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How To Make The World's Easiest $1 Billion

How To Make The World's Easiest $1 Billion
With all the banks paying back the TARP money, some folks are assuming that the great Wall Street bailout is finally coming to an end. But of course it isn't! Taxpayers are still guaranteeing all big bank bonds (Too Big To Fail) and subsidizing huge bank earnings and bonuses with absurdly low interest rates. But instead of bellyaching about it, you might as well just smile and cash in. After all, that's what Wall Street's doing. So here's how to make the world's easiest $1 billion: STEP 1: Form a bank. STEP 2: Round up a bunch of unemployed friends to be "bankers." STEP 3: Raise $1 billion of equity. STEP 4: Borrow $9 billion from the Fed at an annual cost of 0.25%. STEP 5: Buy $10 billion of 30-year Treasuries paying 4.45% STEP 6: Sit back and watch the cash flow in. At this spread, you should be earning at least 4% per year on your $10 billion of capital, or $400 million. You'll have made $400 million in a single year! Don't be greedy. So proceed to Step 7. STEP 7: Go public.

7 Steps to Closing a Deal Via Email In most cases, you’ll want to close deals either in person or on the telephone. It’s more personal and more likely to work. And you’ll know, right away, whether you’ve got the business. Even so, it’s sometimes more convenient to ask for the business via email.

How Training Employees Can Boost Sales - VerticalResponse Column by Janine Popick, "Female CEOs" October 16, 2009 When I started VerticalResponse we had just four employees. With such a tight knit group there wasn’t really a need for company or product training. We all knew everything that was happening, who our customers were, how our product worked, and how to sell it. But what happens when a company starts to grow and the tight knit group starts to unravel? Inevitably you hire people you don’t know and people that might not know your product or market as well as you.

60 Humorous Print Advertisements to Tickle Your Bones Everyone needs a little humour in their hectic lives and more often than before, advertisers try to inject some fun into their advertisements. Injecting humour into their advertisements does not necessarily mean that the ads are better than others. However, the smart play on words and careful consideration of the ad’s objectives, target audience and market standards, humour can help the advertisement increase effectiveness and widen its receptiveness. When using humour as a creative strategy, advertising firms agree that it increase audience attention, at least on the first few exposures to this form of persuasive communication.

Moses bridge RO & AD architecten build a very nice trench bridge. It’s a unique and almost not visible way to access a 17th century dutch fort. Some people already name it the Moses bridge. credits Related posts: The 5 Things I’d Tell My 21 Year Old Entrepreneurial Self  12 years ago I set out on my first foray into the world of entrepreneurship. The company was called (we later changed the name to the equally obtuse and while it wasn’t a huge success by dot com era standards we did sell it for a tidy profit. But looking back I’m shocked at how little I knew about entrepreneurship. As I’m sure any entrepreneur would love to do, I’d give anything to step back in time 12 years and have a chat with my 21 year old self.

106 Excuses That Prevent You From Ever Becoming Great The following is a rare guest post, this time coming from Tommy Walker. Tommy Walker is an Online Marketing Strategist and host of “Inside the Mind” a fresh and entertaining video show about Internet Marketing Strategy. Be honest. Mahendra Ramsinghani: What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Facebooks Early... On January 4, 2011, Mark Zuckerberg woke up to some good news. TIME magazine named him the "Person of the Year" and had his photo on the cover. The same day's Wall Street Journal featured a story on MySpace, Facebook's once formidable competitor, and its dramatic downsizing. Entrepreneurs dream of such fame, not to mention the total decimation of competition.

Ten Worst and Best Foods Do you want to know the best super foods to eat, for your better health? How to eat right by knowing — with candid and reliable information — what foods to eat regularly, so you are empowered to improve your overall health? Do you ever ask yourself “What should I eat?” Or “How can I choose a healthier diet?” Well, now you can have the latest life-saving information about the foods you eat, because’s scientists and nutritionists tell you exactly what’s right — and what’s wrong — with hundreds of foods. Dear health-conscious consumer,

The Stages of Sleep Each and every night, your brain passes through four stages of sleep. Passing through all these stages takes about 90-110 minutes and marks one full sleep cycle. So, if you sleep soundly for eight hours per night, you're getting five full sleep cycles. The Five Stages of Sleep Let's take a closer look at the five stages of sleep:

13 Business Books That Will Blow Your Mind Having never taken a business class in college I find that I read and listen to a lot of business books to round out my education. The books usually aren't "How to Manage Your Cash Flow" but rather get me to rethink the way I run my business, which--despite no business classes or diploma--continues to be in business 13 plus years after I started it. In that time, here are 13 of the books that had the biggest impact on how I run my business (in no particular order): Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink: If you supervise anyone in your business, this book is a must read. It shows that what science knows about motivation, business isn't putting into practice. In fact, many of the incentives we create can actually de-motivate our employees.

pinatas DIY Honeycomb Pinata Favors by Michaela Egger Jordan is most definitely the queen of pinata crafting! I loved her mini pinata favors so much! All Revenue is Not Created Equal: The Keys to the 10X Revenue Club &... May 24, 2011: May 24, 2011: [Follow Me on Twitter] “ Don’t you know that you are a shooting star,And all the world will love you just as long,As long as you are