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Popular Art Prints

Popular Art Prints

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26 Awesome & Crazy Inventions 18 Flares Twitter 9 Facebook 0 Google+ 5 Pin It Share 4 Email -- 18 Flares × The holidays are just around the corner and here’s a collection of cool inventions to help you find the perfect gift for that special someone. Advertisement AD Artbox lite « Alex Dukal Store AD Artbox lite is the reduced and Free version of AD Artbox, a Photoshop CS6, CC, CC 2014 and CC 2015 Panel with more than sixty high quality tools for illustrators. Designed for everyday work, Intuitive and easy to use!Used at Disney Studios and ready for Retina Display! While I produce a new video demo you could watch this old 30 min. video demo to help you having an approximate idea about how AD Artbox works (accelerated version here: 30 min. in 2 min.): Help and User Manual: The download includes two .ZIP files containing: 1. the panel for PS CS6: ad.artbox-1_Lite_PS-CS6.zxp (24,5 Mb.) 2. the panel for PS CC, CC 2014 & CC 2015 (29 Mb. aprox.)

A Comprehensive Guide for Amateur Graphic Designers and Beginners Hey are you an amateur graphic designer? Or are you are thinking to start your journey as a graphic designer. If yes then here are some milestones which you have to cross for adding the "Graphic Design" designation to your Bio. I have posted this article to share everything that I have learned to date, how I used the most powerful utility in this world – "the internet" to refine my creativity and imagination. It took me three long years to collect all this information and learn Graphic Design. What helped me to learn all this is my curiosity and dedication towards design and creativity.

Top 5 Most Ridiculous Comments: Reality-Challenged I have a term for people who are incapable or unwilling to account for science, evidence, and logic when making extraordinary claims; reality-challenged. For whatever reason, they ignore the best evidence at hand, they fail to utilize the scientific method, and their arguments are rife with logical fallacies. And as such, the reality-challenged wind up making some of the more ridiculous comments on any given week. Here are the top ones for this past week, courtesy of the reality-challenged among us all. AD Aquarellist Brushes « Alex Dukal Shop These are the amazing Watercolour Brushes for Photoshop that I’ve created a few years ago and never published… until today, dec. 12, 2014!Improved and expanded! This pack actually includes more than 100 Brushes / Tool Presets that realistically emulates Watercolours and Ink Washings without the need of weird and complicated tricks, just paint using the pen pressure and direction combining different brushes to obtain that natural wet effects! I know the first impression, besides blow your mind, could be overwhelming due to the number and variety of this high quality brushes, so… take your time to practice and find wich ones are your favorites, combine them, experiment, etc. I’ll be publishing some tutorials, tips and tricks, so stay tuned!

On Creative Leadership Advertisement I have spent nearly a decade experimenting with a single goal in mind: to create scalable, predictably insightful, inspirational environments. I have led creative teams in these environments, and I’m currently doing it as the Director of Web Interface and Development at Astonish (a digital marketing company in Rhode Island, US). It hasn’t been easy, because forcing inspiration is impossible. You have to use finesse and let it come to you. What follows is what I’ve found to help my team and me harness inspiration effectively.

25 tutorials to build up your design skills - Designer Blog Designer Blog One of the best ways to improve and build upon your design skills is by using tutorials — short, instructional guides that teach techniques so you can craft great designs. We’ve collected 25 of our favorite tutorials from across the web to help you practice your skills. These skills include: Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesignLogo, Web, App, Icons, Print and Packaging, TshirtTypography, Grids, 3-D, Opacity, Gradients, Masks, Patterns, Layout, Color Management, Brushes, Meshes, Textures, Bleeds and Margins, and more. Logo

How Did I Clean Before Learning These 10 Hacks? #10 Alone Is Genius!! Most of us hate cleaning. It’s time consuming, boring, and we’d rather be doing almostANYTHING else. Just think about all of the wasted time in your life spent on making sure the coffee pot is cleaned out, or getting the water ring off the table. It’s really insane when you add it up. Well, no more. Learn how to create a sleek Business card Hi guys, I’m quite excited about this tutorial, hope you guys enjoy it too. In this tutorial we’ll create a sleek business card using our very own Photoshop. We’ll be using some simple techniques to get an awesome result. So before we start let’s have a look at our final result:-

The BIGGEST ever list of design resources! - ProofHQ Following the huge success of last year’s “World’s Biggest Ever List of Graphic Design Blogs”, we’ve decided that we should turn it into an annual event – after all, more people than ever before are blogging and the talent pool continues to grow. This year, we’ve added in some additional categories including typography and image sourcing sites to help you along your way. The list is at least 40% larger than last year and is the one stop shop for all that you could need in terms of inspiration, reference material or tools for you to use. So, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen…. drum-roll please!

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