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22 Websites You Didn’t Know Were Useful to Architects

22 Websites You Didn't Know Were Useful to Architects Being an architect is hard. At times, you're expected to act as everything from a graphic designer to a handyman (or woman), from a data scientist to a writer, or from a computer programmer to a public speaker. And, you're expected to do all these things on little to no sleep and for a much lower wage than you're probably worth. But don't fear - the internet is here to help (it's not just a place to procrastinate, you know). We've collected 22 free websites that can help you in the never ending quests for efficiency, knowledge and good taste. Are you a big fan of Richard Meier? Perhaps you're the resident BIM expert at your practice, or perhaps you're just good at solving technical problems. It can be expensive to have nice things. A lot of architects aren't natural-born writers. You can't do work if you're dead. That complex facade was a great idea - until you had to draw it in CAD. The world of flash drives can be a minefield.

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30+ Amazing Floor Design Ideas For Homes Indoor & Outdoor Advertisement Floor is an important part of your home that it carries all the items of your home and your family. The floor design ideas reflect the concept and quality of your life. And the design of floor is not casually. Bläck envisions post-apocalyptic Stockholm Stockholm-based studio Bläck has produced a great deal of eye-catching work in the past, including an award-winning Nike+ campaign with classic black-and-white cartoons designed by French illustrator McBess, and a series of commercials for Electronic Arts' fantasy role-playing game, Dragon Age Inquisition. But with State Zero – a live-action short film directed by Andrée Wallin – the team had to take on a very different task altogether: it had to transform its very own backyard into a post-apocalyptic nightmare. State Zero’s backdrop is that of Stockholm; a near-future take on the city, plunged into pure dystopia. Aggressive, mutated vampires stalk the land while military teams venture into hazardous zones, attempting to maintain invaluable surveillance towers.

Meet the New Class of Architecture Hackers By jumping on the “hacking” bandwagon (about time!), architecture is becoming a culture of creative tinkering. No longer is the idea to design a solution that withstands the test of time—the goal is rather to produce a concept that works well for now, but can change to accommodate future needs. Architecture firm Gensler recently used the term "hacking" in its radical submission for the renovation of the J. Edgar Hoover Building, a brutalist former FBI headquarters in Washington, DC. Their concept was intentionally a little wacky, including dramatic cuts and heavy symbiotic additions that could accommodate programs such as big-box retail and a rooftop soccer field.

Temporary DIY Wall Treatment Ideas For Renters Renting a home is never easy. And after finally finding that perfect place you could call home comes the difficult part: decorating and arranging the small place to resemble that dream home we have always wanted. But then another problem rises: if you rent a home for a short period of time, you will not really be allowed to modify the interior to your liking, especially if you have a short term contract or no contract at all .Nonetheless, there are tons of temporary solutions to help you in your endeavors. So today we have gathered a small collection of Temporary DIY Wall Treatment Ideas For Renters.

Are 3D Renderings Deceiving Architects and Clients? "The Rendering View," is a monthly column on ArchDaily by PiXate Creative founder Jonn Kutyla which focuses on hints, tips, and wider discussions about architectural rendering. Digital architectural renderings and their hand-drawn counterparts both serve the purpose of allowing clients and investors to envision a building or space well-before ground has even been broken on a project. But while renderings can provide amazingly accurate depictions of buildings, a rendering done in the wrong style can create unrealistic expectations for the end client, leaving them disappointed with the architect and the builders, creating tension and distrust. For that reason, among others, many people in the architectural profession have condemned the use of renderings, especially digital renderings. As I am certain you have heard before, a picture is worth a thousand words.

10 Innovative Materials That Could Revolutionize the Construction Industry 10 Innovative Materials That Could Revolutionize the Construction Industry Cement that can generate light? Concrete for building on Mars? Translucent wood? Biodegradable furniture? Pollution absorbing bricks? 40 Architecture Docs to Watch In 2014 This time last year we published our 30 Architecture Docs to Watch in 2013 featuring a fantastic range of films telling the tales of some of the world’s greatest unsung architectural heroes. We now bring you eleven more for 2014, looking past the panoply of stars to bring you more of the best architectural documentaries which will provoke, intrigue and beguile. 1.

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#SystemReset – Part 2: Plastics from Air – Think Biomimicry As we come to the close of the hottest year on modern record for the planet, the potential for a #SystemReset that results in carbon sequestration is a welcome one. In this post, I provide an example of how an alternative biomimetic systems approach to sourcing and producing plastic that actually sequesters carbon can redefine the environmental impacts of the plastics industry while still delivering high-quality plastics that meet core functional needs. As I mentioned in Part 1 of my #SystemReset series, using a biomimicry systems approach (including the innovation methodology and Life’s Principles) to rethink the approach to solving for the core function of a product allows innovators to quickly find existing working whole-system solutions as starting points to create viable alternative human product category system solutions.

HDR Sky Lighting for Interiors Notes on noise.. For people thinking that the above renders look too noisy for their uses.. then I would just change the noise threshold from 0.01 to something lower. The renders are just for comparison purposes. When I do high res renders, like over 5k, I sometimes even increase the noise threshold to 0.02. I never do animation work so have no experience with having to output super clean renders so please bear that in mind in the comments. Notes on render times Interview with Henry Goss on hyper-realistic 3D architectural renders Interview: following the popularity of the hyper-realistic computer renderings of Staithe End house that we published earlier in the month, Henry Goss, the architect and visualiser who produced the renders, talks to Dezeen about how 3D visualisations are becoming indistinguishable from real photographs. Goss set up architectural visualisation company Goss Visualisations in 2012, having started up his own architectural practice the previous year. In the interview, he reveals that he owes his visualisation style to well-known visualiser Peter Guthrie. "I got into visualisation because of Peter," Goss says. "Peter pretty much taught me everything I know in 3D Studio Max."

This New Drawing App Shows How Digital Software Will Save Sketching, Not Destroy It This New Drawing App Shows How Digital Software Will Save Sketching, Not Destroy It Mental Canvas is not the first software that attempts to save the act of sketching--we have seen 3D "sketching" tools such as SketchUp, as well as applications that simply simulate sketching on paper, such as Morpholio's popular range of sketching apps. But what makes Mental Canvas revolutionary is that you have the ability to sketch freely in a three-dimensional space without the constraints of traditional CAD modelling; it’s what Julie Dorsey, founder of Mental Canvas, calls a "graphical media"; not fully flat but not fully 3D. The software will be released later this year on Microsoft Surface devices, including the recently announced Surface Studio, working with the hardware of the Surface computers and the Surface Dial to provide a natural sketching experience on a virtual canvas. [CAD modelling] comes at a cost.

Indirect illumination VRay tutorial Hello! We are pleased to share with you a new portion of 3d stuff. Continuing the theme of the correct configuration of V-Ray renderer, in this and the following three tutorials, we look into the second important part of V-Ray settings, the Indirect illumination. This tutorial answers the following questions: - What is the indirect illumination? - How do indirect lighting looks in nature?