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Braided Chain Bracelet

Braided Chain Bracelet
The latest jewelry trends seem to consist of mixed media - fabric or ribbon weaved in and out of chains of all different colors and thicknesses. I loved this braided bracelet by Aurélie Bidermann; strands of thread at incorporated into a curb chain, so that the chain is essentially the third strand of the braid. This particular bracelet is $385 on ... here's the S&P way, for much cheaper! Inspiration: Supplies: - Thick curb chain (I used brass chain from Michael's, $2.99) - Embroidery thread, of your color choice(s). - Clasp, charms, jump rings - Jewelry pliers, clear nailpolish 1) Measure a length of chain that will fit comfortably around your wrist. For the sake of this tutorial though, I separated the strands - let's clall them Red/Purple and Blue/Purple! 2) Tie the strands together, then string Blue/Purple under & through one end of the chain. 3) Red/Purple goes over Blue/Purple, then under and through the chain. 5) Then Blue/Purple under and through the chain....

Sumo's Sweet Stuff: .:Tutorial Tuesday–Braided Chain Bracelet:. So are you ready to learn how to make these babies? My friends and I have been on a bracelet kick lately, so this was just one more to add to the bangles adorning our arms. I wasn’t lying when I said they are easy. Here’s what you need: - embroidery thread - crimping tool - rhinestone chain (found at Wal-Mart) - chain - jump rings - alligator clasps Take your rhinestone chain out of the package. Put an alligator clasp on a jump ring. Attach your rhinestone chain, regular chain, and embroidery thread to the jump ring. I used a straight pin to secure the clasp and jump ring while I was braiding. And that’s it! It’s so easy, you can whip another one real quick, too. I decided to make a couple of plain rhinestone bracelets to go with all my other bracelets, too. Combine your new bracelet with some of your other bracelets, and make a statement! I’m loving the different styles and colors of bracelets and cuffs, aren’t you? Do you think I have a career in hand/forearm modeling? Linking up here:

DIY Ribbon and Chain Bracelet I love big bracelets and I cannot lie! This DIY ribbon and chain bracelet looks so awesome worn either alone or stacked with all your other faves. Its a great addition to your accessories for Summer. The pinks and green on this bracelet add a fresh look to all your Summer whites and also looks great with denim. 20 inches of large chain40 inches of half inch wide ribbon5 Large beads6 Small rosesNeedle and threadBeading needleHot glue Step 1 Using your beading needle thread your ribbon through your needle and weave it through your chain. Step 2 Next you will glue your beads to your chain. Step 3 Using your needle and thread, sew your beads to your chain. Step 4 In between your beads you will add your small roses. Now wrap your bracelet around your wrist and tie with a bow! Also shown the Minaudiere with Golden Horse. This bracelet lends itself to a lot of customizing. Things have been a bit crazy around our house lately, as were getting ready to move.

DIY Ribbon + Chain Bracelets from #MAGICLV Here’s the second DIY I led with with BurdaStyle direct from the MAGIC floor. We did these bracelets on Wednesday, the final day of the show. It was a perfect project to wrap-up with because it was fast and easy. Photo courtesy BurdaStyle The supplies are simple: chain + ribbon. For each bracelet you’ll need about 6″ of chain and 16″ of ribbon. Sidenote: Do you guys know about Fray Check? The last step it to clip off the (fraying) ends of ribbon at an angle and apply Fray Check. One more MAGIC DIY to come next Tuesday: Faux turban fabric headbands! Tagged as: bracelets, burdastyle, chain, diy, magic, wwdmagic

creative jewish mom I'm quite sure how that happened, but Purim is in another week plus a few days, and so it is surely time to get crafting for Purim, right? Okay, truthfully I have been crafting, just not stuff that I can share with you at the moment, or have yet to photograph, which is usually the case, phew! I tried to photograph something quickly before the sun went down, but since the project wasn't quite finished I think I'll share it with you in its entirety tomorrow. In the mean time I realized there may have been some projects that I did last year and hadn't shared, and yes, sure enough, I now present to you my quick soda bottle clown craft! Yes it is true, we have made soda bottle clowns in the past, or rather my daughter made soda bottle clown gift boxes, that were recycled. I made this to give on Shushan Purim (the day celebrated in cities that were once ancient walled cities, like Jerusalem and Akko) since in our town we give a few mishloach manot on that day as well.

Braided Bead Jewelry: DIY I have recently received quite a few requests for river rock necklaces to accompany the earrings I make. I wanted to make something that could be dressed up or down, so decided to go with a Bohemian braided bead necklace and bracelet. Here's the tutorial: Materials Needed: 3 yards of waxed linen cord 140-150 size 8/o seed beads (I actually use size 11/o seed beads, but they're really little) a 10-13mm 2-hole button or necklace clasp scissors Directions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. betz white: Felt Ogee Ornament Tutorial I woke up this morning with an image in my head of a felt snowflake. So I asked my kids to make a few traditional fold and cut paper snowflakes for me before they left for school. I wanted to use them as templates for my idea. …it worked! Step 1: Cut one 6″x 6″ square of felt. Step 2: Using a straight edge and an Xacto knife, cut along the first line from the corner to about 1/4″ from the diagonal line. Repeat until all cuts have been made, keeping the felt intact at each corner on the diagonal line. Step 3: Lift the corners of the center square and hand stitch the ends together with matching thread. Step 4: Turn the piece over and lift the corners of the second square. Step 5: Continue turning the piece over, overlapping points and stitching until all 4 squares are stitched. Step 6: Create a hanging loop at one end with a clear monofilament thread. This makes a large ornament, about 10″ in total length. Felt projects inspired by paper projects is a natural.

Tutorial: Religion Bracelet Due to both impulsive buying and people wise to my crafty ways, I have a lot of beads, charms and other jewellery-related bits and bobs floating around my room. So when I saw a gorgeous bracelet on Forever 21’s website, I found something I just had to make my own version of! Here’s mine: And here’s theirs: Religious Charm Bracelet, was £9.99 now £7.49, 21 Men @ Forever 21 Forever 21’s version is so gorgeous, but chances are with it being a men’s bracelet, it would slip over my hand. Naturally - realising I had everything I needed to make my own version - I got cracking and made the bracelet at the top of this post! I took pictures along the way too, so I could show you guys how to make a religious charm bracelet of your own! Time needed: 10-15 minutes (approx) You’ll need: Beads 2 x religious charms Chain Clasp 5 x split rings 2 x crimps Bead stringing wire Cutters Round-nosed pliers Flat-nosed pliers 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Here’s a second bracelet I made using the same method, with just a few changes:

Things My Father didn’t Teach Me, How to tie a Tie&-& this isnt h... ABOUT ARCHIVE FOLLOW Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+ Ads Via The Deck Things My Father didn’t Teach Me, How to tie a Tie share it 3,740 notes : : : o l g a j a z z y : : :: :: Cable Braided Necklace :: Yesterday, I have been deep in thought while sizing a pattern, deadlines all looming and sooo much to do before the year's end. I have thought to share a great little technique with you. Something last minute that you can make for either a gift of for yourself! It's been cool, so having that tiny bit of precious cashmere caressing your neck certainly felt cosy. So here is what you would need: Time: 1.5-2hr (excluding drying time). 15-20 grams of Fingering or Sport weight yarn. Needle: US 4 (3.5 mm) Crochet hook C or D. Gauge: 6 sts and 7-8 rows in 1" over Stockinette stitch swatch Cabled Braids are made up by knitting 2 strips. 1st strip: Using needle and yarn CO 9 sts. 2nd strip: Using needle and yarn CO 9 sts. On next row (RS): K4, yo, k2tog, k3. If you wish to make strips longer - repeat the sequence from *. Wash your strips, make sure to use wool wash to help and fluff those fibers. Then follow the photo guide to braid your necklace or bracelet or headband. The view from down under.