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Créations en papier

Créations en papier

Papercraft World | Paper Models | Free Papercraft | Printable Crafts | Paper Toys | Arts and Crafts fleur en papier crépon du papier créponciseauxcollefil 1. Découpez des rectangles dans votre papier crépon. Plissez- les en accordéon. 2. Reliez -les avec un fil bien serré au milieu. 3. 4. Maintenant, votre fleur est prête pour:- décorer un pot et aller sur le bureau de maman/papa- décorer les cheveux- plusieurs fleurs peuvent être montées en guirlande... Le printemps, on le fait nous même!

Gratte-ciel (Sport et Loisirs > Kirigami) Nom du tutoriel : Gratte-ciel Description : Ce gratte-ciel magnifique est réalisable en 4 minutes. Pas plus. Difficulté : Modifié le : 30 Juillet 2010 à 20h06 Le but du tutoriel est de réaliser ceci : Munissez-vous d'une feuille de papier 160g, au format A4. Imprimez l'image suivante sur votre feuille : Découpez les traits pleins à l'aide d'une lame (cutter, bistouri), puis pliez la feuille au niveau des pointillés. C'est terminé :

Card models - free models These card models may be downloaded for your personal enjoyment. Note to web site owners! If you want to offer these models on your site, please read this first. The kits vary in complexity, and many are not suitable for beginning card modelers. I've assigned a skill level to each kit to help you judge whether the kit is within your ability. You will need a printer capable of printing on card stock. Open and print the model files with a PDF reader program. Oriental fans with paper plates With students of Year 6 we painted some fans in Oriental style, with colorful watercolors on the background and silhouettes of bamboo plants and branches with cherry blossoms painted in black ink. For the fans we merely used half of a paper plate! Like this: Like Loading...

Easy Stocking Tutorial Today I’m sharing a super EASY method for making lined stockings. This little stocking is a festive way to hold gift cards, some treats, or any other small gift you want to dress-up a little. The great thing about this method though, is that you can blow-up the stocking pattern and make stockings as big as you want by following the same, easy process. (And who doesn’t sometimes want new, hip stockings to impress Santa?) So start by printing the stocking pattern (click here for template) -or designing one of your own. Fabric requirements need to be enough fabric to cut two stocking shapes from two different fabrics. With wrong sides together, cut TWO stocking shapes of both your outside fabric and your cuff/liner fabric. Now pair up one outside fabric with one lining/cuff fabric with the toes pointing the same direction like this. Now match front and back pieced units right sides together with outside fabrics matched up and lining fabrics matched up. Now pull everything right-side out.

Erick's Paper Model Downloads Models, models, model... These are the paper models that I and others have made. They are mostly from Homeworld, but there are a couple from Homeworld 2. A note on my file format: I (usually) make my models available in Pepakura (.pdo) format. Models by Erick MinotaurAdded Nov 29, 2006 Enhanced MinotaurAdded Jan 9, 2007 Minotaur IVAdded Apr 22, 2011 Minotaur VAdded Feb 2, 2014 LTV Scout BAdded Mar 26, 2007 Convair RTV-A-2 HirocAdded July 16, 2007 Escape Tower & StandAdded Feb 12, 2007 Taurus Model 3210Added Jan 19, 2008 Taurus Model 3110Added Mar 1, 2009 Taurus Model 2110Added Aug 28, 2013 JAXA H-IIA202Added Jul 25, 2009 Kushan Kushan ScoutAdded May 14, 2005. Kushan InterceptorCreated by Arcane.Added Sep 5, 2006 Kushan Cloaked FighterAdded Aug 25, 2004. Kushan Heavy CorvetteAdded Aug 25, 2004.Assembly Instructions by AruisAdded Feb 10, 2007. Kushan Multigun CorvetteAdded Aug 25, 2004. Kushan Minelayer CorvetteAdded Dec 22, 2004.Now with Mine! Created by Malik Drako.Added Aug 13, 2005. Taiidan Derelicts

L'Origami : L'étoile Diagrammes Légende Les bases Autres Liens Aperçu du haut niveau Publicité Ce pliage est expliqué en détails par des photos en dessous du diagramme. Retour en haut de page Ce pliage est expliqué en détails par des photos en dessous du diagramme. Il s'agit de la même étape que l'étape 1 de l'étoile A. Webmaster : Ariane KELLE : idées, coloriages et activités pour enfants Mitsubishi FTO - Papercraft FTO Sunday, July 15, 2012. Home Dawn's FTO Steve's FTOs FTO Information Photo Gallery Workshop Area FTO Owners Club Aftermarket Parts Aero Kits Downloads Cars 'n' Parts For Sale Links Contact What's New FTO Toys and Models - Papercraft FTO This model is made from Real Paper (and a bit of plastic) The person to thank for this creation is Teiji Murakami from Japan, without his permission it would not be here. To reproduce the FTO's unique curved surfaces as closely as possible, there are many parts, and to successfully construct it, you will need a lot of skill and patience. Download the pages for printing, these are in zipped PDF Format the file size is 12MB Paper (EPSON PM mat paper is recommended.) OHP Sheet (It is used for the reappearance of the transparency part.) for the printer Scapel Cutter (An art knife is recommended.) Cutting board Adhesive (A bond for the woodwork is recommended.) Scraper (Adhesive is applied thinly equally.) Tweezers Ruler Toothpick (when a detailed part sticks, use it as a scraper)