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The 37 best websites for learning a new skill

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Free Gears & Team Work PowerPoint Template Free gears & team work PowerPoint template emphasizes working together to achieve a common aim. Objectives of different members of a team should be lined towards the same goal. A similar aim makes people work together as part of a chain or a complicated arrangement of a gear. Lapse in concentration in any member of the team can hinder the overall development, so keep your teammates motivated through free PPT slides. Remove the struggle and have a clear objective in everyone’s mind through free Cycle to Work PPT slides, and team building programs PPT theme. The objective is to have a team that functions like a well oiled machine. Teacher stress, well-being and stress management - Taking care of yourself so that you can take care of your students Schools and teachers are usually very good at thinking about the well-being of their pupils. We consider ourselves to have a duty of care to our pupils. We do not usually think about our own well-being – until it is too late and we are sick. People who take on caring roles are often not good at looking after themselves.

Best Sites with 500,000+ Free Audiobook Downloads - Freemake 15 Cool Sites to Get Audiobooks & Listen on the Go When you are on the go, audiobooks can be a great substitute for ebook downloads. There is a plenty of options to listen to a talking book when you’re online: iTunes, podcasts, apps. Sites & Apps for creating QR codes – ICTEvangelist There are lots of different sites and apps for creating QR codes. Here are the ones that I use… Kaywa QR Code For a no nonsense, quick, easy to use website which enables you to create QR codes quickly and easily, this is the one for you. Don’t forget to make it a ‘static’ code! Be QRious

Compact Training for Online Teachers Upload Elena Mutonono's Website Loading... Working... Elena Mutonono How to choose the best hairstyle to match your face If you feel like changing your appearance and trying something new, the best advice is to be bold. But before putting yourself in the hands of a professional stylist, it’s worth exploring what will work best for your unique features. We at Bright Side are convinced that there’s nothing better than emerging from a salon and feeling like a million dollars. 12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free June 18, 2015 All education is self-education. Period. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in a college classroom or a coffee shop. We don’t learn anything we don’t want to learn. Those people who take the time and initiative to pursue knowledge on their own are the only ones who earn a real education in this world.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Here Is A great Interactive Tool to Teach Students How to Read A Map Here is a great educational tool we came across today as we were working on the list of social studies websites for elementary students. Reading a Map is an interactive web tool provided by the National Park Service that helps students develop their reading map skills. Students get to learn how to read different data on the map, identify major types of maps and navigate their ways through the typography of a map. The tool is free to use and does not require any software installation or registration. To use this map reading tool, head over to this page and click on ‘Let’s go’.

Real World Examples of Quadratic Equations An example of a Quadratic Equation: Quadratic equations pop up in many real world situations! Here we have collected some examples for you, and solve each using different methods: Each example follows three general stages: Take the real world description and make some equations Solve!