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Hello World. This is LMWIFY, short for “Let Me Write It For You”. LMWIFY lets you create simple yet stunning looking messages on a canvas and distribute it as an image to your family and friends. The Concept LMWIFY is more than just creating messages for yourself. How It Works An example would be if someone wants to promote an event, like a reunion dinner or birthday party. Some Canvas Ideas For Sale or Rent – change the picture, price, address and contact. Try the Hello World Canvas It has been written for you, therefore try it! Related:  Creative ToolsCool sites & links

Des outils pour créer un webdocumentaire | Web > Doc > Lab Gaëlle Engelberts Voici une liste d’outils destinés spécifiquement à la création de webdocumentaires, sans avoir à écrire une seule ligne de code: Aesop Story Engine offre 13 “ingrédients” interactifs (vidéo, son, image, effet parallaxe, chapitres, etc.) qui permettent de créer une histoire dans une page web WordPress. Conducttr propose la création d’oeuvres interactives basées sur l’envoi de courriels, de messages sur les réseaux sociaux ou via SMS. The Korsakow System est un logiciel opensource pour créer des films interactifs qui repose sur une narrativité aléatoire. Klynt est un logiciel basé sur le HTML5 qui permet de créer une structure narrative avec de la vidéo, du son, des images et du contenu du web (YouTube, Google Maps, Wikipedia, etc). Racontr est un programme basé en ligne qui permet de créer une structure narrative interactive (site web, appli ou expérience VR) avec de la vidéo, du son, des images et du contenu du web (Vimeo, YouTube, Google Maps, Dailymotion, etc).

uk.businessinsider The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Sean Gallup/Getty Some of us (myself included), need a cup of coffee every morning to kick-start our day. Below I've rounded up most of the variations of at-home coffee makers you're likely to find and attempted to explain how they work and who they're best suited for. A Coffee Cone Drip Amazon What is is: The cone drip is a method of brewing that will involve some effort and concentration on the part of the brewer, but the reward is well worth it. With a cone drip, home baristas have a bit of control over the flavor and strength of their coffee, depending on the speed of your pour. Who it's for: The budding barista hoping to keep the process simple. Tanors Ceramic Coffee Dripper, $10.99, available at Amazon. An Electric Drip Brewer (Standard Coffee Maker) Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable Thermal Brewer, $82.99, available at Amazon.

Powerful tool for creating web surveys. Online survey software made easy! SurveyMonkey™ Thanks for completing this survey.Now create your own—it's free, quick & easy! Create free surveys in just a few minutes Ask questions in over 15 formats(configured for you and ready to go!) Get answers to any type of question Register with SurveyMonkey today! Sign Up FREE » 30 Day Social Media Content Challenge | Constant Contact Blogs What’s the hardest part of using social media for your business or organization? If you’re like most small business owners, coming up with content is at the top of your list. Whether it’s finding the time to create social media content, or just figuring out what to post on a day-to-day basis — it’s easy to let coming up with content ideas slow you down. Creating consistent and valuable content is no small feat. But as with many challenges, your best option could be to take things one day at a time. Welcome to our 30 Day Social Media Content Challenge We’ve brainstormed a list of 30 content ideas for you to try on your different social media channels. Don’t worry. The rest is up to you! You can try all 30 or pick and choose from the list. As you get started, pay attention to what works well and what your audience seems to be most engaged with. Ready to get started? 1. Recommended channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

29 Incredibly Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier There are so many wonderful websites around, and it is difficult to know each and every one of them. The below list provides some of those websites that I find particularly helpful, even though they are not as famous or as prevalent as some of the big names out there. 1. BugMeNot Are you bugged constantly to sign up for websites, even though you do not wish to share your email? 2. This nifty little website tracks whether the emails sent by you were opened and read by the receiver. If you are on a constant lookout of free full length movies, then Zero Dollar movies provides a collection of over 15,000 movies in multiple languages that are available to watch for free on Youtube. 4. Livestream allows you to watch and broadcast events live to viewers on any platform. converts your email address into a short custom URLs, that can be shared on public websites. 6. TinEye is a Reverse Image search tool which is as accurate as Google’s Reverse Image search tool. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

commentez une page internet en dessinant dessus avec Dans la série des surligneurs de pages internet ce service est très intéressant, car il est rapide, flexible et ne nécessite pas de création de compte. Il s’agit de qui permet comme son nom l’indique en anglais de marquer une page. On peut donc surligner, ajouter du texte, entourer un détail avec un carré, un cercle ou un dessin à main libre, indiquer un détail avec uneflèche, changer de couleur et d’épaisseur du trait, le tout en quelques secondes avec comme résultat un lien url à partager. A cette fin, il faudra suivre ce mode d’emploi Signaler une coquille, une faute d’orthographeDemander à un web designer de faire une modif sur un siteCommenter une photofaire un mode d’emploi rapide à quelqu’un qui ne comprend rien de l’autre coté du fildemander à votre banquier de lui expliquer pourquoi il a débité un truc qui vous n’avez jamais demandé,, (en principe vous pouvez même faire de commentaire sur un accès sécurisé Pas mal non!

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