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Buy License A bright, upbeat motivating track featuring electric and acoustic guitars, strings, bells, warm synth, bass guitar and drums. Very positive, cheerful and playful music with uplifting ukulele ,sweet bells, upbeat claps and drums. Beautiful, clean and positive background music, would perfectly match for your business and company presentation video, promotional and commercial projects. Happy, energetic, uplifting and motivational vital music with the atmosphere of fortune and victory. 'Inspiring And Motivating Theme' is an uplifting, positive and motivational piece with orchestral strings, catchy piano lines, upbeat drums and different kinds of guitars. This is an epic and motivational cinematic track perfect for trailers, films, motivational videos, inspirational videos, video games and more. Positive and cheerful with the sounds of ukulele, bells, acoustic guitar, piano & strings. Happy, elegant, refined and motivational vital music with the atmosphere of fortune and success.

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Productions - world music,mediterranean,percussion,middle eastern Mr. Richard S Khuzami, both in his role as musician and producer, has worked to produce and promote the finest in artistic achievement in World Music, with a special emphasis on the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East. Mr. Free Instrumental Music: Short themes for intros, outros, credits and very brief videos You can use these short music compositions (between 10 and 60 seconds in length for any non-commercial projects that you are working on (e.g., video, animation, presentations, etc.). Just provide a credit (music by longzijun). To download an mp3 version (hosted on Boxnet), just click the link below the video. The twelve songs in this Short Instrumental Themes series may also be used for free if you are monetizing the videos on YouTube or if you are small business owner as long as attribution is given (music by longzijun). If you are looking for longer compositions, you can visit my free background music page:

How Music REALLY Works!, Chapter 6: How Chords and Chord Progressions REALLY Work 6.9.1 How to Do a Chase Chart of Your Own Song (or Any Other Song) 6.9.2 Chase Charts of Fifth Progressions, Up and Down 6.9.3 Chase Charts of Fifths Up, To and From the Tonic Chord 6.9.4 Chase Charts of Fifths Up, Away from the Tonic Chord wire to the ear » 2008 » June Ohm Force OhmBoyz from wiretotheear on Vimeo. Here is a screencast I put together showing a few features of Ohm Force’s wicked delay plug-in OhmBoyz. I really think OhmBoyz is the best delay I own. After watching the video I encourage you to head over to the Ohm Force website and download the demo. This screencast covers: Installation, Presets, Multiple Knob Control, LFO, Automation and Sustained Loop. If you liked this screencast check out the other Wire to the Ear videos: click here

How to Create Interactive E-Learning I get a lot of questions about interactivity from those who are just getting started. Typically they begin with a lot of subject matter content and they’re not quite sure how to make the course interactive. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to building interactive elearning. Spotify aggregators Labels and Artists Spotify users have access to one of the fastest growing catalogues of licensed music in the world. Music fans get to enjoy their favourite artists, showcased in a high-quality application that’s a delight to use.

Plug-Ins and Libraries You can download and install plug-ins or libraries to add extra functionality to Audacity. Plug-ins can give you extra effects, or more audio generation and analysis capability. Adding libraries can allow you to import or export additional audio formats. Plug-In Installation To install new LADSPA or Nyquist plug-ins, place them in the Plug-Ins folder inside the Audacity installation folder. John Coltrane’s Handwritten Outline for His Masterpiece A Love Supreme Click the image above to view it in a larger format. The great jazz saxophone player John Coltrane was born 87 years ago today. To mark the occasion we present this rare document from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History: Coltrane’s handwritten outline of his groundbreaking jazz composition A Love Supreme. Recorded in December of 1964 and released in 1965, A Love Supreme is Coltrane’s personal declaration of his faith in God and his awareness of being on a spiritual path. “No road is an easy one,” writes Coltrane in a prayer at the bottom of his own liner notes for the album, “but they all go back to God.”

HowStuffWorks "How Laser Printers Work" Finally, the printer passes the paper through the fuser, a pair of heated rollers. As the paper passes through these rollers, the loose toner powder melts, fusing with the fibers in the paper. The fuser rolls the paper to the output tray, and you have your finished page. The fuser also heats up the paper itself, of course, which is why pages are always hot when they come out of a laser printer or photocopier.

vPod The Story So Far… vPod March 14, 2008 3:38 pm [55 Comments] Free Windows iPod Music Transfer Software by Jason von Nieda vPod is a program for transferring music to your iPod from Windows. It presents a unified view of all of your music and lets you see what is and what is not already on your iPod. Maritime Vinyl: Dr. Ebbett's Sound Systems - RE-INTRODUCING what The Beatles on CD SHOULD sound like! Blog post by Keltie Harding for Maritime Vinyl. Since first being released on CD in 1987, The Beatles' catalog on CD has been much discussed and much maligned. Some examples were mono used where stereo was easily available, poor mastering (listen to the original mono "With The Beatles" on headphones,) digital remixes. It was a mess. Later CD releases such as the "Red" and "Blue" compilations and "The Beatles 1" all were at the mercy of over-zealous engineers using digital noise reduction. For years fans complained about the poor representation of the Fabs on CD.

3 Ways to Fix the Blue Screen of Death on Windows Edit Article Three Methods:Diagnosing the ProblemAnalyzing the Crash ReportFixing the Problem A Blue Screen Error or STOP error, also known as the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), can be a frustrating experience. The error message almost never clearly states what is wrong, and they seem to strike at random. Transferring your iTunes Library For most users, iTunes does a great job of handling all of the details of managing your media library for you, allowing you to manage your content through iTunes itself and not having to worry too much about the underlying files and folders that make up your iTunes library. Unfortunately, this user-friendly approach has one serious limitation: When it comes time to move your iTunes library, it can often be a bit of a challenge to figure out exactly what pieces you need to move and how to go about doing this. Many iTunes users start out with a basic iTunes library and use the default settings to store all of their media content on their primary internal hard drive. However, as you add new content over time, particularly with the additional video content now supported by iTunes, you may soon find that your library threatens to take over your computer. Another common scenario many users find themselves in is what to do when they upgrade to a new computer.