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the capitalist network that runs the world - physics-math - 19 October 2011 AS PROTESTS against financial power sweep the world this week, science may have confirmed the protesters' worst fears. An analysis of the relationships between 43,000 transnational corporations has identified a relatively small group of companies, mainly banks, with disproportionate power over the global economy. The study's assumptions have attracted some criticism, but complex systems analysts contacted by New Scientist say it is a unique effort to untangle control in the global economy. Pushing the analysis further, they say, could help to identify ways of making global capitalism more stable. 50 Great Examples of Data Visualization Wrapping your brain around data online can be challenging, especially when dealing with huge volumes of information. And trying to find related content can also be difficult, depending on what data you’re looking for. But data visualizations can make all of that much easier, allowing you to see the concepts that you’re learning about in a more interesting, and often more useful manner. Below are 50 of the best data visualizations and tools for creating your own visualizations out there, covering everything from Digg activity to network connectivity to what’s currently happening on Twitter. Music, Movies and Other Media

NameBase NameBase is a web-based cross-indexed database of names that focuses on individuals involved in the international intelligence community, U.S. foreign policy, crime, and business. The focus is on the post-World War II era and on left of center, conspiracy theory, and espionage activities.[1] In the 1980s, through his company Micro Associates, he sold subscriptions to this computerized database, under its original name, Public Information Research, Inc (PIR). At PIR's onset, Brandt was President of the newly formed non-profit corporation and investigative researcher, Peggy Adler, served as its Vice President. The material was described as "information on all sorts of spooks, military officials, political operators and other cloak-and-dagger types.

How journalists can use Geocommons to create interactive maps A few months ago, John Keefe wrote a How To about using shapefiles. The power of the shapefile, he wrote, is the ability to refer to regions instead of points. But what if your data has points (for example, addresses), and you want to map regions? Let’s say, for example, you have addresses of environmental violations, and you want to show which congressional districts have the most violations. You need to find a way to associate those points into shapes. In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to do that. Google, Dow and Deutsche Bank break into top-10 biggest corporate lobbying spenders But be warned: EU lobby register data remain unreliable The EU´s lobby Transparency Register recently had a make-over, with a new interface and several other features resulting from revised EU lobby transparency rules. Also, all registrants had to re-submit updated information about their lobbying including their spending.

Henry Kissinger Head Of 911 Commission - 9/11 Encyclopedia From 9/11 Encyclopedia: Appointed on November 28th, 2001, together with George Mitchell as co-head. Both resigned after only two weeks, when their controversial background became too popular on the internet and even reached some mainstream articles. On George Mitchell: Special Counsel at the law firm of Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard, McPherson and Hand since 1995. Appointed to the United States Senate in 1980, Senator Mitchell served until he left the Senate in 1995 as Majority Leader, a position he had held since January 1989. Senator Mitchell is a Director of The Walt Disney Company, FedEx Corporation, UNUM / Provident Corporation, Xerox Corporation, Casella Waste Systems, Inc., Starwood Hotels and Resorts, MPS Group and Unilever.

Game Physics Simulation We have been making a lot of progress in higher quality physics simulation for robotics, games and visual effects. To make our physics simulation easier to use, especially for roboticist and machine learning experts, we created Python bindings, see examples/pybullet. In addition, we added Virtual Reality support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift using the openvr sdk. See attached youtube movie. Updated documentation will be added soon, as well as possible show-stopper bug-fixes, so the actual release tag may bump up to 2.85.x. Download the release from github here.

RelFinder - Visual Data Web Are you interested in how things are related with each other? The RelFinder helps to get an overview: It extracts and visualizes relationships between given objects in RDF data and makes these relationships interactively explorable. Highlighting and filtering features support visual analysis both on a global and detailed level. How journalists can use Google Refine to clean ‘dirty’ data sets The first attempt at a lead for this post, it turns out, was pretty much the same lead I wrote five years ago when reviewing a book about dirty data. My lapse illustrates two things: First, that I have the memory of a goldfish and some bad habits to address. Second, that dirty data is a constant thorn in the sides of data journalists. Luckily, we now have a tool to address it. Google Refine bills itself as a “power tool for working with messy data,” and it does not disappoint. While not a turnkey solve-all for data integrity, it makes this tedious task far less intimidating.

CIA Proprietary Agencies & Agents Worldwide 22 October 2012. @slim404 claims the list below is old. Previous, The C.I.A. 500: 22 October 2012 CIA Proprietary Agencies & Agents Worldwide