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The Secret Sun

The Secret Sun
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Annunciations in Tarot Studies » A History of Egyptian Tarot Decks Mark Filipas In 1781, the French author Court de Gébelin referred to the Tarot as a book preserving the pure wisdom of ancient Egypt. This is the first written suggestion that occult wisdom had been encoded in the cards – in spite of the fact that they had already been in use for over 300 years. It was soon thereafter that Tarot decks claiming Egyptian origins would be published. From left to right, the Chariot cards shown above are from: 1. One early departure from the Etteilla decks was the jeu de la Princesse Tarot(3) (shown above). But in spite of their titles, these early ‘Egyptian’ designs were not passed down from ancient culture as their authors claimed, nor did they even portray convincing Egyptian iconography. 1863 marks the next major notch in the Egyptian Tarot timeline: the publication of a book titled L’homme rouge des Tuileries (‘The Red Man of the Tuileries’) by a French author writing under the pen name of Paul Christian. John H. Footnotes:

REH: Two-Gun Raconteur » Blog Archive » The Satanic Robert E. Howard, Part 1 Among the names that appear in the dedication to the first editions of The Satanic Bible (1969) is that of Robert E. Howard. It is the first of several mentions that Anton LaVey, would make regarding the Texan author, usually in a passing manner. Even then, the Howardian occult has mostly come through his association with Lovecraft and his participation in the Cthulhu Mythos and the mythology of the Necronomicon, particularly “The Black Stone” (1931)—for example, one Necronomicon hoax cites “The Book of the Arab, by Justin Geoffrey” (NF 64)—and Howard still crops up occasionally in volumes of the Lovecraftian occult like Peter Levenda’s The Dark Lord (2013, Ibis Press). In the course of writing, I’m always drawing on my unconscious creativity, and I find things creeping into my writing that I wasn’t aware of at the time. Despite this general absence from occult circles, Robert E. Resnick’s suggestion rings true with other evidence from LaVey’s life and writings. And again in 1996: - Esoteric and Occult Tarot Community Reynard Illumination from a manuscript of the Roman de Renart, end of the 13th century Reynard (Dutch: Reinaert; French: Renart; German: Reineke; Latin: Renartus) is the main character in a literary cycle of allegorical Dutch, English, French and German fables. Those stories are largely concerned with Reynard, an anthropomorphic red fox and trickster figure. His adventures usually involve him deceiving other anthropomorphic animals for his own advantage or trying to avoid retaliations from them. His main enemy and victim across the cycle is his uncle, the wolf Isengrim. While the character appears in later works, the core stories were written during the Middle Ages by multiple authors and are often seen as parodies of medieval literature such as courtly love stories and chansons de geste, as well as satire of political and religious institutions.[1] Etymology of the name[edit] Theories about the origin of the name Reynard are: The traditional French word for "fox" was goupil from Latin vulpecula.

Tarot University ArkLetters: Continental Tarot Closure (part3) In the centuries-long process of assembling the magical canon of correspondences, ancient lines of relationship were painstakingly drawn between the Heavenly, angelic, planetary, human, and demonic forces at work in this world. These connections had become quite well known by the time of Agrippa's encyclopedic compendium. Postmodern culture values individualism over conformity, innovation over tradition. Therefore we have a hard time reaching back to the attitudes governing the magi of the Renaissance and the Reformation. But in the realm of dealings with invisible forces, this same conservatism preserved the ancient Hebrew, Arabic and pagan understandings upon which both ecclesiastical and secular magical practice were grounded. We no longer see this respectful conservatism at work in the literature of modern magic. My question is, what benefit accrues to this world by constellating the astral plane around every possible random combination of energies that could possibly be expressed?

North American XB-70 Valkyrie The North American Aviation XB-70 Valkyrie is the prototype of the B-70 nuclear-armed, deep-penetration strategic bomber for the U.S. Air Force's Strategic Air Command. North American Aviation designed the Valkyrie bomber as a large, six-engined aircraft capable of reaching Mach 3+ while flying at 70,000 feet (21,000 m). At these speeds, it was expected that the B-70 would be almost immune to interceptor aircraft, the only effective weapon against bomber aircraft at the time. The bomber would spend only a few minutes over a particular radar station, flying out of its range before the controllers could position their fighters in a suitable location for an interception. The USAF eventually gave up fighting for its production, and the B-70 program was canceled in 1961. Development[edit] Background[edit] For some time the aviation industry had been examining this problem. WS-110A[edit] The U.S. NAA's original proposal for WS-110A. New designs[edit] This work led to an interesting discovery.

Sommaire de "L’Art du Tarot" -- Camoin Tarot de Marseille Accueil du site > Reconstitution du Tarot > Alexandre Jodorowsky et la Reconstitution du Tarot > Livret : "L’Art du Tarot" > Sommaire de "L’Art du Tarot" Rubrique supérieure Alexandre Jodorowsky et la Reconstitution du Tarot Dans la rubrique par Alexandre Jodorowsky par Alexandre Jodorowsky copyright © Alexandre Jodorowsky Rubrique Livret : "L’Art du Tarot" En relation avec Alexandre Jodorowsky Une explication d’Alexandre Jodorowsky Biographie d’Alexandre Jodorowsky Le livret "L’Art du Tarot" sur une seule page | Accueil | Boutique | Forum Tarot | Contact | Nous contacter online | Plan du site | SITE OFFICIEL DE PHILIPPE CAMOIN"Le Tarot de Marseille, c'est Nous depuis des Siècles" Copyright © Philippe CAMOIN 1997-2014 Tous droits réservés Ce site utilise les cartes du Tarot de Marseille reconstruit par Philippe Camoin et Alexandre Jodorowsky. Visiteurs connectés : 19 Lexique

001 -- Flight of the Valkyrie MICHEL MAIER Symbola Aureae Mensae (1617) Le Miroir Alchimique est une bibliothèque virtuelle de documents alchimiques, réalisée afin que point ne se perde la clarté luni-solaire qui unit nos coeurs au Grand Architecte de l'Univers. De toutes les influences qui tombent ici bas, il n’y a que celles qui se font au temps que les Planètes ont des regards entr’eux, à chaque changement de quartier de la Lune, qui soient portées au centre, parce qu’elles tombent sur la Lune, qui a la propriété de les réfléchir, comme les rayons du Soleil sont réfléchis lorsqu’ils tombent sur un miroir, aux objets qui lui sont opposés, et leur communiquent leurs qualités... Mathurin Eyquem «Le Pilote de l'Onde Vive» Tout le monde sait aujourd’hui que la lumière que la lune nous envoie, n’est qu’un emprunt de celle du Soleil, à laquelle vient se mêler la lumière des autres astres. Anonyme « Les Récréations Hermétiques »