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How to Use Padlet in the Classroom: A Fantastic Teaching Tool Padlet is a versatile, easy to use tool for every teacher’s toolkit. Let’s dive into Padlet and Learn the Basics. At the bottom of this post, I have a Padlet that is temporarily open for you to post and share your favorite edtech tools. Richard Byrne, author of Free Technology for Teachers, spent some time teaching the teachers at my school about Padlet.

12 Awesome Edtech Apps Build an edtech teaching toolkit that works for you with reliable tools that suit your needs and circumstances. Learning should focus on content, not on figuring out how a tool works. While I'll probably use 100 tools during any school year, I have 12 in my trusted toolkit, listed here in no particular order. I've also asked teachers on Twitter about their favorites, which I've shared at the bottom of the post. 1. Kahoot! Débuter avec Prezi étape par étape en 10 vidéos Upload ljreducation Loading... Working... ► Play all Prezi

Google Forms Basics in 7 Steps [infographic] - Teacher Tech Here is how to quickly make a basic Google Form in 7 steps. Link to Infographic Start by going to and choose to “Start a new form.” The Form is created in Google Drive. Google Forms can also be created in Google Drive. Click on the NEW button in Google Drive and choosing Forms from the “More” menu expander.Title the Form By default, the form says “Untitled form.”

Chromebook Creation: Slides, ThingLink, & Snagit This is a guest post from Greg Kulowiec (@gregkulowiec) of EdTechTeacher - an advertiser on this site. With Chromebooks being adopted as the 1:1 tool of choice in schools throughout the country, it is helpful to note that there a number of options that allow for student creation that go beyond the suite of Google tools. One example of this creative potential takes advantage of a staple in the Google Apps library, Slides, and works in combination with Thinglink as well as the Chromebook screencasting option from TechSmith, Snagit.

Getting Started with EdPuzzle – Teachers Vs Zombies When I first began using station-rotation blended learning in my classroom, I worked in a district that had purchased licenses for Compass Learning Odyssey. Compass was mainly used as a credit recovery curriculum, but I was able to pull out specific lessons relevant to the content standards I was teaching in my traditional English 9 & 10 classes. Initially, I used these lessons during the Headphones station in my classroom. Wordpress 4.1 Makes Youtube Embeds a Snap WordPress 4.1 makes adding videos to your posts a snap. Okay, it’s actually a paste. Shortcodes and embed codes are no longer needed, which is wonderful for student bloggers, who may love to write but may not be experts with HTML and javascript. With the new WordPress 4.1 platform, if you want to add a Youtube video, just paste your video URL into the blog post editor on its own line and, voila, the video appears.

20 Powerful Google Docs Uses Handout file: Click here (PDF) PowerPoint presentation file: Click here (PDF) FREE Connected Educator Guide: Click here (PDF) 5 Ways to Increase Your iPhone 5 Battery Life Posted 10/17/2012 at 1:00pm | by Cory Bohon The iPhone 5 is great in pretty much every aspect, but battery life continues to be an issue for some despite its slightly larger battery than the iPhone 4S. While you can't swap out the battery for a larger one, there are 5 simple usage tips that can keep your iPhone 5 running longer than it would otherwise. Follow the gallery below, and we'll show you 5 simple ways to increse your battery life. Cory Bohon is a freelance technology writer, indie Mac and iOS developer, and amateur photographer. Tips for Creating Stop-Motion Slides I’ve posted about #StopMotionSlides before and there are others out there (I think that Eric Curts’ and Matt Miller’s are both pretty definitive), but as usual – I like to encapsulate all good Googley stuff in GIF format. So here we go . . . some GIF-style tips for making really rad #StopMotionSlides projects. 1. Duplicate slides This is the most important part – make your edits to a slide, then duplicate it before making your next edit.