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Story Generator - TV Tropes

Story Generator - TV Tropes

Inspiration Pad Online The Seven Laws of Comedy Writing Dramatic situations The Thirty-six (plus one) Dramatic Situations Georges Polti says that all stories boil down to just 36 dramatic situations and takeoffs of those situations. Somebody else out there added #37. If you're stuck for a situation, try this. A situation appears below randomly (in bold print). If you'd like more information, or want to see the subplots for the situation, click on its link below. (Note: In several cases, specific gender in the original descriptions has been replaced with non-specific gender. Your situation: 36. Still stuck for plot ideas? Oblique Strategies | The 37 Dramatic Situations | Cosmic ThoughtsRandom Science Fiction Story Ideas | Curses | Paragraphs SF Characters | SF Items | SF Descriptors | SF Places | SF EventsSF Jobs/Occupations | Fantasy Jobs/Occupations | Contemporary Jobs/OccupationsRandom Emotions | Emotions List | Intensity of Feelings

The Domesday Book - Medieval Demographics Made Easy The Domesday Book Penned by Brandon Blackmoor, based on Medieval Demographics Made Easy by S. John Ross Here is subscribed the inquisition of lands as the barons of the king have made inquiry into them... <p>Forsooth, thy browser is truly antiquated! Thou canst not access this web site with a browser such as thine. Land Mass The population density of , due to factors such as climate, geography, and political environment, is persons per km2 . occupies km2 ( hexes, each km across and roughly km2 in area). Population 's population is approximately persons. residents are isolated or itinerant. residents live in villages. residents live in towns. residents live in cities. residents live in big cities. The average distance between villages is km. supports Universities. supports head of livestock: fowl (e.g. chickens, geese, ducks). dairy and meat animals (e.g. cows, goats, pigs, sheep). Large population centers of any scale are the result of traffic. Castles and Fortifications Towns and Cities

Feelings table Character Feelings You can describe your character's feelings in more exact terms than just "happy" or "sad." Check these lists for the exact nuance to describe your character's intensity of feelings. SF Characters | SF Items | SF Descriptors | SF Places | SF EventsSF Jobs/Occupations | Random Emotions | Emotions List | Intensity of Feelings Chaotic Shiny - RPG-Related Generators Archetype Tragedy is one of the Nine Muses Melpomene by Gustave Moreau What's a Muse? In Greek mythology, the muses were goddesses of artistic inspiration. Many writers speak of spending time with their muses while they're writing in a state of " flow ," or say that the muse has refused to visit when they have writer's block. Choose Your Muse We have several muses fluttering around to help you. Story Starters - One keeps a variety of story starters and idea generators on hand.

Main Page - Abulafia Random Generators GIMP - hexGIMP hexGIMP This script creates a set of layers and an image grid suitable for making TSR-style wilderness hex maps. The brushes included in the distribution were derived from hex art copyright Thorfinn Tait, used with permission (see his site at ). The interface is simple: tiles are placed by selecting a terrain or city brush and clicking inside hexes, and rivers, roads, and political borders are drawn by hand. An image grid makes tile placement easy, and multiple layers keep everything separated for ease of editing and to ensure correct appearance (for example, roads will automatically go under hex grid lines and over rivers). hexGIMP is compatible with wildgen , my online random wilderness hex map generator; maps generated with the "no grid" option may be copied and pasted onto the terrain layer and then edited. See the README file in the .zip for installation and usage instructions. An image created with hexGIMP hexGIMP 0.0.5 (now with optional numbered hexes).

Encounter-a-Day » Adventures If I Knew You Were Coming I’d Have Baked a Cake! Posted in Adventures on January 7th, 2009 | 2 Comments » Tags: Magic, Military Villages and cities are being razed over night with no warning. The few survivors speak of an entire army appearing from nowhere, blind-siding the city’s defenders. The army in question could be traveling through the underdark, emerging from caves near their intended targets. Not Quite Deus Ex Machina Posted in Adventures on January 5th, 2009 | 2 Comments » Tags: The next time your PCs find themselves captured, whether being held for ransom or awaiting their doom in a James Bond-esque death trap, consider taking a quick break from the main campaign. Understanding the Threat… Posted in Adventures on August 18th, 2008 | 5 Comments » Tags: Rural, Slivers When some strange new creatures appear on the fringes of civilization, the kingdom is at a loss for what to do. Welcome to the Jungle Cleaning House Finders, Keepers The family that slays together…

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