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Planning and Building a Greenhouse

Planning and Building a Greenhouse
Adapted from Fact Sheet 645 - University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service, David S. Ross, Extension Agricultural Engineer, Department of Agricultural Engineering Careful planning is important before a home greenhouse project is started. Location The greenhouse should be located where it gets maximum sunlight. Deciduous trees, such as maple and oak, can effectively shade the greenhouse from the intense late afternoon summer sun; however, they should not shade the greenhouse in the morning. Good drainage is another requirement for the site. Types of Greenhouses A home greenhouse can be attached to a house or garage, or it can be a freestanding structure. Attached Greenhouses Lean-to. Even-span. Window-mounted. Freestanding Structures Freestanding greenhouses are separate structures; they can be set apart from other buildings to get more sun and can be made as large or small as desired (Figure 2C). Structural Materials Frames Quonset. Gothic. Rigid-frame. Post and rafter and A-frame. Related:  constructionBio-Construction

HOME ECO - D'autres horizons Voici une liste de sites que nous aimons, autour de l'écoconstruction, de l'architecture, du bois, de la déco, de l'écologie. Entreprises de charpentes/ossature bois Une entreprise bretonne qui fait de belles choses et dont le site est intéressant. Une entreprise du Midi qui s'intéresse depuis longtemps à la construction écologique. L'un des rares fabricants français de triple vitrage, très professionnel. Un ami menuisier à Grenoble, Jac Samson, également autoconstructeur. Édition/presse Le site web de la Scop Terre Vivante, éditrice des 4 saisons du jardin bio, d'ouvrages consacrés à l'écoconstruction (entre autres), et gestionnaire du centre écologique à Mens, dans le Trièves. Le site d'un ami journaliste et photographe qui travaille sur l'écologie de manière approfondie et édite des livre. Décoration/enduits terre-chaux

Adam J. Fyall - Southwestern Sunflower Greenhouse EffectPAGE 3 of 4 of 3 Construction, continued Now it was time to start adding the sheeting. Notice that I am working comfortably in my shirtsleeves on a 65-degree day in the middle of November. Here you see the structure with the roof and rear panel sheeting. Now I had to build the door and finish the front façade. Like I always say, "work harder, not smarter". The plastic sheeting was taped to the PVC and stapled to the lumber. The straw bale used in my glorious autumnal porch display was acquired with the greenhouse specifically in mind. I bucked hay for two years while in college. Now it's time to make some trips around the yard to gather everyone up. All snuggled-in for the winter, kinda like those male emperor penguins. The remote-sensing weather station made a quality addition. The greenhouse is completed. I tested the greenhouse on the day it was completed, and indeed it warmed-up quickly inside. next

Minimalist Wooden House Sebastopol Residence by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects | The concept of a wooden house at this time may be an option when going to build or buy a dwelling as a residence or a place to vacation on weekends. Wooden house is also environmentally friendly and will bring the atmosphere of a remedy, and comfortable place to live. Interested in whether you have a house that was a cool area with beautiful scenery? of course you’ll love it. Sebastopol Residence is a minimalist wooden house design by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects, was built in California over the hills, this home was designed for two graphic designers. In the interior of the house is dominated olek wood such as the concept was originally divided into the main room, dining room, den, bathroom and bedroom. Posts related to Minimalist Wooden House Sebastopol Residence by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects

Cheapest DIY Rain Barrel (that works better than most) - Alex's Hobby Site So I found a way to build an effective rain collection barrel for around $40. All parts were purchased at the local Ace Hardware store. I used a trash can (32 gal) for easy cleaning and construction. 1 trash can with lid2 plastic downspout extenders (accordion style), fitted to the size of your downspout1 bulkhead fitting1 boiler drain valve1 tube silver gutter sealant At first I tried silicone to seal the seams, but it wouldn't stick the the trash can material. Since using Seamer Mate, I found the Lowe's version. This stuff has a million waterproofing uses, and what great adhesion! Here is a close-up of the bulkhead fitting. The best part about this design is that every drop of rain is directed into the barrel, and once full, all rain is redirected into your drain system. During winter, the barrel can be removed. If the trash can is too much of an eyesore, you could always build a little house like I did here. I put hinges on the front for easy access,

toiture d'une bergerie et d'une magnanerie isolée en laine de chanvre bio - Maçon de Pays dans le Parc du Verdon A la recherche d'un isolant naturel qui soit sain et écologique, j'ai choisi d'utiliser le chanvre pour ses propriétés étonnantes. Associée à la chaux, la chènevotte qui est l'écorce de la tige du chanvre, est un excellent isolant thermique et phonique. Je l'utilise pour obtenir des dalles respirantes. Ce matériau allie performances énergétiques et protection de la santé. Pour ce chantier ci-dessous (domaine viticole du var en biodynamie), j'ai utilisé, par l'intermédiaire du parc du luberon, du chanvre en vrac bio produit sur Forcalquier. Les vieilles poutres ont été traitées à la patine de l'indien qui durcit les parties piquées en surface. Pose des fermes dites"par empilage" constituées d'un entrait (poutre de grosse section qui supporte en son milieu, par l'intermediaire du poinçon, la moitié du poid total cumulé de la charpente et de la couverture. Le parement qui supportera l'isolation est constitué de planches en bois blanc (sapin) issues de la région de Seyne les alpes .

Bamboo Fence - Alex's Hobby Site Here is how I built a fence out of bamboo. With a few tools and some cheap supplies, this fence cost me next to nothing save a ton of work! My 30 foot fence cost about $20, including gas money, but I had to work my ass off to get the "free" bamboo because it was growing on the side of a cliff. If you can find someone who has a lot of bamboo that is easily accessible by car (not a lot of carrying), cutting, trimming, and assembling it is relatively easy work if you don't mind that sort of thing. A thirty-foot fence required about 230 stalks of bamboo, each averaging about 1" to 1.5" diameter. Keep in mind that it will soon be a brown fence, as the bamboo dies it turns wood color. How I did it: First I harvested and trimmed the bamboo from an acquaintance's yard. Trimming the branches off the stalks is easily accomplished by running a machete down the stalk from the top. Next I measured the height I wanted and set up a simple jig. I built the fence in 6-foot sections. Finished fence.

La Laine de Chanvre La Laine de Chanvre Le chanvre est un isolant efficace Grâce à son fort pouvoir isolant et aux nombreux avantages qu’il apporte, le chanvre ne cesse de se développer sur le marché de l’habitat écologique. Avec un faible coefficient de conductibilité de 0,039 (entre 0,041 et 0,050 pour les laines minérales), la Laine Terrachanvre est idéale aussi bien lors des grands froids que pendant la période estivale. La laine de chanvre est utilisée pour les toitures, les combles, les planchers sur lambourdes ainsi que pour le calfeutrage. Elle est aussi conseillée pour les éléments avec ossature, où elle s’installe aisément. Le chanvre est un répulsif pour les rongeurs qui ne le consomment pas (cf. autrefois, sur les bateaux, ces animaux n’abîmaient pas les cordages de chanvre). La laine de chanvre est un excellent régulateur hygrométrique, le chanvre pouvant absorber une grande quantité de vapeur d’eau avant de la rejeter. C’est aussi un très bon isolant phonique. Isolation de la Toiture

Urban Greenhouse - Alex's Hobby Site Please feel free to email any questions to I'll be more than happy to help you out. The House: Here is how I built my small (4X8) greenhouse out of old windows. Total cost was $300, but you could do it for much cheaper with some resourcefulness and an eagerness for scrounging materials! After many gardens, some successes and some failures, I moved for the first time to a city row home. First, I found some old windows around town. Great ways to find free (or very cheap) windows: Drive around on garbage night Email your friends and co-workers. Step 2: It is definitely easier to design the frame around the windows, rather than trying to find windows to fit the frame. I covered the back side with plywood because a) it faces south, b) there is a fence that I didn't feel like dealing with, and c. Notice the windows fit the 2X4 frame. The four corners of each window are held to the frame with screws put in diagonally. No I did not run out of windows. Hydroponic system