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Opera Browser Currency conversion while you shop With a currency converter built right into the browser, Opera helps you shop online around the world without any nasty surprises on your credit card bill. Personalize your browser Over 1,000 extensions make it easy to customize Opera. Stay in sync Easily pick up browsing where you left off, across your devices. Get your personal news feed Opera brings the latest news to one spot, available from the browser’s start page.

7-Zip VLC for Android Beta Este reproductor multimedia es el último reproductor multimedia que reproduce la mayoría de archivos multimedia, así como discos, dispositivos y protocolos de streaming de red. Está diseñado exclusivamente para Android para empujar el sobre de su capacidad multi-media y fue pionero en muchas características originales no se encuentran en otros dispositivos como el iPhone y el iPad. También le ahorra la molestia de instalar varias aplicaciones al proporcionar muchas características multimedia más comunes. Se puede utilizar como un sustituto de, o para complementar sus aplicaciones de medios existentes. Características principales: ★ Formatos de vídeo compatibles3g2, 3gp, 3gp2, 3gpp, amv, asf, avi, divx, drc, dv, f4v, flv, gvi, gxf, iso, m1v, m2v, m2t, m2ts, m3u8, mkv, mov, mp2, mp2v, mp4, mp4v, mpe, mpeg, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, mpg, mpv2, mts, mtv, mxf, mxg, nsv, nuv, ogm, ogv, ogx, ps, rec, rm, rmvb, tod, ts, tts, vob, vro, webm, wm, wmv, wtv, xesc ♥ Tus comentarios son siempre bienvenidos.

Java Update Recommandé Version 7 Update 55 (taille du fichier : 899 KB) Une fois l'installation de Java terminée, vous devrez peut-être redémarrer le navigateur (fermer toutes les fenêtres et les rouvrir) pour activer cette installation. »Instructions d'installation»Configuration minimale requise Vous utilisez un système d'exploitation différent ? Voir tous les téléchargements Java. Le logiciel Java pour votre ordinateur ou l'environnement JRE est également appelé Java Runtime, Runtime Environment, Runtime, JRE, Java Virtual Machine, Virtual Machine, Java VM, JVM, VM, plug-in Java, plugin Java, module Java ou téléchargement Java.

Clover Brings Chrome-Style Tabs to Windows Explorer. | 易捷科技 EJIE Technology CyberLink Power2Go - Descargar Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin Your rights to use any Flash player, projector, standalone player, plug-in, runtime or ActiveX control provided to you below, shall be solely as set forth in the following link, Unless and except as provided therein, you shall have no rights to use or distribute such software. Adobe Flash Player 17 (Win and Mac) and 11.2 (Linux) - 32 bit and 64 bit debugger (aka debug player or content debuggers) and standalone (aka projectors) players for Flex and Flash developers. 5/12/2015 – Updated debugger and standalone versions of Flash player. These versions contain fixes for critical vulnerabilities identified in Security Bulletin APSB 15-09. The latest versions are (Win and Mac); and (Linux). Windows Note: Release builds of Flash Player for Windows 8 are a part of the Windows 8 update Uninstalling the Windows 8/8.1 ActiveX debuger: please note the KB number in the installer filename after downloading the installer file. Macintosh

What application do you always install on your computer and recommend to everyone? : AskReddit Miro - Un reproductor de músca y vídeos gratis y de código abierto. Windows Update Americans spend 58 minutes a day on their smartphones New data from Experian Marketing Services’ Simmons® ConnectSM mobile and digital panel sheds light on the way smartphone users spend time using their phone, with the average adult clocking 58 minutes daily on their device. On average, smartphone owners devote 26% of the time they spend on their phone talking and another 20% texting. Social networking eats up 16% of smartphone time while browsing the mobile web accounts for 14% of time spent. Emailing and playing games account for roughly 9% and 8% of daily smartphone time, respectively, while use of the phone’s camera and GPS each take up another 2% of our smartphone day. *Activities include use of a smartphone’s native features dedicated to each activity as well as downloaded apps whose primary function falls under the given activity. iPhone versus Android users Note on time spent It may surprise some to read that an activity like watching video accounts for such a small share (less than 1%) of the typical adult’s daily smartphone use.


Literally the best video player. It is truly free no other software is bundled with the installer,"at least not at this time". No adware either.
Will play 99.9% of every video file type.
Will even fix some types of files if broken before playing.
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