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Designing A Facebook Fan Page: Showcases, Tutorials, Resources - Smashing Magazine

Designing A Facebook Fan Page: Showcases, Tutorials, Resources - Smashing Magazine
Despite its privacy issues, Facebook clearly has a key role in global Internet activity. It has become a kind of universal social network, being used for both personal and business needs. For many individuals, companies and organizations, Facebook has become an integral part of their branding strategy and promotional campaigns. Facebook provides many tools for maximizing the effect of your presence on the social network, most of all by means of business pages, also known as fan pages. Using a variety of applications and Facebook API tools, one can get creative not only with the page content, but with the design, too. In this post, we’ll give you an idea of how to use Facebook for your business and self-promotional efforts. By the way, it’s been two years since Smashing Magazine’s Facebook fan page1 launched (now with 18,500 fans). Showcase Of Well-Designed Facebook Fan Pages Link Giants of the Industry Link Big brands demonstrate the best use of Facebook by far. Showcase Link (al)

How to add a Facebook Page Menu In the first step of the page creation process choose the “Main Menu Tabs.” option located in the modules sections. You can select between adding pre-existing Faceitpages you have created, Or by adding in URL links to link your menu to pages online such as your website. Add a clear and short title to the tab once you have added the link you want. Click the “Add Menu Tab” button to add the menu link as a tab.

Adding More Features to the Like Button Since it launched in April, the Like button has given you the opportunity to make your websites more social in just a few steps. Today, we’re releasing more features for the Like button to add even more value to your site. Commenting for the iFrame versionPublishing to connected users via the Graph APIMore robust analytics

Gradual Engagement Boosts Twitter Sign-Ups by 29% Twitter recently redesigned their sign-up process to boost new user engagement. Though the new sign-up process added one more screen, conversions went up 29%. How? What Is Facebook Becoming? Via: Online Schools Facebook surrounds us. Most major media channels, brands, organizations, trade groups, non-profits and institutions have a presence on Facebook. Besides being on Facebook everyone is pointing everybody to “connect” with them and their audience on Facebook. Over 70% of the US population is on Facebook and the exchange of daily conversational activity is staggering. This continued behavior ought to make us ask what is Facebook becoming rather than what is Facebook today.

Build better facebook pages with iframe tabs There are two major changes announced for Facebook pages. The most prominent is the change to the the layout and fan page design (forced update due on March 10th 2011). The second is that Facebook pages now support iframes. This means that developers are free to use popular, simple and standards-based web programming model (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS) compared to highly restricted FBJS and FBML.

Database Error Report Snapshot (full report embedded below)Altimeter Group conducted research, and gleaned input from 34 vendors, agencies, and experts, to determine success criteria and develop a roadmap for Facebook page best practices. We found Eight Success Criteria for Facebook page marketing, and then tested the maturity of 30 top brands across six industries. Our heuristic evaluation revealed that brands fell short – nearly half of the brands we reviewed (14 out of 30) did not fully leveraged social features to activate word of mouth, the hallmark behavior of social networks. The UK’s media consumption habits / we are social Ofcom released its seventh annual communications market report last week. Its a goldmine of information about media consumption habits in the UK and is worth reading in full, the internet section in particular. In terms of social media usage, it reveals interesting data such as:

Improve Engagement on Your Brand's Facebook Page [STATS] If you're looking to boost engagement on your brand's Facebook Page, a new report from Buddy Media has some key findings for you. The social media marketing company collected data from 200 of its clients' Pages* over a 14-day period and found that time is an important factor in determining the success of a Facebook post. The study reveals that more often than not, a Facebook post is ill-timed — in fact, office hours could be the worst time to blast content. "While marketers may work Monday through Friday, Facebook is humming with activity 24-hours a day, seven days a week,” says Buddy Media CEO Michael Lazerow. And so, brands must adapt to their consumers' schedules in order to optimize their engagement. How do I add a MailChimp signup form to my Facebook Page If you've already integrated MailChimp with your Facebook account, you can assign forms to your Facebook Pages and customize how the signup form appears on Facebook. The Facebook signup form works just like your MailChimp double opt-in signup forms. When someone fills out the form, we'll send an email asking them to confirm their subscription. MailChimp signup forms can only be placed on Facebook Pages managed through the personal Facebook profile integrated with your MailChimp account. Contents Assign forms to Facebook Pages