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Burning the Future: Coal in America Burning the Future: Coal in America dramatically documents the devastating environmental, health and social impact our addiction to coal has on West Virgina, where mountaintop removal mining has obliterated 1.4 million acres of mountains and polluted the groundwater. The film profiles the courageous West Virginians who challenged the powerful coal industry, and launched a valiant fight to arouse the nation's help in protecting their mountains, saving their families, and preserving their way of life. Host a Screening | Buy the DVD | About the Film “burns through the 'clean coal' rhetoric, showing the harsh truth of the coal story.”

Hain Consulting - Project Manager Competency Model Survey Project Manager Competency Model Survey The Project Manager Competency Model (PMCM) self-assessment enables project managers to self-assess their current project management capability against a baseline of competency that underpins good practice. This survey is derived from Hain Consulting’s 360° Competency Assessment process and provides feedback on your current capabilities and development needs through a brief email report. The Project Manager Competency Self-Assessment: ACC Portfolio Path - Individual Credentialing - ICF Clicking on the blue text in the below bullet points will provide additional information where available. Application Requirements See the emerging trends page for helpful articles about various credentialing-related topics. Cost $300 USD for members, $500 USD for non-membersAdditional fee applies should applicant need to take CKA more than one time in order to successfully complete. Estimated Timeline

Principles of Interpersonal Communication Common to all interpersonal communications are some basic principles. These principles govern the effectiveness of our communications; they may be simple to understand but can take a lifetime to master. This page explains these principles and gives examples of how, why and when interpersonal communication occurs. Cryptic Moth Productions "Addicted To Plastic" ADDICTED TO PLASTIC is a feature-length documentary about solutions to plastic pollution. The point-of-view style documentary encompasses three years of filming in 12 countries on 5 continents, including two trips to the middle of the Pacific Ocean where plastic debris accumulates. The film details plastic's path over the last 100 years and provides a wealth of expert interviews on practical and cutting edge solutions to recycling, toxicity and biodegradability. These solutions - which include plastic made from plants - will provide viewers with a hopeful perspective about our future with plastic. Addicted to Plastic Photos

HWSA - Home The Heads of Workplace Safety Authorities (HWSA) is a group comprising the General Managers (or their representatives) of the peak bodies responsible for the regulation and administration of work health and safety in Australia and New Zealand. This extranet site is exclusively accessed by HWSA members and their representatives. Each member or representative has a unique user name and password. A password and user name are required to enter the site. If you forgot your password, please contact the site administrator. Each safety regulator has comprehensive information and advice on:

Principles of Effective Interpersonal Communication skills Are you experiencing difficulties communicating with someone? Perhaps at work with your boss, or your colleagues, or at home with your partner, children or other family members? Is there an unresolved conflict that you are struggling with? Nine step Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Plan Conducting a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) can be a daunting task, TNAs get easier with experience, however it can be a straightforward process. An effective Training Needs Analysis needs to be a good fit with your existing (and future desired) business and culture. Nine steps to producing a TNA: Identify the business need (gap in performance/ capability) for the trainingStrategically align the training need with your objectivesConduct a TNA (gap) analysisConduct an audit of current internal (and external) skills and competenciesConsult with your organisation to decide if training is the action required to address the identified gapsAgree outcomes and assemble a framework that fits with expectationsSelect appropriate delivery methodsAgree an assessment so the business knows if the training is worthwhile (this also sets the evaluation criteria – i.e. how will you know the training intervention has been successful?)

Free leadership theory training materials, leadership theories guide - what is leadership? 'how to' leadership, leadership tips, leadership skills educational articles for leadership and management training, how to be an effective leader This article aims: to help clarify what leadership is, and to offer a comprehensive summary of the main ways to understand and explain what leadership means. As you will see, leadership can, and necessarily should, be approached from a variety of standpoints. A helpful way to understand leadership is by exploring leadership thinking and theories using these three main conceptual viewpoints:

Leadership Continuum What is the Leadership Continuum? Description According to the Leadership Continuum model of R. Tannenbaum and W.H. Get a “grip” to resolve team conflict By Charley Morrow A few weeks ago, I wrote about how teams form and the importance of conflict. Effective leaders need to help their teams resolve conflict. Simply asking what’s going on sometimes works, but often the issues are deeper. When we see conflict in a team, it shows up in how people communicate (or don’t), how they treat each other, and sometimes in the level of emotion they express.