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FLOSS Manuals (en)

FLOSS Manuals (en)

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Introduction to the Command Line Commands enable you to do all sorts of powerful things. We will demonstrate this by looking at an everyday task you might be familiar with. If you use a digital camera, you probably have a folder full of images on your computer. Imagine you wish to resize the image profile.jpg so it is 300 pixels wide and then save it as a new image called profile_small.jpg. Using an image editing software, the steps you need to go through might be as follows: Open the image editor from the Applications menu.

3 Easy Ways Anyone Can Learn to Code We live in a digital world, yet far too many people, even millennials, are technologically illiterate. In a world where our smartphones are the first thing many of us touch in the morning and the last thing we touch at night, we need to be honest about the importance of technology, and, consequently, the role basic technical literacy plays in our world today. Jason Nazar encourages millennials to learn code, saying, “If you plan to stay gainfully employed, you better complement that humanities degree with some applicable technical chops.”

4 Free Software alternatives to Matlab For those involved in data analysis, numerical computation and taks of that nature, Matlab is an industry standard software to use, though it is not necessarily the best available. The problem is that (Matlab) is commercial and can be expensive. Recently I took a class on Machine Learning and was surprised to find that the professor was not going to use Matlab, but a Free Software alternative called GNU Octave, which was good news because it meant not having to spend money on a proprietary software. Being relatively new to this field, I decided to see what other Free Software alternatives are available. Top 50 Portable Open Source Apps If you travel frequently, it can be frustrating to have to use a system that doesn’t have your favorite open source software already installed. Fortunately, many of the most popular open source applications come in portable versions that you can take with you on a USB thumb drive or other portable media. What makes an application portable? These apps can run from any portable device (a thumb drive, CD, DVD, portable hard drive or other device) without needing to be installed directly on the hard drive of the system you're using. They also don't leave behind any files on the host system, and they don't interfere with other software installed on that system. For this list, we've compiled some of the best portable open source applications available.

An Overview of the Euro Crisis - Interactive Graphic Arrows show imbalances of debt exposure between borrowers in one country and banks in another; arrows point from debtors to their bank creditors. Arrow widths are proportional to the balance of money owed. For example, French borrowers owe Italian banks $50.6 billion; Italian borrowers owe French banks $416.4 billion. The difference — their imbalance — shows France's banking system more exposed to Italian debtors by about $365.8 billion.

Knowledgebase - Lesson 01 - Introduction to Computer Networking Lesson 02 - What is a Computer Network? Lesson 03 - Why we need computer networks? Lesson 04 - Client Operating Systems and Network Operating Systems (NOS) Lesson 05 - Common Network Application Software Lesson 06 - Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN) World of Free and Open Source Art Balloon Dog 1 by Rob Myers, model by Bassam Kurdali Glyphiti 2006: View of Glyphiti (2001-present), Andy Deck Lines by Virtual Theater (Canada) at the 090909 UpStage Festival, screengrab by Helen Varley Jamieson Collaboration and Freedom – The World of Free and Open Source Art This is a collection of artworks, texts and resources about freedom and openness in the arts, in the age of the Internet. mongoose - Mongoose - easy to use web server Overview Mongoose is the most easy to use web server on the planet. A web server of choice for Web developers (PHP, Ruby, Python, etc) and Web designers. Mongoose is built on top of libmongoose embedded library, which can turn anything into a web server in 5 minutes worth of effort and few lines of code. Libmongoose is used to serve Web GUI on embedded devices, implement RESTful services, RPC frameworks (e.g.