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Library of Congress Online Catalogs

Library of Congress Online Catalogs

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Collection Maintenance and Weeding Selection & Reconsideration Policy Toolkit for Public, School, & Academic Libraries Regardless of the type of institution, collection maintenance and weeding are important components of a library’s collection management system and are often related to the goals and mission of the organization. Regardless of format, an optimal library collection is one that is reviewed on a consistent basis for accuracy, currency, usage, diversity, and subject area gaps. When evaluating print or another tangible medium, collection maintenance usually involves the continual care of the materials, including accurate and efficient shelving (and re-shelving), shelf-reading, shifting, and cleaning.

KVK - Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog Meta search interface for more than 500 million books and serials in library and book trade catalogs worldwide. More ... About KVK KVK News (in German) The Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog KVK is a meta search interface which allows you to access library and book trade catalogs online via Internet. Understanding MARC Authority Records: Parts 1 to 7 I t is impossible these days to read a library journal, attend a library conference, or even have an informal chat with other librarians without hearing the phrases "MARC format," "MARC records," or "MARC-compatible." Many library professionals have not had an opportunity to take formal courses explaining the important topics of library automation and the role of MARC, yet automated library systems remain an important part of their libraries. This booklet will explain -- in the simplest terms possible -- what a MARC record is, and it will provide the basic information needed to understand and evaluate a MARC authority record.

Book Finder This database provides access to all of YALSA's annual selected book and media lists, awards, and honorees. These resources are developed by library staff and educators to support the collection development and readers' advisory work of library staff. These books and media have been selected for teens from 12 to 18 years of age, and span a broad range of reading and maturity levels. We encourage adults to take an active role in helping individual teens choose those books that are the best fit for them and their families. mapFAST mapFAST Find library materials about world wide locations Find FAST Geographic Subject Headings Near: Collection Weeding as Dendrochronology: Rethinking Practices and Exposing a Library’s Sponsors of Literacy The Impetus to Weed our Print Collection Since early September 2013, my colleague Jennifer Lund and I have been working on a large-scale and aggressive weeding project for our entire collection. This initiative was driven by two factors: 1. We recognized our collection was dated in many areas, and we also knew other areas were in demand and might need to updated, replaced, and/or expanded.

FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) is derived from the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH), one the library domain’s most widely-used subject terminology schemas. The development of FAST has been a collaboration of OCLC Research and the Library of Congress. Work on FAST began in late 1998 Weeding without Worry Library weeding gets a bad reputation, thanks in part to weeding horror stories. In 2013, Highland Park (Mich.) High School was accused of throwing out a large collection of history materials, including some rare items, which had been cultivated over a 50-year period. That same year, the Urbana (Ill.) Free Library discarded nearly 10,000 items, apparently just based on age, rather than condition or use.

The worst book cover? The Librarian’s Secret Wish Alison Flood in The Guardian wrote about the worst book covers yesterday. I would like to throw this cover into the debate – The Librarian’s Secret Wish by Carol Grace. It’s a romance from Silhouette Books that goes down the well trodden path of love in the library. Weeding - NYC School Librarian Guidebook Weeding/De-selection Guidelines Weeding is an essential component of any collection development plan in order to maintain a collection that meets the needs of students and the curriculum. The weeding guidelines should include reasons for weeding and criteria for de-selection. The Issue 18 Editorial Introduction – Share Your Ideas Ron Peterson The Code4Lib Journal’s mission is to foster community and share information. It is my hope that reading the articles in this issue will help you develop your own ideas and solutions.

newlifeforoldbuildings The new AHF Projects and Development Officer North, Gordon Barr, introduces himself… I’m delighted to be joining the AHF, although I’ve had a rather odd career path getting here – I studied chemistry, accidentally became a computer programmerfor the pharmaceutical industry for seven years, and have been involved in commissioning public art works as well. So what on earth qualifies me when it comes to historic buildings? An interest in the buildings around me was awakened when I was a student, walking past an old boarded-up bingo hall that I’d never given a second glance to.

Tools, Publications & Resources The ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom provides confidential support during censorship challenges to library materials, services, and programs. Anyone can report censorship, even if they do not require assistance. Report censorship by filling out this online form, or contacting OIF Assistant Director Kristin Pekoll at 800-545-2433, ext. 4221, or via email: As stated in Article III of the Library Bill of Rights, “Libraries should challenge censorship in the fulfillment of their responsibility to provide information and enlightenment.”

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