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Who Are Millennials

Who Are Millennials
Believe that they have equal responsibility of child care Greater millennialbrand love Compared to 19% of non-millennials 46% of millennials post original photos or video online that they themselves have created Millennials value brands that enhance their lives. New tech must serve a purpose in order be considered "cool" 40% want to participate inco-creation of products and brands 70% feel a responsibility toshare feedback with companiesafter a good or bad experience Want to learn more? Research Like what you see? Insights

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ready-to-wear - definition of ready-to-wear in English adjective (of clothes) made for the general market and sold through stores rather than made to order for an individual customer; off the rack. ‘They pioneered ready-to-wear suits and shirts, back in an age when made-to-measure tailoring was still very much the norm, always with reverential customer service.’ 10 Best Social Media Content Tools For Web Designers The best social media content tools make it easy to create and share enticing content on social networks. For web designers like you, this is great news! After all, you’re creating cool stuff all the time. But have you taken the time to select and master the tools that will help you benefit the most from all your hard work? If you’re like many web designers (too busy making awesome websites!) then chances are you have not.

The Trouble with Ready-to-Wear LONDON, United Kingdom — For consumers, high-end fashion delivers significantly less ‘bang for buck’ than other luxury categories. While you can wear the same watch or necklace or handbag every day — and always look good — you cannot wear the same dress to every event. Fashion is also a weaker signifier of status than other luxury items, as the brand of a piece of clothing is less immediately apparent than the brand of a bag, for example. resources.datanyze Across B2B sales, the hottest topic in the last 12 months has been account-based sales development. With an increasingly complex sales and buying process, getting organizational alignment is imperative. In this excerpt from The Clear and Complete Guide to Account-Based Sales Development, we’ll cover the most important piece of Account-Based Sales Development: Defining your target accounts. The idea is simple: you need to focus 100% of your efforts on the right targets. Not 80% or 90% -- 100%.

Haute Couture VS Pret-a-Porter ( Ready-to-wear) I have often been asked the same questions —“What’s the difference between Haute Couture and Pret-a-Porter?” When my friends read in the fashion magazine that certain movie star in the Red Carpet with description as “Angelina Jolie in Jean Paul Gaultier” or the other one “Angelina Jolie in John Galliano Couture”. They wondered, “What is the difference?” The difference is “Haute Couture” and “Pret-a-Porter” (or in English translated as “ready-to-wear” or as short form “RTW”) in the fashion industry. The first one means that Angelina Jolie wears ready-to-wear collection from Jean Paul Gaultier while the second one means that she wears the Couture collection from John Galliano. In today’s fashion designer’s world, a lot of popular and influential brands produce basically two categories of clothing.

resources.datanyze What’s the difference between high-performing and underperforming sales organizations? The sales process. According to an HBR survey of sales leaders, 51% of high performing sales organizations had a formal, structured sales process. What is Ready-to-Wear Clothing? There is much to absorb in the fashion world, from understanding designers' styles and seasonal trends to the different terms used to describe types of clothes. The term ready-to-wear is common among fashion circles, but most people do not truly understand what it means. Although consumers can buy ready-to-wear clothing off the racks, typically needing no alteration, there is more to this fashion concept than meets the eye. The ready-to-wear designation applies to everything from discount jeans to designer suits. Understanding ready-to-wear

Subject Line Data: Choose Your Words Wisely Most people quickly scan the subject lines in their inbox before deciding which messages are worth their time and attention. With so much pressure on the subject line to entice the potential reader, we thought it would be interesting to see how much of a difference a single word can make in a campaign’s open rate. To get some answers, we studied approximately 24 billion delivered emails with subject lines composed of approximately 22,000 distinct words. If you think that sounds like a lot of data, you’re right. We looked at subject lines both in general and within specific industries.