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250 Quality Conversation Starters: The Only List You'll Need

250 Quality Conversation Starters: The Only List You'll Need
Here are some great questions for starting a conversation. There are a lot of random conversation starters to get you started and then conversation questions listed by topic. You can start with the random questions or find a topic that interests you. There’s no right place to start, just scroll down to wherever you want and get started! There are tons of ways to use these questions. I find that the most rewarding way is for everyone to pull up this list of conversation starters on a phone or tablet, and then take turns letting everyone choose a question to ask the group. The title would have you believe that there are 250 questions, but there are actually more. Random Conversation Starters What was the last funny video you saw? What do you do to get rid of stress? What is something you are obsessed with? Who is your favorite entertainer (comedian, musician, actor, etc.)? What’s your favorite way to waste time? Do you have any pets? Where did you go last weekend? Who is your oldest friend?

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How to Keep a Conversation Going With the Opposite Sex Guys and girls may be from Mars and Venus. But learning how to keep a conversation going between the sexes can help you bridge that divide without any hiccups. [Read: 25 topics to talk about in a happy relationship] For most of us, the first few minutes of a new conversation is the absolute worst. tweentribune What Teachers Are Saying about TweenTribune: “Build an exciting informational reading experience...that involves students in reading and discussing current events.” -- Teacher Librarian Magazine “There has to be a source somewhere in the digital universe that can provide high interest reading for all students in a classroom right? Well look no further than Smithsonian Tween Tribune...The beauty of this website lies its ability to draw readers in with fun, exciting, and occasional weird articles geared towards youth.” -- Jorge Santana, review in The iLearn Initiative

UN Women - Find your inner womens right activist Unity Dow Unity Dow was the first female High Court judge in Botswana. She was a plaintiff in a historic case that allowed children of Botswanan women and foreign men to be considered Botswanan. English Lessons: Poster Presentation Looking for an oral presentation activity, but hate student speeches? Try a poster presentation. It’s an awesome fluency activity that keeps students talking and engaged. ESL Activity Introduction This English lesson, about 40-60 minutes, works great as a replacement for the old boring student speeches. How to Come Up with Good Conversation Topics (with Sample Topics) Expert Reviewed Four Parts:Learning About Basic Conversation StartersExtending the ConversationPushing BoundariesConversation HelpCommunity Q&A Even if you're good with people, there are likely times when you're stuck for something more to say and start wondering what topic to bring up next.

10 Wonderful Short Stories to Read For Free Online Had she not passed away at the too-young age of 39 from lupus, today would have been legendary Southern Gothic author Flannery O’Connor’s 87th birthday. To celebrate her legacy of pitch-perfect short stories and razor-sharp wit, we’ve collected a few of our favorite works from some of the best short story writers of all time, all available online — though we can’t promise reading them that way will be as satisfying as hefting a huge tome of collected stories. This is not meant to be a definitive list of the best short stories in the world, but merely a celebration of the form and a collection of ten of our many favorites, limited to those that we could track down online, to make your Sunday afternoon a little better. Click through to read ten stories from some of literature’s greats, and link us to your own favorites in the comments! “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” Flannery O’Connor

How to Write a Speech - step by step help - step-by-step speech writing help Learning how to write a speech needn't be a nail biting experience! 100Save Pros and cons of mobile phones Gemma: What are we like?! Sam: What do you mean, ‘what are we like’?Gemma: I mean … look at us! We’re here, we’ve met for coffee and a ‘chat’ and we’re not even talking to each other. Sam: Hang on … What did you say? How to Approach Conversation With Confidence - 10 Conversation Tips Conversation skill preparation - Stay away from the yes/no conversation. -When you see this happening it means that one person is talking and just want affirmation from you. -Don't settle for this small talk and gracefully change the subject of the conversation. -You know more than you admit. Sharpen your knowledge of what is happening in the world today by reading newspapers or really focusing on your news link on your computer, what your position is at work and what your business is all about, the details about your hobby, etc.

The Bear Came Over the Mountain Fiona lived in her parents’ house, in the town where she and Grant went to university. It was a big, bay-windowed house that seemed to Grant both luxurious and disorderly, with rugs crooked on the floors and cup rings bitten into the table varnish. Her mother was Icelandic—a powerful woman with a froth of white hair and indignant far-left politics. Podcasts to help English learners practise listening Do your students want more listening practice? Aoife McLoughlin, blogger with and latest winner of the British Council's Teaching English blog award, recommends five podcasts to get them started. Do you spend enough time working on listening skills with your students? Is there ever enough time? In my experience, I would say no.