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Tell Us Your Story FATHOM Have you ever visited a place for a week and stayed a year? Lost your luggage but gained perspective? Shared a moment with a stranger across the world? Then you, dear traveler, have a story. And we want to hear it — and maybe publish it. Here are some helpful guidelines: Content: Stories should relate to travel in some way. When in Rome (and Everywhere Else): Vogue’s 20 Favorite Shops in 20 Cities Photographed by Prabuddha Das Gupta, Vogue, March 2008 Some people spend their summer holidays rappelling down mountains, windsurfing, parasailing, bungee jumping, spelunking, and indulging in other tame, dull stuff. And then there are the true daredevils: thrill-seekers who don a fresh sundress, a pair of high-heeled sandals, and set out to find the most seductive shops in their vacation destinations, searching for one-of-a-kind souvenirs, or even better, inspirations for the fashionable days ahead. They are not alone in this wild pursuit: In fact, any number of designers embarked on a similar course for their recent resort collections (at least in their imaginations). To help you gear up for the daunting, if delectable, task ahead, here are Vogue’s favorite 20 stores in 20 far-flung cities: The Vintage ShowroomPhoto: Courtesy of The Vintage Showroom DelvauxPhoto: Courtesy of Delvaux DemelPhoto: Matthäus Unger VIENNADemel: Because you have been so good! TOKYOLa Foret: Dozens—maybe hundreds!

SOWAT FASHIONOLOGISME Bien-être | Oh my homme, le blog Dîtes enfin Adieu aux poils! Cette galerie contient 2 photos. Unimited Epil est présent partout en France et est en constante évolution. Parisiennes, parisiens, un nouveau centre vient d’ouvrir ses portes près de chez vous! L’institut Unlimited Epil Paris 17ème … 60 rue Legendre, 75017 PARIS Tél. : 01 42 67 … Continuer la lecture L’atelier des délices : être beau et bio Cette galerie contient 9 photos. Les cosmétiques sont synonymes de beauté. Lov Organic Cette galerie contient 3 photos. Entrez dans un monde de LOV Organic … En scandinavie, « LOV » signifie « feuille« . Le SPA du Mandarin Oriental à Paris Cette galerie contient 5 photos. Les instituts de soins ont la cote. On rase Gratis, aujourd’hui ! Cette galerie contient 5 photos. Le rasage quotidien est un rituel masculin qui peut devenir un plaisir comme un calvaire!

Mandy Aftel's Wild Roses (new!) - A perfume review I always get so ridiculously giddy when I know I'm getting to smell a new Aftelier product (or taste a new flavor, when it comes to Chef's Essences and teas). Perfumer Mandy Aftel is such a talented person with a true gift for capturing natural materials and lion-taming them, making them sit nice and proper-like or prodding them to growl and snarl! She can urge them into incredibly deep, complex, and wonderful configurations that simply blow my mind. Mandy's newest scent came across my path recently, and my first thought was "oh no! a rose scent!". Here's her concept (from her press release)... Having grown roses in my garden for years, I was smitten with the unique beauty and great variety of rose aromas. Read that last bit again. As they say, "NAILED IT". Wild Roses Top: rose CO2, heliotropin, bergamot, geraniol, m-methyl anthranilate, damascenone. Heart: apricot, Turkish rose absolute, pimento berry, p-ethyl alcohol, rose petals attar. *OK. For the record, I sampled the edp.

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