we can achieve this is by using caching. Caching is the process of storing frequently used data on the server to fulfil subsequent requests. Now there are a few different types of caching available to the .NET developer, but in this article I am going to discuss data caching using the object cache. 30 brilliant 3D artists to follow on Behance With millions of views each month, online creative community Behance is quickly becoming the place to be for artists of all disciplines. It's a fantastic way to see what your peers are up to as well as finding new work and creative inspiration from top web designers and agencies. But, with so many portfolios to browse through, it can be difficult to know where to start. So to make things easy for you, we've done the hard work and picked 30 of the top 3D art portfolios that are definitely worth a look...