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Cookie the Little Penguin at the Cincinnati Zoo

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Crafty Penguin Busts Out of Tokyo Aquarium Tuxedoed Swimmer on the Lam After scaling the walls of his enclosure to freedom, a one-year-old Humboldt penguin is on the run/swimafter escaping last Sunday morning. While the crafty escape artist is neither armed nor dangerous, Toyko police are aiding in the hunt for the penguin that scaled a sheer rock face to escape from Tokyo Sea Life Park. The tuxedoed fugitive was last seen swimming in the Old Edogawa river, which runs into Tokyo Bay. Takashi Sugino, an official at Tokyo Sea Life Park, said the 60-centimetre bird appeared to have got itself over a rock wall twice its size and made a run for it."We first noticed the penguin might have fled when the director of a neighbouring zoo e-mailed us Sunday, with a photo," said Sugino. Saola Caught in Asia 16 September 2010Last updated at 14:59 By Katia Moskvitch Science reporter, BBC News There may only be a few dozen of Saola left in the wild An extremely rare animal known as the "Asian unicorn" - in spite of having two horns - has been caught by villagers in Laos. No biologist has ever reported seeing the rare Saola in the wild and there are none of them in captivity. The animal was discovered in the forests of South-East Asia as recently as 1992. There have only been a few photos of the Saola taken so far, by villagers and automatic camera traps.

Types of Penguins A penguin is a type of black and white bird that is the member of the order Sphenisciformes, of the family Spheniscidae which is a group of aquatic, flightless birds found in severe cold climatic conditions such as Antarctica. There are more the 20 different known species of penguins. They have wings which are not meant to fly but for swimming.

10 Unique and Creative DIY Garden Path Ideas ---------- Sponsored Links ---------- While paths serve a practical purpose they also add aesthetic appeal to your garden. The veins of our garden architecture can be so much more than mere access ways. In fact, many gardens are highlighted by their paths that accentuate the plantings and other features. The real beauty of pathways are that there are no rules. There Are Penguins Wearing Sweaters! Not only is this the best thing you will see all day, it's for a good cause. You love causes! From MSNBC, regarding penguins in New Zealand:

Endangered baby pygmy elephant rescued in Borneo (ANIMAL NEWS) MALAYSIA — A baby pygmy elephant was rescued from a deep moat on Borneo Monday afternoon by plantation workers. He is one of less than 2,000 pygmy elephants left living in the wild. Tiny animals are adorable, but sometimes they need our help. Read on for more on the rescue of this baby elephant, and how a proposed wildlife sanctuary is attempting to save this wild animal population. — Global Animal Pygmy elephants like this one are losing their natural habitat. Photo Credit: iStockphoto/Thinkstock

Peek-a-boo (Paul Nicklen) Random photo Submit your photo Stumble Thru animal photography Tags: Albino Animals Birdwatchers are rushing to Avebury, near Marlborough, Wiltshire to hopefully catch a glimpse of a rare albino jackdaw. Author Andrew Collins was the first to photograph the bird which locals have named Jackie. Other fabulous albino animals include: According to Wikipedia there is no reported case of a true “albino” horse even though white horses have been referred to as albino in literature and some registries. All so-called “albino” horses have pigmented eyes, usually brown or blue, and thus are not true albinos.

Three Chinstrap Penguins Random photo Submit your photo Stumble Thru animal photography Tags: Sheepdogs protect endangered penguins "No foxes have killed penguins in the past seven years" This is clever. Very clever. Sheepdogs are bred and trained to protect sheep against wolves, but that doesn't mean that their skills can't be used to protect different animals against other species of predators.

"Flying Penguin" by Paul Souders Penguins can’t properly fly no matter how hard they try. While on land, the birds don’t really use their wings for much beyond smacking each other about. But in the water they are strong and graceful swimmers, using their wings as flippers to propel themselves to surprising bursts of speed. When penguins approach shore, they often launch themselves into the air.