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Book Inspired Candles par BookScentsCandles Mis Ebooks - Comprar Ebook Simplifíca tu vida. Y sé feliz. El Ebook está en formato pdf, tiene 136 páginas que se corresponden a 45 capítulos y un precio de 2,40 euros. Lo descargas y ya puedes leerlo. Si quieres comprarlo clicka en el botón Add to cart y sigue los pasos. Puedes también comprarlo directamente en Amazon para Kindle. Si tienes alguna duda de cómo hacer la compra: como comprar Comprar Ebook: Rompe tus cadenas mentales. El Ebook está en formato pdf, tiene 135 páginas que se corresponden a 45 capítulos y un precio de 2,20 euros. En la lista Amazon de los 50 más vendidos en su categoría! Contenidos Simplifica tu vida. En esta ocasión quiero ayudarte a que logres simplificar tu vida. Necesitamos una vida a escala humana. Y estos son los objetivos de este ebook que ahora tienes entre manos. En este libro te ofrezco: - Como ser productivo y estar a la vez relajado - Cómo bajar el ritmo - Aprender a andar el camino - Tener valores para vivir - Estar centrado y fluyendo - Aprender a vivir sin estrés

Skills you need as an Instructional Designer Are you tired of seeing heavy content slides? Do teaching methods and strategies appear far from being comprehensible? Well! An Instructional designer breaks down content that involves any learning material, into something that is easy to comphrehend; he or she also creates the content to be appealing to the target audience. Here are lists of essential Skills you need as an Instructional Designer: First things First! Thus, as a skillful Instructional Designer you will be meeting solves the needs of the learner and facilitates the process of learning in an innovative manner. LevelUp! Online Workshop - Registration (Early Sign-up Discount Now!) The #1 Online Art Workshop in the World by Invest in your passion.We believe in the life-long path of studying art and upping the necessary skills to succeed in the industry and in your personal artwork. Level Up is a state of the art, on demand, online workshop setting with in-depth assignments, built specifically for visual artists. In Level Up, you learn at your own pace and according to your schedule. You can access it anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, to gain deeper insights, take advantage of constructive critiques, see positive encouragement, and focus on the things you need to get better at what you do. And more...

Gumroad PEN Samples PEN Samples is an initiative which supports professional development for translators and the translation of under-represented languages into English. We offer small grants to translators to produce sample translations and reports on books in other languages that have not yet been acquired by an English-language publisher. On this page you will find these award-winning sample translations and reports. We also collaborate with partner organisations to host events and workshops around professional development for translators (see our current projects below). The award PEN Samples offers £250 for a sample translation and report. Eligibility PEN Samples is open to sample translations from all languages. The application process PEN Samples is a rolling grant; translators may apply at any time using this application form. Current projects English PEN Sample Translations and Readers’ Reports Hamid Ismailov: Dance of Devils – sample translation available here: Dance of Devils – Uzbek

Consultoría artesana 9 Tips To Improve Online Learners’ Engagement With the coming of Internet, the way learning is imparted has undergone a drastic change. It is no longer limited to teachers giving lessons to the students physically located in front of them in the classrooms. Now they can teach students living in far off places through web based learning and educational materials. This has led to the proliferation of various kinds of online materials devised for students, working professionals, and others who want to acquire new skills and knowledge. But teaching students physically present in a class is quite different from teaching individuals located in far away locations. The most online learners do not have a teacher at their place to explain things to them. Their problem magnifies even more when teachers and professionals designing online courses do not give due attention to making things simple for them. Removing excess image, text, and graphics.Some online learning courses are stuffed with too many images, text, links, and graphics.

Schoolism Getaround - Peer-to-peer car sharing and local car rental Practical Magic: Yerba Mate - The Drink of the Gods Yerba Mate - The Drink of the Gods Name: Yerba Mate Most Commonly Found: Yerba mate is grown and processed in the South American rainforest holly tree (Ilex paraguariensis). It is primarily found in northern Argentina (Corrientes, Misiones), Paraguay, Uruguay, and southern Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná and Mato Grosso do Sul). Stone Cold Facts: Yerba Mate has the “strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate.” What to Heal: Along with being a popular beverage, Yerba mate heals a number of illnesses. In Brazil, people use mate to stimulate the nervous and muscular systems and is used for digestive problems, renal colic, nerve pain, depression, fatigue and obesity. In Europe, it is also used for weight-loss, physical and mental fatigue, depression, rheumatic pains and psychogenic and fatigue related headaches. Millions of South Americans drink mate and weight problems are less common within that continent.

Differentiate Between Goals and Resolutions to Aid in Personal Achievement Many popular new year resolutions such as "lose 25 lbs" or "run a marathon" are actually goals, not resolutions. If there is a specific achievement it's a goal, but permanent changes to your life are resolutions since you keep doing them every day and not just until a specific achievement is reached. Psychology weblog The Happiness Project points out that goals are great for happiness but can easily cause discouragement if you don't hit your goal on time. What if it takes longer than you expected? What if it's harder than you expected? The key here is to know which changes in your life should be attainable goals and which should be permanent resolutions. Happiness: Should you have GOALS or RESOLUTIONS?

Should an Instructional Designer Have an Advanced Degree? As the field of eLearning continues to grow, so does the demand for instructional designers. If you look at job listings for many corporations, the listing specifies that they are seeking a qualified applicant who has an advanced degree. Is it necessary for someone to have a graduate degree in order to design quality training courses? Some might argue that having an advanced degree in instructional design indicates that a person is qualified to design eLearning content in a manner that is most effective. Others may say that life experience is the best teacher one could ever hope to have. Other Perspectives Regardless of which side of this debate you find yourself, the discussion is missing a critical element. We've all also seen situations where the person who does a terrific job in the office, simply has no skills when it comes to teaching. Which to Choose? For lack of a fully convincing argument on either side, it might be best to simply choose the best candidate for the job.

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