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Tikatok - Everyone has a story. What's yours? Free Online Video Editor Schoolzilla To Make Blended Learning Work, Teachers Try Different Tactics By now, most would agree that technology has the potential to be a useful tool for learning. Many schools have invested in some form of technology, whether it’s in computer labs, tablets, or a laptop for every student, depending on their budget. But for many schools, finding a way to integrate the use of tech in a traditional setting — teacher-centered classrooms — is proving to be a challenge. At this point, just a couple of years into the movement, there are no definitive answers yet. “It’s going to be more about teachers having nimble classrooms.” But for any of those tactics to work, educators agree that the key is to have a clear vision of what the technology is being used for, and how that will affect the teacher’s role. Catlin Tucker, an English teacher in Windsor, Calif., who integrates tech into her students’ school and homework, takes full advantage of what the technology affords her. That might be easier said than done. “The tech is going to kill you the first year. Related

The 5 Best Free Tools for Publishing Student Work If you are a passionate educator, you know your students are bright and it’s likely that you want to show the world. However, publishing student work is not always as easy as taping an assignment on the wall. How do you go about publishing student work online so that it’s available to the world? Read on to find out the 5 best free educational tools for publishing student work. FlipsnackAbout Flipsnack Flipsnack is a free online app that allows you to convert images into digital books with a professional look and the ability to flip through pages.How to Use FlipsnackThe first thing you’ll need to do is sign up. Slideshare is an online community created so that users are able to upload, download, and share slideshows with each other.How to Use SlideshareSlideshare’s simplicity is what makes it a great online tool to use with your students. Free Educational Technology All of these free educational tools are easy-to-use.

CDDP de l'Oise - Créer sa bande dessinée en ligne | Documents pédagogiques et des ressources FLE, FLS, FLM about 2 years ago - 5 commentaires Français langue maternelle (FLM), Français langue étrangère (FLE) et Français langue seconde (FLS) L@ngues_en_ligne Des dossiers pédagogiques en ligne pour l’enseignement des langues étrangères arabe, allemand, anglais, chinois, espagnol, italien, japonais, portugais, russe, Fle, Fls à 350 dossiers prêts à l’emploi et indexés sur les niveaux du CECRl à une entrée dans la langue étrangère… Cartoon Maker histoire de bande dessinée dans la salle de classe about 4 years ago - 8 commentaires L'histoire Cartoon Maker a été conçu en mettant l'accent sur l'application de l'apprentissage des langues. 40 ans Festival BD Angoulême – 31 janvier au 3 février 2013 about 4 years ago - Aucun commentaire Le Festival d'Angoulême fête ses 40 ans ! Les langues étrangères (3 sites de ressources gratuites) about 4 years ago - Aucun commentaire about 4 years ago - Aucun commentaire

PowToon : Create Animated Presentations Online SchoolsWorld Why do children lie? We look at some of the different types of lies children tell, and the possible reasons behind them... Find out how a can-do attitude, a little self-belief, and a willingness to get things wrong sometimes can set a good... Do misbehaving children need punishment or positive discipline – and what’s the difference anyway? Helpful tips on how to talk to your children so that your voice is heard and understood - why you shouldn’t take it... Young children may surprise you with the amount of energy they have! Bedwetting might be more common than you realise in children of this age. Many children seem to enjoy spending time with older children. Children, like adults, are surrounded by messages from the media. How do you respond to a child who wants everything?

5 examples of blended learning success Discover how New Hampshire is sustaining positive blended learning policies in its schools As new educational models gain support among educators and students who want to learn in new and different ways, blended learning is perhaps one of the strongest among these new models. Now, researchers have discovered that some of these models work well together–for instance, blended learning and competency-based learning, another strong model in which students advance based on mastery and not grade level or time-in-seat, have evolved to overlap and complement one another. A new report from the Clayton Christensen Institute, authored by Julia Freeland, notes that blended learning supports competency-based learning in at least four ways: 1. 2. 3. 4. (Next page: How blended learning supports competency-based learning in five New Hampshire schools)

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