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Top 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine

Top 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine
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The Gratitude Challenge: Can You Express Thanks For 10 Days? | Lindsay Holmes I have a confession to make (and it's not one I willingly like to admit): I am flawed when it comes to verbalizing what I'm thankful for. Just as I've done with any form of exercise or being better about calling my grandparents, I've been neglecting it on a regular basis. And it's time to change that. Studies show that taking note of what you're thankful for will increase your happiness levels immensely. By making a ritual of logging thankful thoughts, you're forcing yourself to solely concentrate on the positive aspects of your life. This activity is aimed to be uplifting and it takes less time than watching one episode of Friends. So why aren't we doing it more often? One explanation could be that we automatically default to the negative. Hanson's theory makes sense. It isn't exactly becoming for the GPS for the Soul editor to have more gripes than gratitude, but hey, I'm only human. I'll be doing the same (and blogging about my progress along the way).

5 Important Reasons To Embrace A Little Adventure Where would we be without a little adventure? As Eleanor Roosevelt once stated, "The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience." In other words, we grow and become our best selves when we take advantage of new adventures. If that isn't motivation enough, check out five more things you should know about embracing experience: We rarely try something new... As human beings we default to the familiar (research even suggests we're wired to do so). ...but new experiences are at the top of our bucket lists. One of our greatest flaws as employees is that we don't always use our vacation days. Sharing our adventures with others makes them more enjoyable. Not only is it important to seize new adventures, you should also share those experiences with others. Experiences make us happier in the long run. New experiences can change how we view time.

Your Morning Cup of Tea or Coffee Can Be Your Meditation | Ora Nadrich Most people think that to meditate, you have to sit quietly in a lotus position (legs crossed, the right foot resting on the left thigh) chanting a mantra. When I learned transcendental meditation in the 80s, that's exactly what I did, 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. Sitting like that gave me the feeling that I was in a meditation pose meant exclusively for meditating, and if anyone were to come into the room and see me, it would be rather obvious what I was doing. Meditation is designed to quiet your mind and put you in a state of relaxation and peace. The discipline of sitting quietly to achieve this kind of relaxation, peace, and awareness has wonderful benefits, like reducing stress or anxiety. When you wake up in the morning be aware of your thoughts. Meditating is something everyone can do. Everything we do is an opportunity to turn it into a meditation by allowing ourselves to be in the present, and focusing on whatever we're doing with awareness.

7 Steps To Finding Your True Purpose SPECIAL FROM With average life expectancy now approaching 80, Americans can look forward to spending almost two decades enjoying retirement. That free time can seem heavenly at first—until the days stretch on. "[After] the honeymoon stage comes the disenchantment stage," says Dr. Sara Yogev, psychologist and author of "A Couple's Guide to Happy Retirement." "People feel like everything is purposeless. Discovering your purpose—your driving force—is a proven way of escaping that emptiness. Of course, uncovering your fundamental motivation is no small task. 1. #2. To help this exercise along, remember your own mentors and idols, and consider modeling your behavior after theirs. #3. #4. For example, you may be passionate about rescuing elephants in Africa, but it may not fulfill you as much as volunteering at the senior center. #5. Not only will this give you the freedom to choose your own path, but it will provide fuel for your marriage. #6. #7.

11 Things People Over 50 Wish They'd Done Differently At 25 Call it life experience or the school of hard knocks, by 50 we all have the hindsight to know which decisions were good ones and which decisions were, well, a result of youthful naïveté. But whether you're a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason" or you wish the brains at Google would develop a time machine, you've probably learned a thing or two from your failures. We asked our Huff/Post50 Facebook fans what they wish they'd known at 25 that they know now. Here's what they said every 20-something ought to know about life. 1. 2. Many readers voiced that walking away, while it may be a difficult decision, is sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself. 3. Retirement is no joke, as you'll learn by 50. 4. A few readers mentioned how they wish they'd re-considered their choice of college major, or even thought twice before dropping out. 5. You're only young once. 6. Don't buy things you don't need and think long and hard before getting a credit card. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

How To Be More Likable In 10 Easy Steps Have you noticed there are people who always seem to be more likable? In a recent episode of the new ABC drama Mind Games, one of the characters mentions an interesting personality trait that defines the most popular people: They more readily admit their weaknesses rather than waiting for them to be revealed over time. The show is about using cunning tricks to manipulate others and ensure a positive outcome, so it's a bit ridiculous, but there's truth in the observation. In the office, it's possible to exhibit traits that help you to be more likable. In my years as a corporate manager and developing my writing career, I've noticed when people appear more likable, and I've tried to develop these traits myself. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

What the Right Man Says, Does, Thinks, and Acts Like — Charles J. Orlando If you’re looking for a quality man, there are specific signs to help you determine not only if he’s genuine, but if he’s the right guy for you. Here’s what the right guy says, does, thinks, and wants: He is sincere.

Living Your Core Values Leads to a Healthy Love Life | Love for Successful Women Why are core values important? Core values form the foundation on which we live and conduct ourselves. When we’re in alignment with our core values, we know the direction our life is heading and what’s important to us. We experience more peace, self confidence and well-being. Without core values, we find ourselves drifting from relationship to relationship or staying in unhealthy relationships and never really feeling fulfilled. When we don’t consciously define our core values, we let people, places or things outside of us sway our decisions. What if you knew for certain what is or isn’t acceptable to you when it comes to love? How do I define my core values? Core values influence everything we do or don’t and may not be in our awareness. If you’d like better results in your love life, take the time to consciously define, clarify and live your core values. Who am I when I’m at my best? After completing these questions, review the answers and choose the value(s) from each one.

Happy Thoughts: Here are the things proven to make you happier: Time to round up the research on living a happy life to see what we can use. First, yeah, a good chunk of happiness is controlled by your genes but there’s a lot you can do to make yourself happier. Many of these techniques have been repeatedly tested and even worked with the clinically depressed. Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude I can’t emphasize this one enough. It will make you happier. It will improve your relationships. It can make you a better person. It can make life better for everyone around you. Bronze medalists are happier than silver medalists. Every night before you go to bed write three good things that happened to you that day. There’s a second lesson here: the reverse is also true. Wanna make yourself and someone else extremely happy? Do what you are good at as often as you can “Signature strengths” are the things you are uniquely good at and using them increases happy thoughts. Think about the best possible version of yourself and move toward that. Money is good. Give Savor 1.