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Design and Build a Rube Goldberg Summary In this two-part activity, students design and build Rube Goldberg machines. This open-ended challenge employs the engineering design process and may have a pre-determined purpose, such as rolling a marble into a cup from a distance, or let students decide the purposes. Engineering Connection Designing and building is essential to engineering. Educational Standards Each TeachEngineering lesson or activity is correlated to one or more K-12 science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) educational standards. All 100,000+ K-12 STEM standards covered in TeachEngineering are collected, maintained and packaged by the Achievement Standard Network (ASN), a project of JES & Co. In the ASN, standards are hierarchically structured: first by source; e.g., by state; within source by type; e.g., science or mathematics; within type by subtype, then by grade, etc. Click on the standard groupings to explore this hierarchy as it applies to this document. Pre-Req Knowledge Learning Objectives Procedure

[Growth Hack] Les vrais emails de vos contacts Facebook en 3 clics. Trouvez les vrais emails de vos contacts Facebook en 3 clics 3.6 (71.25%) 16 votes DISCLAIMER: Cette méthode vous permettra de trouver l’email associé au compte facebook de vos contacts => ceci n’est qu’une méthode, un outil. Comme tout outil, mal utilisé vous vous ferez plus de mal que de bien. Que diriez-vous si je vous disais qu’il était possible de récupérer les adresses emails de vos contacts Facebook ? Petit rappel avant de commencer “En France, l’envoi d’emailing non sollicité est autorisé dans le cadre professionnel si l’objet de ce dernier est logique au regard de la fonction du destinataire dans l’entreprise. Ce hack Faceboook est à destination des startups early stage et/ou des entrepreneurs voulant tester leur proposition de valeur rapidement et gratuitement. Certaines applications Facebook, comme Friend List Exporter, sauvegardent dans un fichier CSV le nom de vos amis, leur ville et anniversaire… Par contre, elles ne récupèrent pas les adresses email de nos amis Facebook. 2.

The British Museum Is Now Open To Everyone: Take a Virtual Tour and See 4,634 Artifacts “I met a girl at the British Museum once,” a fellow said to me at a party last weekend. “Her name was Rosetta. Rosetta Stone.” A groaner indeed, but also a reminder of how far we’ve come: whereas you once really would have had to go all the way to the British Museum (in London) to run into good old Rosetta, now you can get acquainted with her, and 4,633 of the other fascinating artifacts of human civilization held there, without even stepping away from your computer. The British Museum charges nothing for admission, of course, but now the internet has freed it in the geographical sense as well. “The British Museum recently unveiled the results of its partnership with the Google Cultural Institute (GCI),” writes National Geographic‘s Kristin Romney, “the world’s largest Google Street View of an interior space, covering nine floors and 85 permanent galleries of the museum.” After you’ve enjoyed this Street View stroll, you’ll surely want to examine some of these items in greater depth.

Comment on s’est fabriqué un fake concurrent pour choper de la croissance Clientes échaudées par les petits travaux qui tournent au vinaigre et les artisans peu scrupuleux… Emilie et moi avons créé le service de bricolage dont nous rêvions au moment où nous cherchions désespérément un sauveteur pour notre capricieux chauffe-eau. De notre insatisfaction est née Bricool, la conciergerie du bricolage au petit soin pour tes travaux. Notre objectif? Prendre en main cette corvée pour t’éviter tout tracas et te faire gagner du temps. Notre hantise? Et parce que tout client «aime qu’un plan se déroule sans accrocs», nous considérons nos bricoolers comme l’Agence Tout Risques du dépannage et de la rénovation. En novembre dernier, Bricool a deux mois. L’idée nous vient lors d’un brainstorming avec Maxime Jacquard. Qu’à cela ne tienne, nous créons donc de toute pièce notre propre concurrent censé canaliser l’attention, #1. #2. #3. Nous prenons le parti de créer le faux profil de Marie Corre, la CEO de # Bingo #4. A propos

The Best & Worst Teachers in Movies Over the years, the film industry has shown us a number of memorable teachers, some whose classrooms we wished we could walk into every day and some who terrified us to our very core. While the profession may be noble, the cinema does seem to love showing us the light and dark sides of teaching while reminding us how important the teachers in our lives truly are. In films like Teachers, To Sir with Love, and Up the Down Staircase, we have seen some of the most inspirational stories related to the hard work our teachers do for us every day, and it reminds us of how much we would be missing in our lives without their significant influence. Sometimes, though, we see our worst teachers mirrored on the silver screen, either played for laughs or chills, and the reach of an educator may be made even clearer by these films. Considering this, we at ScreenRant decided to put together a list of the Best and Worst Teachers in Film (along with one bonus best/worst teacher). The Rules In Mr.

How Nestle Toll House Became YouTube's House Cookie Brand Nestle’s Toll House brand of cookies and chocolate chips is one of America’s iconic brands. Debuting in 1936 and founded by an actual restaurant, the Toll House Inn, which invented the chocolate chip cookie, it’s been a steady revenue generator for Nestle for decades. That means constant reinvention of the brand—and, in these millennial days, turning to YouTube in order to attract a new generation of customers. Steadily and quietly, Toll House has been building an empire of YouTube baking shows and partnerships with YouTube cooking partners. Toll House has a two-pronged YouTube strategy centered around an original web series called "Bake My Day," and product partnerships with a number of popular YouTube hosts including Elise Strachan of My Cupcake Addiction and Derek Muller of Veritasium. Reach hired Ashley Adams, the host of popular YouTube cooking show "Feast of Fiction," to host Nestle’s show.

The Best Online Geography Games As regular readers know, in addition to teaching mainstream English classes and to Beginning and Intermediate English Language Learners, I also teach a Geography class to ELLs (as well as an IB Theory of Knowledge class). I thought it might be useful to create a “The Best” list just focused on Geography games as a supplement to these other lists: The Best Websites For Learning & Teaching Geography The Best Geography Sites For Beginning & Intermediate English Language Learners Here are my choices for The Best Online Geography Games: I was prompted to make this list today after I learned about a particularly good new game called Map Race. It shows you views from the air of different cities, and you have to pick which city it is. Scribble States is fun. The Traveler IQ Challenge is probably going to be just about the most difficult map game you’ll ever play. Placespotting is number four. Map Battle is a very easy-to-use tool to create geography games online. Related September 13, 2012

Le guide complet du Growth Hacking pour débutant Préface : À qui s’adresse ce guide du Growth Hacking ? Mis à jour le 13 septembre 2016 Je compte être clair sur ce point. Pourquoi est-ce que je publie ce guide (gratuitement) ? Le métier de Growth Hacker est à la mode. ), mais aussi parce que ces ressources sont disponibles ici et là sur internet. Qu’est ce que je vais trouver dans ce guide – pourquoi dois-je le lire ? Tout d’abord une définition du Growth Hacking et du Growth Hacker. Ensuite une grande partie sur la théorie de base du Growth hacking, qui tourne autour de ces 5 principes : Acquisition Activation Rétention Référent Revenu Pour chacun de ces principes, en plus de l’explication, vous aurez le droit à un exemple concret et à une liste très intéressante de nombreuses pistes à exploiter pour accélérer la croissance de votre propre entreprise. Le Growth Marketeur utilise l’analyse des données comme arme principale. Le Growth Hacker est habituellement vu comme un hybride entre un codeur et un marketeur, ce n’est pas mon point de vue. 1.

Soar | Teaching Ideas Genre(s): Adventure A young girl helps a tiny boy to fly home before it's too late! Use this delightful animated film in your classroom with our collection of cross-curricular teaching ideas and activities! English The title of this film is 'Soar'. Can you think of synonyms for this word? Science Describe the forces that are involved in the flight of an object.Lucas places a star in the sky at the end of the film. Computing Make a trailer / website / poster to promote the film. Design Technology Design and build (if possible) a new flying machine for Lucas. Art Look at the storyboards and designs shown in the credits. Music Listen to the soundtrack (without watching the video). History Find out about the history of flight. [Infographie] #SocialSelling : 4 arguments qui en font une évolution incontournable ! Le Social Selling apporte de réelles nouvelles façons de travailler pour les équipes commerciales. Comme son nom l’indique, le Social Selling renforce l’importance des réseaux sociaux au sein de votre stratégie Business. L’idée n’est pas de remplacer un appel ou un e-mail par un message LinkedIn. Mais plutôt de se rendre compte que la stratégie Social Media a un fort impact sur le développement de votre Chiffre d’Affaires, quelque soit votre secteur d’activité. En effet, conséquence directe de la montée en puissance incontestable des réseaux sociaux dans notre quotidien, on ne parle plus de secteurs B2B (Business to Business) ou B2C (Business to Consumer), mais bien d’un unique marché H2H : Human to Human. Pour tout savoir sur le Social Selling, je vous conseil de télécharger ce Livre Blanc, très complet et gratuit : Guide Social Selling : conseils, objectifs, bénéfices et retours d’expérience Bonne lecture ! Cliquez ici pour agrandir l’infographie Marketing : En synthèse, le Social Selling…

How to Trigger Students’ Inquiry Through Projects | PROJECT BASED LEARNING By Jane Krauss and Suzie Boss Excerpt from Thinking Through Project-Based Learning: Guiding Deeper Inquiry, published by Corwin, 2013. When students engage in quality projects, they develop knowledge, skills, and dispositions that serve them in the moment and in the long term. With more intentional planning, we can design projects that get at the universal themes that have explicit value to our students and to others. There are several ways to start designing projects. We have condensed the project design process into six steps. Step 1—Identify Project-worthy Concepts Ask yourself: What important and enduring concepts are fundamental to the subjects I teach? Step 2—Explore Their Significance and Relevance Now, think: Why do these topics or concepts matter? Step 3—Find Real-Life Contexts Look back to three or four concepts you explored and think about real-life contexts. With that done, now think: What are the interdisciplinary connections? Step 4—Engage Critical Thinking Project title.

Reading Challenge 2016 | POPSUGAR Love & Sex If you're truly book obsessed, this ultimate reading challenge will be right up your alley. Looking to broaden the scope of your reading in 2016? We will help you read a variety of books this year. Whether you want to transport yourself to a distant country or learn something new about a time period, this challenge will make you grow both as a reader and as a person. Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography POPSUGAR, the #1 independent media and technology company for women.