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How a 3 Month Old Website Received 958,373 Visits from Google

How a 3 Month Old Website Received 958,373 Visits from Google
254 Comments 6 minutes I receive a lot of emails from people who ask whether, with all of the competition online, it’s still possible to enter a niche right now and make money. I won’t deny that it’s getting much, much harder in the affiliate marketing space (how I make money) but persistence, determination and creativity can take you anywhere. Did you know that 20-25% of Google searches every single day are brand new? 1 in 4 search queries have never been typed in the history of the search engine – every single day. My Results I’m guessing the first thing you want to know is whether I’m just writing a sensational headline and have nothing of real value to share that you can apply to your own endeavours. Before I do that, here’s the screenshot you’re probably looking for: Sadly, I don’t see how I can prove the site was only 3 months old without revealing the domain. The exact keywords are going to be revealed in a short while, but first let me explain what it is that I’m doing. Related:  more eggs, different baskets

www.verveuk With businesses allocating more and more money at Content Marketing year upon year, it is important to get the most of out of your time. The SEO Experts at Verve have once again compiled a go-to list for you to reference when marketing your content. We have split this list into 4 categories for your easy consumption: Discovery ToolsVisual ToolsWriting ToolsDistribution Tools If you find it helpful, remember to share this with friends and colleagues. Discovery Tools 1. Buzzsumo gives you the ability to search for content that has been widely shared across social media sites such as, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. It can also assist in finding any influential content curators within a specific field or niche and gather statistics on these industry influencers and their associated websites. Buzzsumo is a big favourite in the office for discovering great content and is also as inspiration for our content marketing at Verve. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Visual Tools 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

The Future of Advertising will be Integrated This article originally appeared on TechCrunch. Banner Ads. They first started in 1994 and are therefore almost as old as the Web itself. Nowadays banner ads get on average 0.2% CTR meaning for every 1,000 ads that are served up only 2 people click on them. Holy Shiitake! Despite its creation more than 15 years ago, banner ads have been surprisingly resilient despite their lack of efficacy. The fundamental problem with banner ads is a condition called “banner blindness” meaning that our eyes are really quickly trained to look at what is most relevant on the page – the content we want to see. I’m sure it probably resonants with how most of you read the web. So I’ve spent the last few years checking out companies that are trying to solve for this problem. One company that I previously wrote about trying to change this industry is, Solve Media, (I am not an investor) has created an interesting ad unit designed to drive up brand “engagement” and recall. You’ll see a clear problem here.

7 Days To $100 A Day Passive Income Action Plan | Tested MoneyMethods which WORKS! 7 Days To $100 A Day Action Plan Here is the link to the pdf version – Here are some steps you can take for the next 7 days that will result in your first $100 day! In order to get the best results, make sure to complete each action step daily and don’t skip any days because this action plan works best when you follow it exactly as it is. There are no guarantees that you will make $100 in 7 days (I’m not God or a magician), but what I can tell you is that I used these same steps to make my first $300 in commissions online and it only takes you 7 days to set yourself up to make that kind of money and much more. Day 1 Today you need to pick a profitable niche/market that consists of a targeted audience that is actively spending money right now. So, you might be thinking, “how do you choose a profitable niche?” Well, first I recommend you go to and check out the Clickbank marketplace. The autoresponder I recommend is Getresponse.

Tools For Marketing Your Content (That Aren’t Twitter or Facebook) 122 Flares Twitter 91 Facebook 6 Google+ 7 Pin It Share 18 18 122 Flares × Facebook and Twitter are both valuable tools for marketing your content, yadda yadda yadda… we have all heard this song and dance before. It isn’t untrue, as they are the two biggest social networks that have become stalwarts in the promotion of both content and brands. But we already know what they are, and we know how to use them. Because they are so popular, these two networks have a tendency to overshadow other tools that can be just as important, if not more so, in content marketing. These are some of those tools that are sometimes ignored. Quora This unique social network has become a powerhouse for influencers in various industries. Webtrends Optimize digital campaigns of all kinds with this marketing service that provides tools for measuring, analyzing, translation and finally converting information on your target demographic. Genius Percolate Constant Contact Pinterest Contently Optimizely PR Newswire

Instant Traffic Shortcuts Attention: Struggling Internet Marketers… Forget Expensive PPC Costs ... Imagine Wall-To-Wall Traffic Floods Of Laser-Targeted, Hungry Visitors Coming To YOUR Site From FREE Google Traffic... "Learned More on SEO And TrafficJust Mindblowing!..." Jit From: Richard Legg If you've spent any time trying to build an online business, there's probably one thing that you've struggled with more than anything else ... The lifeblood of any online business, the simple truth is ... But for most people starting out online, there is a huge shortage of both. Imagine for a second though ... What if you could put up a brand new website, have it up and running in 5 minutes and on the front page of Google in 24 hours or less... Sound impossible? The truth is, SEO companies and other "gurus" have made search engine optimization out to be much more difficult than it really is. "Richard's Site Beat Mine In The Search Engines On Launch Day!" Why am I saying that? Best Wishes,

Write & Get Paid Get Paid $100 Do you want to earn money online? Listverse was built on the efforts of readers just like you. Readers who didn’t have any experience as writers but decided to put a list together and send it in. So here is the deal: We will pay you $100 for your efforts. You don’t need to be an expert—you just need to have English equal to that of a native speaker, a sense of humor, and a love for things unusual or interesting. It works like this: You write your list (10 items per list minimum), you send it in, we reply and say “Great—we’ll publish it” and send you $100 by PayPal (don’t have an account? Either way you win—your list will be read by us and reviewed, and if it’s amazing it will appear on the front page of Listverse to be read by millions of people a month! We can not accept lists from writers who do not have a PayPal account; this is non-negotiable. The Rules The rules are really pretty simple. Pictures and Video Please note that we publish original articles. Ready to start?

Conversion Rates for the Most Popular Marketing Channels With dozens of marketing platforms to choose from, many small businesses have trouble apportioning the right share of the marketing budget to each different strategies. Add to this the challenge of customizing these channels to suit your own individual business needs, and it becomes a scenario where you may have to test these various channels yourself to identify what works and what doesn't. And that takes a lot of effort. However, knowing the marketing channels that give other businesses their highest conversion rate is a good starting point to benchmark your own results and thus identify areas of improvement. We asked different small business owners to share their conversion rates on their most effective channels. Here's what they say. Related: 5 Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rates and Supercharge Web Sales Direct mail We're talking about sending physical letters to prospective clients here. LinkedIn Online ads Online advertising is a huge topic and might need an entire article for itself.

6 Social Media Pain Points (and What to Do About Them) — Online Collaboration You may love social media, but even the biggest fans of the social web will find some sources of frustration. What is your social media pain point? I thought I’d explore some of the main ones I’ve identified and offer up some potential solutions. 1. Managing Your Profile and Reputation So many networks, so many different audiences and connections. Solution: Reduce the number of networks you use. 2. Are you feeling squeamish about what personal data is floating out there in the ether about you? Solution: Get smart and help educate others about privacy issues. 3. RSS feeds, Twitterstreams, news feeds… when will it end? Solution: My advice? 4. You’re human. Solution: So what do you do if you want to at least understand where things are going? 5. Our digital ephemera is everywhere, and we are generating data more rapidly than ever before. Solution: Find the handful of tools that help you monitor, manage, curate, archive and organize your data. 6. Yes, dealing with social media takes time.

200 Words That Make Money - Ecommerce Optimization & Marketing Since the initial writing of my post 14 Words That Lose Money, I’ve had a number of requests for a post on words that make money. So, here is a list of 200 Words that make money. I’ve put in bold those words that you might want to consider using in various areas of your e-commerce store to persuade buyers (although product descriptions could also benefit from many of the others as well.) Benefits Advantages Simple Proven Want Right Best Own Fun Deserver Unique Value Happy Invest Investment Powerful Easy Discovery Involved Profit LoveGuarantee Vital Understand Understanding Good Health NaturalSave Dynamic Results Trust ReasonsFREE NowGift Silver Diamond Platinum Deluxe Top Great Greatest Fantastic AwesomeOnlyEffectiveRush Genuine Luxury Breakthrough TreatQuality Service Integrity Training TrainedLifetime Experience Truth Superior Latest Organic Prize Win First Future Related articles other people have read:

Social Media’s Big Six – Make the Most of Your Social Media Efforts [Infographic] There’s no denying that social media plays a powerful role in today’s marketing efforts. The right mention from the right people can send a deluge of traffic to your blog or product page that you would never have attracted otherwise. Even a single mention from certain influencers can drive enough traffic to crash some servers, so you definitely want to get in on it, but which social media channels should you devote your time to? Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to that question. Some sites work better on visual platforms like Pinterest and Google+, while other types of information share more effectively on more traditional channels like LinkedIn and Twitter. Of course video works best on Google+ and YouTube, so you should take these factors into account when tailoring your social media campaigns. What you can break down easily is who the big players in the market are and the raw power of those platforms.

Ins and Outs of Running a Highly Successful Social Media Campaign - Part 1 | Internet Marketing Advice Free business cards templates VOL-2:: On-line Editor printable PDF, business cards designer online ---0 7 Critical Mistakes You're (Almost Certainly) Making On Social Media Social media is just like … boxing? That’s the latest gospel out of Gary Vaynerchuk, the two-time bestselling author and the man known to many as the king of social media. In his latest book, he breaks down social media strategy into five simple words: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. Or in other words: Give Value, Give Value, Give Value, Make Your Ask. The book goes into detail on how to navigate the often confusing and overwhelming world of social media and Vaynerchuk sheds much-needed light on the mistakes many of us make every day. 1. You wouldn’t speak Spanish in Iceland and you shouldn’t post essays on Instagram. Vaynerchuk says the best social content is "native" to each platform, meaning the content speaks the right language in the right place. For example, Tumblr "attracts the artsy crowd and supports animated GIFs," whereas Twitter "speaks to an ironic, urban audience." What’s the native language of the platform you’re trying to speak on? 2. Today? 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Five guides to market anxiety News from Five guides to market anxiety As financial markets gyrate, the echoes of 2008 are hard to ignore. 1. The TED (Treasury/Eurodollar) spread reflects the gap between U.S. government three-month Treasury bills and the three-month London Interbank offered rate (LIBOR) - the global benchmark for short-term lending rates among banks. The TED spread has more than doubled since the beginning of August, to more than 30 basis points, a 14-month high. 2. Some evidence of heightened stresses in Europe can be found in credit default swap (CDS) spreads. A spike in CDS spreads, when they involve governments and financial institutions, indicates there is growing risk of the kind of sovereign or bank default that could seriously disrupt the global financial system. 3. "This spread is an excellent leading economic indicator, and suggests that the [economic] outlook is deteriorating," he wrote in a note to clients this week. 4. 5. The Federal Reserve Bank of St.