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Jessica Hische - Home
About the Site Designing and building my own website over and over again has been one of the main ways I’ve been able to teach myself HTML markup, CSS, PHP, and a bit of jquery. I tend to revamp my site every year or so and this latest iteration is definitely my favorite! I rebuilt my site from the ground up with a folder based CMS called Kirby made by the brilliant Bastian Allgeier and recommended to me by Maykel Loomens. Russ, my wonderful husband, has been insanely helpful over the years (begrudgingly) tutoring me in php and javascript so I have to give him credit for helping me figure things out when I couldn’t quite get something to work. The fonts used are Whitney and Mercury by the amazing H&FJ—many thanks to them for allowing me to be an early beta-tester!

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Doily Type - Doily Type Type drawings. Applied for Poster Royal Award for Painting 2012Long Live Print, W139=30, Go Slow2 - Droog Design Type was on display at CAM Raleigh USA. Robin Kinross Robin Kinross (born 1949[1]) is an author and publisher on the topic of visual communication and typography. His most significant work is Modern Typography. He is a proprieter of Hyphen Press, which publishes books on design and typography.[2] Cobbenhagen Hendriksen - Tubelight *SPECIAL* [magazine] Tubelight *SPECIAL*Special edition of the magazine Tubelight, issue no. 67, February 2010 Tubelight *SPECIAL* is a cooperation between 'Virtueel Platform', 'Domein voor Kunstkritiek' and Tubelight. The content is a result of the masterclass 'Kritisch Schrijven over Digitale Kunst' in which ten young and upcoming art critics write about the digital appearances of art. With the regular Tubelight design as a basis, we adjusted the tab-system according to the content of the Special. The whole issue is printed in full color, to emphasize this (unique) fact different aspects in the texts, images, stucture and navigation of the magazine are highlighted, underlined or accentued with the use of different colors.

So you want to create a font. Part 1 By Alec Julien So you’re a brilliant designer, a master calligrapher, and you’ve learned all about serifs, side-bearings, and kerning. Now you want to create your own font. (What! You haven’t learned all about serifs, side-bearings, and kerning? Well, make sure you read all of the articles on iLT before you embark on font creation! Remake / Submissions I will be updating this post with all the submissions to our “Remake” project. Check back here to see work as it comes in and make sure yours is added! Full details about this project are here. “Composition With Red, Blue and Yellow” remake by Katie Jackson “Composition With Red, Blue and Yellow” by Mondrian

/// GED PALMER : CUSTOM LETTERING & GRAPHIC DESIGN /// As part of their new urban headphones campaign, ‘You Need To Hear This,” Philips unveiled tables you need to hear. Pub goers across east London got a chance to listen to trending music curated specifically for the neighbourhood they were in just by plugging their headphones into bespoke tables. Each table featured hand illustrated typography and iconography inspired by its neighbourhood - all prompting people to plug their headphones directly into the table (Philips headphones were provided by the bar). The surfaces were entirely handmade using three types of wood: American oak, fumed oak and maple and each used a range of techniques including marquetry, laser etching, wood burning and hand distressing.Advertising, Illustration, Typography2013 Spring 2012 saw the opening of a new venue on Bristol's Gloucester Road, a lively neighbourhood full of independent shops and cafés.

Design Co.: Conduit/Links Link Categories "Our band could be your life." -The Minutemen Thank you for the good work. I'd lay my life down for these fuckers. Neil Watson Have a look at the showcase of Neil Watson personal creative work and commercial commissions over the last 8 years working in retail, luxury and fashion. BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 (2011) : Irina Werning - Photographer Now its time for KOREA, TAIWAN AND TOKYO. If you live here and want to participate in my project, email me amazing old pictures to : Riff Raff 1976 & 2011 London URBAN CALLIGRAPHY PROJECT Simon says: "My style is a mix of Western, Asian and Arabian calligraphy and I try to find abandoned places and turn them with the calligraphy to a piece of art. I create my works in studio with ink and bamboo pens and when it comes to wall i use materials such as flat brushes and large brooms."

"The future is now" - Nice to meet you! "The future is now" The future is now, is my university degree project.Theme: the Demographic change in 2050. How 1/3 of the people will be over 65. Topics I work with: Ignorance. the people don't think about that. The future as something difficult to imagine. 25 Christmas Inspired Free Fonts Resources November 30, 2012 Hello creatives! December is officially on so the most celebrated time of the year in most countries is just a few days to go. For designers and creatives, Christmas is not just a season for giving and a moment to spend time with loved ones but also a nice opportunity for possible design projects for the holidays. So today in You The Designer, we give you a nice collection of 25 free fonts just perfect for those Christmas themed designs you might be working on.

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