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Ready to see my mystery office desktop? The one John and I have been working so hard on for the past few weeks? And learn how we did it? I mean, I know *I'm* excited. Here, I'll ease you in slowly. And it became... Ta-DA! Ok, that's not the best shot. Oooh. Now, on to the photo-intensive tutorial/progress shots! First, if you want your top to have any shine to it, you're going to need to polish up some of the pennies you're using. Fill your bowl about a quarter of the way with pennies, pour in a little Tarn-X, and then swish and shake the bowl around over the sink (in case of splashes) to evenly expose the coins to the liquid. From there, dump the batch onto an old towel to dry them: I polished roughly half of the pennies I planned to use, so there would still be plenty of color variation. Next you're going to need a surface to adhere the pennies to. This fits in a cubby between two bookshelves, so only the front edge is rounded prettily. To begin, start with the oh-so-important front edge:

How's it Hangin'? A Flop Tutorial I know some of you still have snow on the ground, but for us Floridians summer is already kicking into high gear. And summer means flip flops. Yep, we southern girls have 'em for everything: casual wear, evening wear, 'flops with heels, 'flops with big poofy flowers glued name it. They're cheap impulse buys, so it's easy to accumulate a whole mountain of flip-flops in a single season. But say you don't like the "mountain" storage method. Well, how about this? This was my no-cost solution last year: a left over curtain rod mounted on two shelf brackets, and lots of modified hangers. Now, the fun part is the actual hangers. First, grab a handful of the flimsiest metal hangers you can find in your closet. Cut off the bottom section of the hanger like so: You may need to score the metal with the pliers and then snap it with your hands. Now take your pliers and roll up the two edges, like this: This gets the sharp edges safely out of the way, and also looks kind of cute. And now en masse:

15 Fun DIY Ideas For Your Home By kenziepoo | Are you looking for some fun DIY projects for your home? These are super fun and would make for a fun weekend project! We have found 15 Fun DIY Ideas for your home that we know that you will love! Keep reading after the jump for more to see our 15 Fun DIY Ideas For Your Home! nggallery id=’122969′ Find more inspiration from Kenziepoo on Pinterest, Instagram, her blog Kenziepoo or magazine La Petite. 10 everyday household items that double as organizers 25 clever ways to decorate with old maps 15 top summer hair ideas for 2012 10 clever ways to display your kid’s artwork 25 totally clever storage tips and tricks on a budget Painting Furniture Ideas | The New Home Ec By Cyd Converse | It’s a running joke that I never pay retail for furniture. Ever. Years of living on a budget have allowed me to perfect the fine art of scouring Craigslist, flea markets and garage sales for just the right furniture pieces. nggallery id=’126257′ Read more from Cyd at The Sweetest Occasion.Follow along on Facebook and Twitter for updates. 25 space-saving tips to organize your home20 creative headboards you can make yourself25 forts your kids (and you!) About Cyd Converse Cyd Converse Cyd Converse is a blogger, designer and stylist with a passion for parties and entertaining.

{Roundup} Chandeliers! I had randomly mentioned to my Hubby a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to move our bedroom into the master bedroom (I know that sounds odd but when we had originally bought the place we put ourselves in the guest room because my younger sister was living with us and we wanted her to be able to have her own space. The master bedroom was all the way to the back of the condo and had it's own bathroom so it made sense). Well, this casual mention was apparently taken to heart because I came home one day from work and he'd made the switch! What an awesome surprise to come home to; I got what I wanted and didn't even have to lift a finger for it! However, now that we have relocated to the master bedroom, I've realized that the bedrooms are the only two remaining rooms that have not been redone since we purchased. My mind hasn't shut off since. Sure, you're thinking: "Why don't you do it in both?" The one thing I know for sure is that I want to hang something pretty above our bed. {etsy}

sewing 101: making a duvet cover I don’t know about you, but I never cease to be shocked at the price of bedding. And nothing sets off my “I could make that myself so much cheaper and better” instincts like duvet covers. It’s just a big flat case of fabric, yet even the simplest options easily soar into the three digits—but all it takes to make your own is a bunch of fabric, a few straight seams, and a spare afternoon. Not only will going DIY with your duvet cover save you some cash, it’ll also allow you to custom-make exactly what you are looking for. *if you missed any of brett’s sewing 101 columns this month, check out her archives: curtains, zippered throw pillows, ottoman slip cover CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump! What You’ll Need Approximately 10 yards fabric (see below to calculate exact amount; I suggest buying extra just in case) Yard stick, long quilter’s ruler or tape measure Sharp scissors Straight pins Sewing machine Iron and ironing board Selecting and Preparing Fabric Fabric Tips Planning and Cutting

Colored Cellophane Mosaic Window Whattya need? ScissorsColored cellophane from craft or party storeClear tape How do I make the mosaic window? Step 1: Cut cellophane into various shapes. Step 2: Apply shapes to window with tape. Step 3: Enjoy your view. Created by Dane Holweger String-Wrapped Lampshade Whattya need? Embroidery threadDecorations (if desired) How do I make the lampshade? Step 1: Tie the end of thread to the armature inside the shade. Step 2: Wrap string repeatedly around shade in any desired pattern. Step 3: Tie off end to lampshade armature. Step 4: Apply any details if desired. Created by Dane Holweger

Colored Cellophane Garland ‘Curtain’ Whattya need? Embroidery needleColored cellophaneStringGummies How do I make the garland ‘curtain’? Step 1: Cut string to desired length and width to fill your space. (We’d measure before cutting.) Step 2: Cut shapes from cellophane. Step 3: Tie knot in string, then thread with needle through center of cellophane shape. Step 4: Repeat for length of string. Step 5: Repeat for the amount of strings you desire to hang. Step 6: Hang strings. Created by Dane Holweger Yarn wall Whattya need? Two different color yarnsScissorsPush pinsA wall How do I make a yarn wall? Step 1: Set push pins in a horizontal line on wall (let spacing between be random). Step 2: Cut lengths of yarn appropriate for your room. Step 3: Tie one end of yarn around each push pin. Step 4: Sit and stare at wall. Created by Dane Holweger

Hanging String Balls Whattya need? BalloonStringScissorsGlueJar How do I make glue string balls? Step 1: Hang inflated balloon from ceiling. Step 2: Put string and glue in the jar with a hole in the lid. Step 3: Wait until dry (try to contain yourself). Created by Dane Holweger