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Le Libriste : Actualités Ubuntu 12.04 ls precise pangolin et Android Gow - The lightweight alternative to Cygwin - GitHub Halide Ubuntu homepage Cppcheck - A tool for static C/C++ code analysis facebook/hiphop-php - GitHub Off-the-Record Messaging OTR library and toolkit This is the portable OTR Messaging Library, as well as the toolkit to help you forge messages. You need this library in order to use the other OTR software on this page. [Note that some binary packages, particularly Windows, do not have a separate library package, but just include the library and toolkit in the packages below.] The current version is 4.0.0. UPGRADING from version 3.2.x Source code (4.0.0) Compressed tarball (sig) [Note that if you're compiling from source on win32, you may need to make this patch to libgcrypt-1.2.1.] Java OTR library This is the Java version of the OTR library. OTR localhost AIM proxy This software is no longer supported. This is a localhost proxy you can use with almost any AIM client in order to participate in Off-the-Record conversations. Source code (0.3.1) Compressed tarball (sig) Windows (0.3.1) Win32 installer (sig) OS X package

Producing Open Source Software List of tools for static code analysis This is a list of tools for static code analysis. Language[edit] Multi-language[edit] .NET[edit] JavaScript[edit] Google's Closure Compiler – JavaScript optimizer that rewrites code to be faster and smaller, and checks use of native JavaScript functions.JSHint – A community driven fork of JSLint.JSLint – JavaScript syntax checker and validator. Objective-C, Objective-C++[edit] Clang – The free Clang project includes a static analyzer. Opa[edit] Packaging[edit] Lintian – Checks Debian software packages for common inconsistencies and errors.Rpmlint – Checks for common problems in rpm packages. Perl[edit] PHP[edit] RIPS – A static code analyzer and audit framework for vulnerabilities in PHP applications. PL/SQL[edit] TOAD - A PL/SQL development environment with a Code xPert component that reports on general code efficiency as well as specific programming issues. Pylint – Static code analyzer. Formal methods tools[edit] See also[edit] References[edit] External links[edit]