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Make Your Own Business Video - Cheap Animated Promo Videos What sets our video production service apart from the competition, is the fact that all the videos and intros we produce are based on professional quality video templates made for Adobe After Affects. This way you get to enjoy a video presentation that uses advanced effects and 3D rendering only possible by using a professional grade video software. To start creating your video, pick a template that you like. After uploading your content, you'll have a HD video ready within 30 minutes. You will be able to download a video file that you can share on Youtube, Facebook or your own website. We specialize in web video production. You have spent months making your website and building a business that offers a great service and now you need to make some sales. You probably spent many hours surfing the web and reading articles about the best way to promote your business and increase sales. When launching my website, I took my own medicine and I used videos that I made here.

ADTECH Ad Server Solutions for Publishers, Ad Networks, Agencies and Advertisers - Home Office perks that make Facebook and Google jealous Find out about the unique office perks available at Vooza. A primal scream room, ‘see-through walls’ and an inspirational foosball table are just some of the ways employees are kept happy. Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24. >> Every great journey begins with the first step.And the first step you take here at Vooza is off the elevator.

Ad server solution for publishers, advertisers & networks Showyou Channel Platform Make Business Video | Animated Video Production | Innovative Storytelling Through Film | Stillmotion Comment créer une vidéo professionnelle en 5 minutes. Pour réaliser cette prouesse nous allons utiliser le logiciel Wondershare Video Editor. Ce logiciel est aussi puissant que facile à utiliser. Il bénéficie de toute l’expertise de Wondershare, société reconnue dans le développement logiciel. La création d’une vidéo avec Video Editor peut être résumée en trois étapes : Ajout de fichiersÉditionExportation de la vidéoLe tutoriel se déroule sous MAC. L’installation du logiciel est ultra simple, il suffit de déplacer le fichier dans le répertoire Applications. Pour vous faire découvrir ce logiciel, nous allons nous baser sur des vidéos réalisées avec un appareil photo numérique lors de la rencontre du Tournoi des 6 nations 2014 au Stade de France lors de la rencontre France / Irlande. Lors de l’ouverture de Video Editor, vous arrivez sur cette interface très intuitive : Étape 1: Ajout des fichiers. Étape 2: Édition de vos vidéos. Cette étape consiste à appliquer des effets sur vos vidéos, mais aussi à rajouter des transitions entre vos vidéos.

Add live, face-to-face video with the OpenTok platform | TokBox A suite of advanced capabilities that power real-time communication for your websites and apps. Record, archive, and access every OpenTok session. OpenTok’s Archiving API makes it easy to record your OpenTok sessions. Archives are easily evaluated through the OpenTok Dashboard, which displays size, status, date, and other essential information. Rich with features The Archiving API include a number of convenient features such as start-and-stop capabilities, server-side recording, and a simple, informative UI. High quality Session recordings are output as MP4 with H.264 video and AAC audio to ensure crisp, high-quality playback. Cross-device compatibility & security Archiving is compatible with all OpenTok-supported web clients and mobile endpoints. Industry leading We're constantly striving to push the scope and power of the OpenTok Platform to deliver the capabilities you need in the real world. — Kevin Law, Co-Founder, Cambly Inc. Straightforward pricing Beyond text chat. Features include:

Créez des screencast avec Screencastify, une extension Chrome Vous désirez créer un tutoriel pour une application Web ou démontrer le fonctionnement d’un site Web? Je vous suggère de jeter un coup d’oeil du côté de Screencastify. Cette application est un fait une extension gratuite pour Google Chrome. Screencastify vous permettra de créer facilement des animations vidéos de l’onglet actif sur votre navigateur Chrome.Une fois que vous aurez terminé votre vidéo, Screencastify vous proposera de téléverser votre screencast sur votre compte YouTube ou sur votre ordinateur. Screencastify est encore en développement. Pour l’instant, l’application vous offre la possibilité d’ajuster la résolution de votre vidéo ainsi que la source audio. Screencastify utilise le format vidéo ouvert WebM. Liens: Installez Screencastify Via: wwwhatsnew

TokBox Rolls Out Video Recording API, Primes Its Monetization Pump TokBox, a Sequoia-backed startup that offers tools for quickly integrating video functionality into apps and websites, is launching a new feature today for its OpenTok suite of video APIs: video recording and archiving. You may remember TokBox as the service that let users quickly jump into live video chats with each other, sort of like a web-based Skype video. But that changed this past February, when TokBox shuttered its struggling consumer-facing products and decided to focus exclusively on a set of video-focused APIs, storage, and streaming features collectively called the OpenTok platform. Obviously giving users the ability to record, save, and share video clips isn’t a new idea — people do it every day on sites like YouTube and Facebook — but the new video archiving API makes it relatively easy for other sites to integrate their own custom solutions.