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Appointment Scheduler Online Reservation Software System

Appointment Scheduler Online Reservation Software System
Experience fewer no-shows Nobody likes no-shows. Sometimes customers have valid reasons for missing an appointment, but sometimes, they just forget.With automated email and text reminders, many of our clients have experienced a 50% decrease (or more) in no-shows. Save time When you let your customers book online, it frees up staff to work on other important tasks.For example, the advising office for the Business Administration College at Georgia Southern University saves over 10 hours each week since implementing the scheduler. Improve customer loyalty

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The Three Gaps Between Goals and Greatness <A HREF=" Widgets</A> Issue 81 - 05 | The Three Gaps Between Goals and Greatness By Pelè Raymond Ugboajah, PhDPublished April 6, 2011 10:00 a.m. “In the global race to achieve faster, better, cheaper business greatness, most leaders face a huge gap between the goals they set and the actual results achieved by the people in their organizations. This phenomenon is not a failure to plan, but rather, a failure to execute. […]

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Next Action Analysis: 5 Metrics for Assessing your GTD System » ActivityOwner.Com – Getting Things Done with MindManager I stood by the side of the road a few weeks ago waiting for AAA to show up to change my flat tire. In my PDA I had "Identify day I can get to dealer to replace balding tires" on to do list, where it had sat for several weeks. Here I am with a GTD-related blog and I'm experiencing the classic story that Dave Allen uses to motivate the use of the "Getting Things Done" paradigm. Clearly it was time for a reality check. I had my "schedule tire replacement" next action on my list for many weeks and had elevated to priority 1 and given it deadlines during my weekly review, but it hadn't happened.

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Next Action Analysis - ActivityOwnerWiki Next Action Analysis(TM) is a new approach for assessing the state of your projects and next actions. It reviews your ResultsManager Daily Action dashboard and scores the state of your system on five dimensions (5 F's). Installing and running the software The fastest way to get rolling is to run the Setup Program. It will install the next action analysis macro along with macros for MindReader and Mark Task Complete. Note that is it important to turn off the ResultsManager "Support Outlook/MM synchronization" option or else the analysis will get confused.

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