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User Experience Research Platform

User Experience Research Platform

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Hero image - Wikipedia Hero image is a term used in web design for a specific type of web banner. A hero image is a large banner image, prominently placed on a web page, generally in the front and center.[1][2] The hero image is often the first visual a visitor encounters on the site and its purpose is to present an overview of the site's most important content. A hero image often consists of image and text, can be static or dynamic (e.g. a rotating list of images and/or topics).[3] The content presented varies with the purpose of the site: it can be relevant news about the site, specific site-links, or - in the case of e-commerce - the best-selling or strategically placed products or services.

Marketing campaign plan template How will the planning template help me and my business? Across the years we have worked with many businesses, large and small, creating campaigns and reviewing their marketing campaign planning. This template brings together all the components needed. We've designed this template to help marketers manage marketing campaigns more effectively - to help get the campaign plan right first time by increasing understanding between the person briefing the campaign and those completing it. The template is intended to help companies:

B2B Marketers Must Prepare For Marketing Automation [UPDATED FOR 2013] Read this complimentary copy of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management and find out why Marketo was named a leader based on completeness of vision and the ability to execute. According to Gartner's Magic Quadrant on CRM Lead Management, "CRM lead management's contribution to revenue growth fuels investment and overall satisfaction levels." Get the full report and you’ll learn: The overall market evaluation and vendor analysis of 12 CRM lead management vendorsInsights for selecting an initial vendor based on your organization's requirementsAn understanding of the opportunities and challenges that executives experience when building and deploying lead management systems This complimentary report covers these topics and more.

Education Using PBworks in your academic environments. PBworks hosts over 300,000 educational workspaces, and has helped transform teaching and learning for millions of students, parents and teachers. Educators ranging from major universities like DePaul, school districts like Baltimore County Public Schools and individual teachers trust PBworks as their collaborative learning environment. While you were sleeping: Nurse falls in love with patient in coma Brianna Lytle never guessed when she started her nursing shift that she would fall for a patient in a coma Image Credit: Supplied picture His face was swollen and a mass of purple, green and yellow. 4 tips on typography in UI design Communication plays a vital role in design. Whether you design websites, mobile apps, or wearable UIs, your creations have to clearly communicate their intent and purpose. And since text does a lot of the heavy lifting in communicating purpose, you need a solid understanding of typography. Of course, designing a user interface differs from designing an ebook or blog theme. But the principles of type-centric design still apply. After all, on-screen communication happens through words, and type is the UI of language.

Setting goals for your digital marketing Do your set of goals for online marketing cover all the bases? A good set of digital marketing goals covers a range of different measures to help set, review and control performance across all digital marketing activities. The 5Ss of digital marketing is a good, simple starting point to help check you're covering the whole of digital marketing, not just sales! PR Smith, my co-author on Emarketing Excellence developed the 5Ss of digital marketing around 2000, and although basic, it's still used by many planning their digital marketing strategy.

Cross-Client HTML Email Hello Dominique, Accelerating predictable revenue growth is on the mind of every CEO, which means the most successful and accountable marketing departments are working to make sure they are viewed by their CEOs as a revenue-driving organization and not a cost center. In this informative webinar, Marketo CEO Phil Fernandez and InsideView CEO Umberto Milletti will explain what today’s revenue-focused CEOs need from their marketing departments.

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