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"My Body" by

"My Body" by
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Chansons - Canopé académie de Dijon Page mise à jour le 06/05/2014 Quelques règles de base pour démarrer vos séances Je Donne ma langue au Chant (Kids’ Factory)Voir également quelques chansons et activités téléchargeables. Une chanson moitié français moitié anglais à propos des monuments londoniens My London Song par les Enfantastiques, des élèves de cycle 3.Coup de cœur pour cette chanson Sites proposant les textes, les chansons enregistrées et une exploitation One Stop English Songs for under 6 years2 plans de cours proposés pour la chansons Head nad Shoulders, soit pour des élèves lecteurs, soit des non-lecteurs. More songs for primary students (One Stop English)Titres ( MP3) : Alphabet song, Old Macdonald had a zoo, I bought a pretty cat, She’s coming round the mountain, It’s raining, it’s pouring, My present is a black sofa. British CouncilChansons avec animations Flash, texte en PDF ou DOC (modifiable), jeux en ligne et activités. Chansons enregistrées et texte Rhymes and songs (Enjoy English) Super Simple Songs The Alphabet

It’s October, the month of our favorite holiday! | ARTiculation360 The 10 Little Indians Song can be done with any theme! Since it’s the month of Halloween, here it is with a monster theme: Ready to play Build a Monster? Print out the eyes, ears, mouths and noses onto printable magnetic paper or sticker paper or just some sort of thick paper and then cut out the pieces (there are a lot of pieces all squished together to make sure you get the most use out of your magnetic paper). Now print out some bodies: If you used the magnetic paper you will need something iron in back to make the pieces stick. Print, cut out and glue the die: Now you are ready to play. 1) Take all the pieces and put them into a pile (you can separate the different body parts into different piles or dishes). 2) Decide who goes first (try a counting rhyme :o) 3) The first player rolls the die, says what piece is showing on the top of the die and once she says it, she can choose a piece from the pile. Have fun you crazy evil geniuses! Like this: Like Loading...

Have got Examples I have got a brother. They have got a swimming pool. He has got a cat. Remember! I have got a brother. = I’ve got a brother. Be careful! For negatives add ‘n't’ or 'not'.I haven’t got a brother. We say... Have you got a brother? Easy Peasy Plays Sing-a-long Happy Mother's Day song for moms and children! Easy Peasy Plays: great songs and musicals for primary and nursery children and schools.Subscribe for more great songs now! My Mum is a fantastic song for children and kids to enjoy. Karaoke lyrics are included with the music for kids who want to sing along with the words. Here's the words (lyrics) for this song - Verse 1Someone reads me stories,And takes me in to school,Someone gets surprises just for me, And when I’ve been playing,And my room’s an awful mess,Someone helps me tidy up,I wonder who it could be… ChorusMy mum! My mum! Verse 2If I feel unhappy, And things don’t go my way,Someone’s always there to care for me. When the day is over,And it’s time to go to sleep,Someone comes to tuck me in,I wonder who it could be… Chorus BridgeHave you worked it out yet,Or shall I give you a clue? Chorus Show less

Autumn – czyli jesień w przedszkolu :) | English is easy Temat zajeć: Autumn. W celu zaprezentowania dzieciom nowych słówek związanych z jesienią przygotowałam: kasztany, zołedzie, orzechy włoskie, szyszki no i oczywiście kolorowe liście. Aby wprowadzić nowe słowa powinniśmy zaciekawić troszke dzieci – a wiec możemy przygotować magic box Przydatna jest nam także pacynka, którą przynosimy zawsze na zajecia. W moim przypadku jest to Simon Pytamy Simona co ma w swoim pudełeczku: Simon, what do you have in your magic box? Simon odpowiada: Oooh, I have chestnuts, acorns, cones, nuts, aaaaand beautiful leaves! Look! Możemy zaprezentować także wyliczanke: One little, two little, three little leaves! Four little, five little, six little leaves! itd. Nie może zabraknąć także piosenek o liściach Liczymy listki: Piosenka o spadających liściach: Na utrwalenie ze starszymi dzieciakami możemy pobawić sie w głuchy telefon lub ciuciubabke Ciuciubabka: Zakrywamy 1 dziecku oczy chustą. Możemy pobawić sie także w: which one is missing?

Haunted house part 2 by anna.basznianin on Genially Haunted house,escape game,START,by Anna Basznianin,Jesteś w nawiedzonym domu. Rozwiązuj zadania. Po każdym zadaniu pojawi się cyfra - będzie ci potrzebna do sekretnego kodu. POWODZENIA :),Next,MISSIONS,4,1,3,2,Play,Rozpocznij quiz. Szukaj pierwszej cyfry.,It has got four legs and long neck,10. a girrafe,2. a dog,5. an elephant,The second day of the week.,+. monday,*. Mama Lisa's World of Children and International Culture FUNGLISH: Autumn - czyli pierwsza porcja jesiennych materiałów Ponieważ jesień zbliża się wielkimi krokami, taki wniosek wysuwam z obserwacji pogody za oknem, w ciągu najbliższych dni na blogu pojawiać się będą materiały związane z jesiennymi lekcjami. Lekcje tematyczne zawsze zaczynam od wprowadzenia słownictwa, a tego nie wyobrażam sobie robić z dziećmi bez flashcards. W ubiegłych latach korzystałam z materiałów z, dodatkowo sama rysowałam flashcards. Na początek idą flashcards. Download (pictures + words) Download (pictures) W kolejnych wpisach pojawią się jesienne gry planszowe oraz ćwiczenia.

Comptines anglaises, chansons, histoires en anglais S'inscrire / Se connecter Se connecter No hint Mot de passe oublié ? Créer un compte un partenariat rue des écoles Maif Tape le titre d'une histoire Il était une histoire Il était une fois la bibliothèque idéale : une sélection d'histoires pour enfants à lire, écouter et regarder mais aussi des animations, karaokés et jeux pour découvrir la lecture en s'amusant. Espace Démo Il était une histoire Faire grandir le plaisir de lire avec la MAIF et rue des écoles Je recherche : Comptines anglaises, chansons, histoires en anglais Next title Résumé du document Choisis une histoire. Passe ta souris sur une image pour en savoir plus ou clique dessus pour afficher l'histoire correspondante. La sélection des internautes : histoires, comptines, fables les plus lues sur les trois derniers mois

Owl Puppet and Monster Face Fun - November Free Printables for Kids This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Alex Toys. All opinions are authentic and my own. Please see my disclosure policy. There’s some new and exciting stuff goin’ on around here … I’m so excited to announce that today marks the start of a new monthly series featuring Alex Toys’ awesome Free Printables for Kids! Paper Bag Owl Puppet Printable for Kids This paper bag owl puppet craft was the perfect activity to keep Priscilla busy while Sawyer was working on his homework. My favorite part was that when she was all done with the craft, she had a cute owl puppet to encourage imaginative play, too. Download and Print the Paper Bag Owl Printable for Kids at Alex Toys Funny Monster Face Printable for Kids Sawyer wasn’t about to let Priscilla have all of the fun, so when he was done with his homework he started in on this fun monster face activity. I think I’m going to laminate all of the pieces to this one to make a fun game that we can use over and over again!

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